Future Continuous Tense – English Grammar Tenses

Future Continuous Tense – English Grammar Tenses

The future continuous is a fairly common and close tense in everyday life. In this article, English tivi will introduce you to all the knowledge and exercises of the future continuous.

Although the future continuous is quite common in everyday communication, it doesn't appear much in the tests, but you still need to learn to avoid the unfortunate trap that you may fall into!

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The future continuous is used to talk about an action in progress at a specified time in the future.

Structure of Future Continuous Tense


  • S + will + be + V-ing
Structure of Future Continuous Tense


  • will be playing volleyball at 6pm tomorrow.
  • He will be working at the factory when you come.
  • Natalie will be taking dinner at home.
  • She will be selling honey in the next morning.
  • He will be improving his performance for sure.


  • S + will not + be + V-ing


  • will not be sleeping when you telephone me.
  • The children won’t be playing with their friends when you come this weekend.
  • She will not be telling lie to him.
  • They will not be coming with us to the office.


  • Will + S + be + V-ing


  • Will mom be cooking lunch for me?
  • Will I be waiting for you in the hall?
  • Will she be washing his clothes?
  • Will you be waiting for the bus at 8 a.m next Tuesday?


  • Wh + will + be + V-ing + O?


  • When will Moana be coming back from Singapore?
  • What will your sister be giving me on my birth day?
  • Where will be staying in Paris?
  • Why will he be sending so many hugs to you?
I will be givingI will not be givingWill I be giving?
You will be givingYou will not be givingWill you be giving?
We will be givingWe will not be givingWill we be giving?
He will be givingHe will not be givingWill he be giving?
She will be givingShe will not be givingWill she be giving?
It will be givingIt will not be givingWill it be giving?
They will be givingThey will not be givingWill they be giving?

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Future Continuous Tense Use

1. Future Continuous Tense is used to describe an action or event in progress at a specified time in the future.


  • They will be climbing the Phu Si mountain at this time next Sunday.
  • At 12 o’clock tomorrow, my kids will be having lunch at junior school.
  • At midnight tonight, we will still be driving through the forest.

2. Future Continuous Tense is used to describe an action, an event that is happening, then another action or event interferes in the future.


  • will be waiting for you when you come tomorrow.
  • When you come tomorrow, they will be singing karaoke.
  • She will be working at the office when he come tomorrow.

3. Future Continuous Tense is used to describe an action that will continue for a period of time in the future.


  • My parents are going to Europe, so I’ll be staying with my cousin for the next 3 weeks.
  • I'll be finishing my homework at 6pm tomorrow night, and my mom is going to make dinner for me.

4. Future Continuous Tense is used to describe an action that will happen as part of a plan or part of a timetable.


  • The meeting will be starting at 11 o’clock.
  • I will be talking at conference room on the next Saturday night.
  • You will be serving at the dentist room at 10 o'clock.

Recognition of Future Continuous Tense

The sentence contains the adverb below:

  • At this time, at this moment
  • At…time
  • All day long
  • Next week, next month, next year

The following words are not used in the continuous in general and in the future continuous in particular :

  • State: be, cost, fit, mean, suit
  • Possession: belong, have
  • Senses: feel, hear, see, smell, taste, touch
  • Feelings: hate, hope, like, love, prefer, regret, want, wish
  • Brain work: believe, know, think, understand


  1. We are staying at the office in Paris. At this time tomorrow, we (travel) in Dubai.
  2. When he (come) tomorrow, I (swim) at the swimming pool.
  3. My cousin (visit) my house at this time next 2 month
  4. I (sit) on the bus station at 5 o'clock tomorror morning
  5. At 7 o’clock this evening my friends and I (watch) a famous film at home
  6. He (play) with his kids at 6 o’clock tomorrow night.
  7. I (work) at this moment tomorrow.
  8. We (make) our meeting at this time tomorrow morning.
  9. My mother _____________ (wait) for my sister at the bus station when she arrives.
  10. I _____________ (stop) for lunch on my way to the office
  11. Shakira _____________ (go) to the state tomorrow.
  12. He_____________ (meet) Linda tomorrow.


  1. will be travelling
  2. come – will be swimming
  3. will be visiting
  4. will be sitting
  5. will be watching
  6. will be playing
  7. will be working
  8. will be making
  9. will be waiting
  10. will be stopping
  11. will be going
  12. will be meeting

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Above is knowledge about the definition, formula, usage, signs, and exercises of the future continuous. Wish you all good study!

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