Referral Code: 6290812 (Claim Sign Up Bonus 2023) Referral Code: 6290812 (Claim Sign Up Bonus 2023)

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Gate io Referral Code November 2023

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Click here to use the referral code on the crypto exchange! Sign-Up Bonus is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

It has become one of the most popular platforms among traders who are looking for low trading fees and high liquidity in the market.

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How to Apply Referral Code?

There are two ways through which new users can sign up on through the referral code to take the bonus of $100 + 25% off the transaction fee.

+ The first one is by using the link that automatically applies the referral code. After this, fill out the registration form (Choose your country of residence, enter the email address and choose a strong password).

+ The other method is to manually input the code when asked for it. To claim the referral code, follow the steps by step below.

  1. Go to the website or app and click on the “Sign Up” button.
  2. Input all the information required, and make sure to use a strong password.
  3. Type referral code ID 6290812.
  4. Click (v): “I certify that I am 18 years of age or older, and I agree to the user agreement privacy policy.”
  5. Click: Create Account
  6. You can also verify your identity to unlock advanced features.
  7. Once the registration process is complete, You can need to meet the requirements to receive the bonus coupon.

How to Get Referral Code Program?

You can get a referral code by following these steps:

  1. Sign up on
  2. Login to your account
  3. Select ‘Wallet‘ and then click “My referrals”
  4. On this page, you’ll find your invitation link: Sign up, live stream, posts, spot, and futures
  5. Share your referral link with friends and followers.
  6. You'll share up to 40 % commission every time they complete a trade.

It’s easy to sign up and get started with You can earn up to 40% trading commissions on each successful referral by inviting your friends to sign up with a promo code.

What is is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade a variety of cryptocurrencies. The platform offers a range of features and tools, including market analysis, charting, and a mobile app. is a decentralized exchange built on the Ethereum protocol. It allows users to trade many different cryptocurrencies without going through a centralized intermediary like Coinbase or Gemini. exchange is one of the oldest exchanges in China. The exchange was founded in 2013 with the first domain name, under the leadership of CEO Lin Han.

In 2015, the exchange was hacked, resulting in the loss of about 7,000 BTC in cold wallets.

In 2017, because the Beijing government tightened regulations on cryptocurrencies, closed the old domain name, changing its name to

Since then, the exchange has abandoned trading in fiat currency. shifts focus to Crypto-Crypto trading. is currently operated by Gate Technology Inc. Corporation, headquartered in Virginia, USA. Review Pros, Cons


  • The platform operates globally in more than 400 markets and over 800 cryptocurrencies.
  • Many features include margin trading with 10x leverage.
  • Highly secure exchange.
  • Comprehensive mobile app.
  • Good customer support and 24/7 customer support.
  • Excellent IEO platform


  • No fiat deposits
  • Unregulated exchange
  • Not recommended for beginners

Use the Referral Code

How to Sign Up for Bonus Account?

Step 1: Visit the official Referral Code

Please visit the official Gate website of the site by following the link: and click Sign up as shown below to start creating an account.


After clicking Sign Up, a window will appear, fill in the information as shown below:

How to Create gate io Account

Email: Please enter your Email address.
Password: You enter any password but must satisfy the conditions.
+ Must be at least 8 characters long
+ Must have at least one lowercase and one uppercase character
+ Must contain at least one number (0-9)
+ Must contain at least one special character (!@#$%^&*)
→ For example, the secure password “Englishtivi@88” for example.
– Referral ID: Please enter 6290812 to receive $100 FREE and 25% discount on transaction fees.
– Check that I certify that I am 18 years of age or older, and I agree to the
-> And click “Create Account

slidee to complete the puzzle sign up gate io

Confirm the captcha is not a robot, you just need to drag the picture to match it to pass this captcha. If there is a message like the image below, you have successfully created an account.

Step 2: Activated Mail and Login

email acctived create gate account

Now click on the activated mail, please log in now to access the email that you have registered above.

Confirm Email Address: You go to the Mail that the gate sent to you, and click on the link as shown below to activate your account.

active gate io account

After clicking on the link on your account has been successfully created, you can now log in to your account. Enter email addressPasswordLogin

how to login gate io

Confirm the captcha is not a robot, you just need to drag the picture to match it to pass this captcha.

slidee to complete the puzzle login gate io

Enter code from the email to log in account

email code login gate io

How to KYC Verification Account?

KYC Verification will help your account be more protected and can increase the Deposit/withdrawal, you should verify the account's identity.

Step 1: Go to your account → KYC (Identification)

KYC (Identification) gate io

Step 2: Click Verify Now as shown below

Verify Now gate io account

+ You need to prepare a few things to complete the procedure of adding use information.

First, prepare three photos: the front, and back of the National ID / Passport or Driver's License and a portrait with one hand holding the National ID / Passport or Driver's License, the other hand holding a piece of paper containing “Gate. io and account ID”. You can then upload photos.

Identification document self holding
Identification document self-holding

+ You continue to fill in your personal information as below, then click the confirmation box.

  • Country
  • Full Name
  • Full Name again
  • Identity Document Type: National ID/ Passport or Driver's License
  • ID Number: National ID/ Passport or Driver's License

The system will send a confirmation message to the email. If you still haven't been approved, reload the page and start over. Everyone should take clear and unedited photos!

Step 3: Enter basic information

Step 4: Confirm basic information

Confirm basic information account gate io

Step 5: Click Confirm and Submit.

So all of you have completed the account verification (KYC) on You just need to wait for to confirm successful KYC before you can start trading.

However, to ensure the safety of your account and in the process of waiting for KYC to complete, you should immediately activate 2FA 2-step security. Sign Up Free Bonus Now

Activate 2-step security 2FA on Gate

Activate 2FA account security (Google Authenticator)

The security settings are extremely important, you should not ignore them. To set up security, go to go to your accountSecurity Verification

Security Verification gate io account

Then scroll down to see the Google Authenticator (TOTP) then click Immediate binding.

Google Authenticator account gate io

Continue click Click here

Click here sign up gate io

After Click here google authentication link immediately a QR Code window appears.

QR Code gatee io account

Note: Before proceeding to install Google Authenticator, you need to capture the QR code and 16 special characters in items (1) and (2) somewhere, in case you lose your phone or break it later. There is also a 2FA recovery for the account.

  • After you have saved it, you download the Google Authenticator or Authy software to your phone, in this part I often use Authy because it has a very good backup mechanism and is less error-prone than google Authenticator, I have a tutorial article Using Authy, you can check it out if you don't know-how.
  • After downloading Authy to your device, scan the QR Code in item (1) and you will see that every 30 seconds there is a code consisting of 6 numeric characters, you take this code and enter it in item (3)
  • (6) Enter the payment password which is the withdrawal password in the registration step you set.
  • Click on receive email verification code, then go to Mail to get the verification code and enter (5)
  • And finally, click Turn on Google Authentication (7) to finish.
  • So we have turned on security with Google Authenticator in account.

Security Account by Phone Number

Just like security with Google Authenticator, you also go to -> Scroll down to see the SMS Setup section and then click Immediate binding.

SMS Setup Security Verification gate io

Clicking on Immediate binding will open a window as shown below:

Security Account by Phone Number

You continue to fill in your personal information as below.

  • Full Name (1)
  • Country (2)
  • Phone number (3)
  • Fund password (4)
  • Click on Send Email code in item (5) after receiving the Email Code from enter it in item (6).
  • Click getVoiceCode in item (7) after receiving the SMS code from enter it in (8).
  • Finally, click Setup SMS (9).

So we have successfully installed phone number authentication on the account.

Sign Up Use Invite Code


Above is the entire article referral code. Hope this article helps you in the process of signing up for an account with All users need to do is enter code 6290812 when creating their account and take $100 + 25% off the transaction fee. Referral Code Referral Code

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