Future Perfect Tense – English Grammar Tenses

Future Perfect Tense – English Grammar Tenses

The future perfect is one of the 12 important English tenses used in English grammar. The future perfect is often used quite a lot in work as well as in life. Understanding that, English tivi has synthesized the necessary knowledge about the future perfect tense: How to use it, formulas, signs, and practice exercises to help you best grasp the future perfect tense.

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The Future Perfect is used to describe an action that will be completed by a specified time in the future.

Structure of Future Perfect Tense


  • S + will + have + Vpp
Future perfect tense
Structure of Future Perfect Tense


  • I¬†will have finished¬†my exam by the end of this weekend.
  • He¬†will have read¬†50 pages by 5 o‚Äôclock this afternoon.
  • She¬†will have finished her report by the end of this month.
  • By the end of this month¬†I¬†will have taken¬†a Chinese course.


  • S + will + not + have + Vpp


  • I¬†won't have finished my work by the end of tomorrow morning.
  • My mother¬†will not have come¬†home by 9 pm this evening.
  • Timcook¬†will not have saved¬†enough money yet.


  • Will + S + have + Vpp ?


  • Will¬†your parents¬†have come¬†back England before the summer vacation?
  • Will¬†your lover¬†have gone¬†out by 9 pm tomorrow?
  • Shall I have studied hard for my exam?
  • Will you have married¬†Nini by then?


  • Wh-word + Will + S + have + Vpp ?


  • What time¬†will¬†he¬†have finished¬†his work?
  • When will you have finished your work?
  • Why will they have cleaned the office floor?
I‘ll have finishedI won't have finishedWill I have finished?
You‘ll have finishedYou won't have finishedWill you have finished?
He‘ll have finishedHe won't have finishedWill he have finished?
She‘ll have finishedShe won't have finishedWill she have finished?
It‘ll have finishedIt won't have finishedWill it have finished?
We‘ll have finishedWe won't have finishedWill we have finished?
They‘ll have finishedThey won't have finishedWill they have finished?

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Future Perfect Tense Use

1. Future Perfect Tense is used to express an action or event completed before a certain time in the future


  • They¬†will have finished the big project in the end of this week.
  • She¬†will have arrived¬†at the bus station by 5AM.
  • I¬†will have finished¬†my job¬†before 22 o‚Äôclock this evening.

2. Future Perfect Tense is used to express an action or event completed before a future action or event


  • When you come back, I¬†will have finished this painting.
  • My mother¬†will have made¬†the meal ready before the time you come tomorrow.
  • Heidi¬†will have finished¬†the exam by the time¬†you call her.
  • Before I go to see her, she will have left the place

3. Future Perfect Tense is used to assume about somassume something might have happened


  • He¬†will¬†probably¬†have noticed¬†that his car is broken.
  • The storm¬†will have raged¬†by the time we arrive.
  • He¬†will have¬†applied for the next job in Moscow.
  • I¬†will have¬†woken early in the morning.
  • By the year 2022 many people will have lose their jobs.

Recognition of Future Perfect Tense

The sentence contains the adverb below:

  • By + future time
  • By then
  • Before + future time
  • By the end of + future time

Exercise of Future Perfect Tense

  1. I will have ______ more than 80% in the next semester. (score)
  2. We will have _______ volleball next Saturday. (play)
  3. My mom will have ______ to Spanish tour this month. (go)
  4. They will have ________a good singer. (became)
  5. He will have _______ all money this month. (spend)
  6. By the time he arrive, I (write) the homework
  7. By this time tomorrow we (visit) Singapore
  8. I hope they (finish) musion by the time we come back next vacation
  9. By 2022, the number of schools in our country (double)
  10. I know by the time he come to my house this evening, she (go) out for a shopping


  1. Scored
  2. Played
  3. Gone
  4. Become
  5. Spent
  6. will have writent
  7. will have visited
  8. will have finished
  9. will have doubled
  10. will have gone

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Master the formula to use the future perfect tense. You will gain confidence during the test. This is one of the 12 basic English tenses that you must master to conquer the English language.

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