Bike Parts Name in English with Pictures

Bike Parts Name in English with Pictures

Bikes are a popular mode of transportation for many reasons. For one, they are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Bike Parts have a variety of functions. They serve as the connection between the frame and the wheels, as well as other parts of the bike. The parts also determine how easy or difficult it is to control your bike.

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Bike Parts Name 

Bike parts are the individual pieces that make up a bike. They can be classified into two types: essential and non-essential. Essential bike parts are those that are required for the bike to function, such as the frame, wheels, brakes, and pedals. These include handlebars, saddles, spokes, chains, gears, and brake cables.

List of Bike Parts Name

Sr No.Bicycle Parts ImageBicycle Parts Name
1Bike Parts Name 
Brake Cable
2Bike Parts NameBrake Lever
3Bike Parts NameChain (Or Drive Chain)
4Bike Parts NameChain Stay
5Bike Parts NameCrossbar
6Bike Parts NameDown Tube
7Bike Parts NameFork
8Bike Parts NameFront Brake
9Bike Parts NameFront Derailleur
10Bike Parts NameHandlebars
11Bike Parts NameHead Tube
12Bike Parts NameHub
13Bike Parts NamePedal
14Bike Parts NameRear Brake
15Bike Parts NameRear Derailleur
16Bike Parts NameRim
17Bike Parts Name in EnglishSeat
18Bike Parts Name in EnglishSeat Post
19Bike Parts Name in EnglishSeat Stay
20Bike Parts Name in EnglishSeat Tube
21Bike Parts Name in EnglishShifter
22Bike Parts Name in EnglishSpoke
23Bike Parts Name in EnglishStem
24Bike Parts Name in EnglishTire
25Bike Parts Name in EnglishTire Valve

Bike Parts Name with Pictures 

  • Brake Lever: The brake lever is typically located on the handlebars of a bicycle, and is used to apply pressure to the brakes. A rider operates the brake lever by squeezing it with their hand, which then causes friction against a rubber pad or metal shoe that presses against the rear rim.
  • Crossbar: Crossbar switches are designed for use in data centers and other enterprise networks where high capacity, low latency and high reliability are required. They can be used to route packets or transport optical signals.
  • Front Brake: The front brake is one of two types of brakes used on a bicycle and provides the majority of stopping power. The rear brake provides less stopping power as it is only effective when the rider shifts weight forward. Front brakes are a set of two brake pads that press against the front disk brake rotor. The front brakes are usually larger than the rear brakes to compensate for the weight of the vehicle, and they can be either drum or disc type.
  • Head Tube: Head tube is a bicycle frame that has a tube in the shape of a cylinder on top of the head tube. The head tube is used to mount the fork and steer the bike. It's also used for attaching handlebars to the bike. The steer tube is connected to the fork via an axle, which allows for steering and balance when riding on two wheels.
  • Pedal: Pedals are devices that use a foot lever to control the speed and direction of a machine such as a bicycle, motorcycle, or car. It consists of two small metal parts, one on each side of the crank arm. The pedal pushes against the crank arm, causing it to rotate and move in a circular motion. This motion moves the chain and causes the wheels to turn. The faster you push down on your pedal, the faster your bike will go.
  • Seat Post: The seat post is a tube that extends from the bicycle saddle to the rear axle. It is used to adjust the height of the rider and for attaching accessories, such as a bicycle rack or luggage carrier. This is not a very common part of the bike, but it's important for stability and comfort. The seat post usually has height adjustments so you can find the perfect height for your bike.
  • Rear Brake: A rear brake can be activated by pushing on it with your foot. This causes your foot to push against a pad, which in turn presses against a metal plate and slows down the spinning of the wheel. The rear brakes are usually smaller than front brakes and are not as powerful, but they are more effective when you need to stop quickly, such as when descending steep hills.
  • Tire: A tire is a ring-shaped rubber structure that covers the wheels of a vehicle. The tire is one of the most important parts of the car. You can't drive without it. It is also a very important safety feature for your car, as it protects you from bumps and crashes.

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A to Z List of Essential Bicycle Parts 

  • Brake Cable
  • Brake Lever
  • Chain (Or Drive Chain)
  • Chain Stay
  • Crossbar
  • Down Tube
  • Fork
  • Front Brake
  • Front Derailleur
  • Handlebars
  • Head Tube
  • Hub
  • Pedal
  • Rear Brake
  • Rear Derailleur
  • Rim
  • Seat
  • Seat Post
  • Seat Stay
  • Seat Tube
  • Shifter
  • Spoke
  • Stem
  • Tire
  • Tire Valve

Optional Bicycle Parts Name in English 

  • Carrier (aka Rear Rack)
  • Fender
  • Generator
  • Headlight
  • Rear light
  • Reflector
  • Tire pump
  • Toe clip
  • Water bottle clip

Bike Parts Names in English with Pictures

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Bicycle Parts Names in English with Pictures


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