Phemex Invitation Code: D4J5A5 ($180 + 20 OFF FREE 2024)

Phemex Invitation Code: D4J5A5 ($180 + 20 OFF FREE 2024)

Are you planning to trade on the Phemex and are you searching for a Phemex invitation code to sign up for an account in 2024? Sign up for Phemex and use the Phemex referral code: D4J5A5 to get up to $180 + 20 off fee bonus 2024 right now.

Phemex Invitation Code

Phemex invitation code is D4J5A5. Registration using our Phemex referral code to get 180$ + 20% fee discount on all trading fees on your trade by using our referral code. Also, You can refer your friends, family, or trader using your feferral code Phemex and you earn up to 50% commissions on all trading fees by your referrals.

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Phemex Referral Code 2024

Phemex is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers a referral program to its users. You should use referral code us: D4J5A5 to get a discount or other benefits when you sign up for an account on the exchange.

⏩Phemex ExchangeSign Up / Register
⏩ Sign Up for Bonus$180 + 20 off fee
✅ ValidToday
➡️ Referral CodeD4J5A5
⏩ Refer and Earn earn up to 50% trading commissions

How to apply the Phemex Invitation Code?

Step 1: Visit and click “Register Now“. Step 2: Fill in the correct registration information:

  • Enter your Email.
  • Enter Login Password including Uppercase Letters, Numbers, and Special Characters.
  • Referral code: D4J5A5 to get $180 + 20 off fee.

Step 3: Verify registration by entering the verification code or you can click “Confirm Email” to activate the account.

Phemex Overview

Phemex is a simple cryptocurrency exchange. Phemex is based in Singapore, and launched on November 25, 2019. Currently, there are 244 virtual currencies and 245 trading pairs on the Phemex exchange. The most typical and exciting pair is BTC/USDT & ETH/USDT which always accounts for the highest trading volume on the market today.

Phemex's head office is located in Singapore and is licensed to operate MSB by the United States. This is a type of financial license that is supervised and issued by FinCEN – the Financial Crimes Enforcement Bureau of the Ministry of Finance. Companies that engage in related business activities must obtain a license from MSB in order to operate legally.

Some of the most notable aspects of the Phemex exchange include:

  • Trading Products: BTC, ETH, LTC & many more pairs.
  • The transaction fee is not high, only 0.1%. For Premium users, the transaction is free. Which, the transaction fee on the derivative platform is: Taker 0.075%, Maker is 0.025%.
  • 100x leverage ratio. This means that a 10% price swing can lead to a 1,000% increase or decrease in the price of any deployed capital.
  • Bonus promotion up to $88.
  • Trading Platform: Multi-platform, including Website, IOS App, and Android App.
  • Deposit method: Bitcoin, Credit, bank.
  • There is an app for phones (both iOS and Android)

Pros and cons of Phemex Exchange


  • With Phemex's relatively large 24-hour trading volume and rapid growth, it also means that you will easily find buyers/sellers in your transactions in the market.
  • The bonuses and commissions at the Phemex exchange are extremely attractive. Should attract a large number of users to join every day.
  • You can make transactions on your Android and IOS mobile phones by downloading the apps and using them.
  • In particular, when making deposits or withdrawing money from your Phemex account, you will not have to pay any fees for this transaction. Deposits and withdrawals are very quick and completely secure.
  • The interface of App Phemex is also extremely friendly and easy to use for new traders to join the exchange. Moreover, you will receive trades with leverage up to 100x.


  • Phemex trading floor has not had high liquidity compared to some other popular exchanges.
  • Support trading slightly less coins.

Phemex Fees

  • Deposit fee: Free.
  • Withdrawal fee: Depends on the withdrawal token/coin.
  • Transaction Fee: 0.1% fee for Maker and Taker, reduced depending on VIP level.

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How To Sign Up With A Phemex Invitation Code

Step 1: Visit Phemex exchange and click “Register Now“.

Step 2: Fill in the correct registration information:

  • Enter your Email.
  • Enter Login Password including Uppercase Letters, Numbers and Special Characters.
  • Referral code: EMEJA5 to get $180 + 20 off fee.
How To Sign Up With A Phemex Invitation Code

Step 3: Verify registration by entering the verification code or you can click “Confirm Email” to activate the account.

Phemex Sign Up Free Bonus Now

Phemex Welcome Bonus

Grab up to $180 in bonuses and vouchers to kickstart your crypto-investing journey!

Sign Up Now for a $20 bonus

+ $10 Deposit Voucher

  • Make a single deposit of  BTC≥0.003, ETH≥0.04
  • Finish Identity Verification.

+ $10 Social Media Voucher

  • Follow  Phemex's Twitter account and  RT our pinned tweet.
  • Finish Identity Verification.
  • Submit your Twitter account (see examples). Wait for Phemex to review

Advanced Bonus

+ Get a $130 voucher for free when you deposit any of the following:

  • BTC ≥ 0.05USDT ≥ 2000ETH ≥ 1.5LINK ≥ 80XTZ ≥ 700LTC ≥ 15
  • If your deposit meets any one of the target requirements above and you have accumulated trading volume on BTCUSD-BTC Margin contracts of $50,000 or more, you are eligible for this voucher.

Enjoy a $30 Bonus to Start Trading Crypto

+ $10 Spot Trading

Place a single spot order with a value of 500 USDT or more to get a $10 cashback voucher.

+ $20 Contract Trading

Make a single trade on BTCUSD-BTC Margin contracts with a value of $5,000 or more to get a $20 cashback voucher.

What is Phemex Referral Program?

The Phemex Referral Program is a program offered by the cryptocurrency exchange Phemex that allows users to earn rewards by referring their friends and family to the exchange. If you participate in the referral program, you can share your referral code with others and earn a percentage of their trading fees when they sign up for an account and trade on the exchange using your referral code.

Phemex All-Star program

  • Unlimited Earnings Potential: Phemex All-Stars permanently earn up to 50% commissions on all trading fees collected from members in their network.
  • Additional 10% Commission for All-Star Starters: All-Star Starters can invite new All-Stars, Starters will then get an extra 10% commission from their new All-Stars' referral network.
  • Transparent Commission Reports: Enjoy our detailed ‘All-Star commission dashboard' to conveniently track your progress and earnings.
  • World-class Support: Phemex empowers you to boost results through high-quality media kits and other materials.
  • New User Cashback: By offering a new user cashback of up to $180, Phemex helps All-Stars attract new users.

So, how do you get started earning with invitations Phemex?

  • Sign up on Phemex by Link
  • Login to your account
  • Click the profile and you will see “Invite Friends” and click it
  • Scroll down and you’ll find your referral link, and invitation code
  • Click to copy the link, and share it with your friends, and family, or via your social networks.

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