60 Sentences Example in Present Continuous Tense

60 Sentences Example in Present Continuous Tense

Sentences in Present Continuous Tense is a section that provides sentences with the present continuous tense. In this section, you will find 60 sentences examples of affirmative sentencesnegative sentences, and interrogative sentences in the Present Continuous Tense.

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Present Continuous Affirmative Sentences

  1. I‘m doing the dishes right now.
  2. My father is dancing with my mom.
  3. Jane is walking with her dog.
  4. We‘re going to the supermarket.
  5. Bill is lying about the box.
  6. Jame is texting his friends.
  7. The kids are playing in the ball pit.
  8. Rose is fixing her clock.
  9. The teacher is talking about the accident.
  10. They‘re running away from the car.
  11. I am trying to get to her.
  12. Tim is throwing rocks.
  13. Your sister is laying over there.
  14. You are distracting me.
  15. They are making the new pizza.
  16. My brother is selling his candle.
  17. The cat is sleeping in the window.
  18. We are practicing our dance.
  19. Ron is cooking in the kitchen.
  20. They are watching some old films.


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Present Continuous Negative Sentence

  1. He isn't standing at his post.
  2. Your son isn't working with others.
  3. I‘m not faking it.
  4. They aren't driving the car.
  5. He isn't telling.
  6. It isn't snowing.
  7. We are not sitting here anymore.
  8. I‘m not liking the music.
  9. Ginger isn't baking the bread.
  10. She isn't doing the test.
  11. He isn't talking about the story.
  12. You aren't taking it away from me.
  13. She isn't living here.
  14. Layla isn't playing the piano.
  15. I‘m not bringing my son.
  16. Luke isn't testing the machine.
  17. He isn't smashing the stuff.
  18. We aren't yelling at Lynn.
  19. They aren't hiding anything.
  20. We are not doing this anymore.


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Present Continuous Interrogative Sentence

  1. What is Linda doing over there?
  2. Who is playing the violin right now?
  3. Where is Yin hiding?
  4. Why is Ron yelling at him?
  5. When is Howl finishing the song?
  6. What is making all that noise?
  7. Are they filming a movie?
  8. Is Pam watching the kid?
  9. Where is Gin driving to?
  10. Am I taking this too far?
  11. What is she talking about?
  12. How is my son doing?
  13. Why are they painting the room black?
  14. How are you doing this day?
  15. Why am I watching this again?
  16. What is the dog looking at?
  17. Is the camera working?
  18. Are we building the tower?
  19. What is she waiting for?
  20. Why is Oliver screaming?


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