English Sentences for Daily Use in English Conversation

English sentences contain key sentences for many different scenarios that are used in everyday life. Here, English tivi will help to increase your vocabulary and improve your grammar by exposing you to thousands of new English sentences.

English Sentences With Crazy English Method

Crazy English is a method of learning English founded by a Chinese teacher, Mr. Li Yang. At first, this method was not supported, but Mr. Li has proven the great effectiveness of Crazy English through his students and obtained great success.
Crazy English is now very warmly welcomed and is one of the most popular methods of learning English communication for young people. Now, with English tivi find out what's interesting about this effective method of learning English communication!
Principles of the Crazy English method:
1: Learning English means learning sentences
2: Memorizing the passages is the best way to learn English
How to memorize:

  • Listen to Audio Crazy English
  • Read slowly, loudly, clearly, and accurately
  • Quickly skim the whole sentence
  • Repeat 100 times => blurted out => so it's called Crazy

1: 365 Crazy English Sentences – English Sentences of Daily Use

2: 400 Crazy English Sentences – English Sentences Used in Daily Life

3: Crazy English Basic 900 Sentences Daily Use in Life