Simple Future Tense – English Grammar Tenses

Simple Future Tense – English Grammar Tenses

The future simple in English is used to express a promise, request or suggestion, or an unfounded prediction, a decision that occurred immediately when speaking… Today, English tivi will synthesize all knowledge about simple future tense: structure, usage as well as signs, practice exercises to help you better understand this tense form!


Simple future is used to talk about an is used to description of the action, the work will take out in the future, or the action, the action is after say.

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Structure of Simple Future Tense


  • S + will/shall + V-inf
Structure of Simple Future
Structure of Simple Future Tense

Simple Future Tense Examples:

  • I will help mom cooking tomorrow morning
  • It will rain tomorrow
  • I will always love you


  • S + will/ shall not/won't + V-inf


  • I won't tell her my secret
  • He won't working after dinner
  • I will not do homework for you
  • She won’t be happy if she cannot pass the entrance exam tomorrow


  • Will/Shall + S + V-inf


  • Will you come here tomorrow morning?
  • Will he stay at home tomorrow night?
  • Will he be the last person to leave the classroom?
  • Will you help me bring this bag?
I will playI won't playWill I play?
You will playYou won't playWill you play?
We will playWe won't playWill we play?
He will playHe won't playWill he play?
She will playShe won't playWill she play?
It will playIt won't playWill it play?
They will playThey won't playWill they play?

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Form of “Be Going To”

(+): S + am/is/are + going to + V-inf

(-) S + am/is/are + not + going to + V-inf

(?) Am/is/are + S + going to + V-inf

I am going to comeI am not going to comeAm I going to come?
You are going to comeYou aren't going to comeAre you going to come?
He is going to comeHe isn't going to comeIs he going to come?
She is going to comeShe isn't going to comeIs she going to come?
It is going to comeIt isn't going to comeIs it going to come?
We are going to comeWe aren't going to comeAre we going to come?
You are going to comeYou aren't going to comeAre you going to come?
They are going to comeThey aren't going to comeAre they going to come?


  • Jen is going to read that book
  • I miss my mom. I‘m going to come to her house on the way to work.
  • He is not going to close the offlice
  • I am not going to her house
  • Will you going to cook dinner for me?

Uses of Simple Future Tense

1. Simple Future Tense is used to express a decision, a temporary intention that comes up at the moment of speaking.


  • Are you going to the supermarket now? I will go with you
  • I will back home to take my phone which I have forgotten
  • I’m very tired, so I will go to bed.

2. Simple Future Tense is used to describe an unfounded prediction.


  • I think he will join the meeting
  • I suppose that she will get a better job
  • He think he will win the lottery

3. Simple Future Tense is used to describes a promise or request or suggestion.


  • He promise that He will tell me the truth.
  • Will you please bring her a cup of green tea?
  • I promise I won’t lie again

4. Simple Future Tense is used in conditional sentences of the first type, expressing a possible assumption in the present and future.


  • If she comes, I will not go with you
  • If it stops raining soon, we will go to the cinema
  • If the weather is good next tomorrow, we’ll go on a picnic

5. Simple Future Tense with “Be going to” is used to talk about the future intensions and plans, to make prediction about the future. The events and activities used with the “be going to” structure are often more certain and planned than the will structure, which are used to talk about future plans.


  • Minh is going to take a Chinese exam next week
  • Look! It's cloudy. It's going to rain
  • I am going to cook a delicious meal for you

Recognition of Simple Future Tense

The sentence contains the following words:

  • In + time
  • Next day
  • Tomorrow
  • Next week, next month, next year
  • Think, believe, suppose
  • Perhaps, probably
  • Promise

Exercise of Simple Future Tense

  1. They (do) ……………… it for you tomorrow.
  2. My father (call) ……………… you in 5 minutes.
  3. I have a lot of tests next weeks so I………(study) in the library after school
  4. We believe that she (recover) ………………from her illness soon.
  5. I promise I (return) ……………… school on time.
  6. Sorry, I am not free tomorrow. I…………..(visit) my best friend.
  7. If it rains, he (stay) ……………… at home.
  8. Look at those clouds. It…………snow
  9. Don't tell anyone, …………you?
  10. I think he……..(like) this book
  11. I……………(study) Chinese next year
  12. It (probably/rain) tomorrow
  13. Those tomatoes look delicious. I…………(buy) some for dinner
  14. I……….(not/buy) you a new phone if you fail your English in library after school
  15. We…………(wait) in the shelter untill the bus comes


  1. will do
  2. will call
  3. am going to study
  4. will recover
  5. will return
  6. am going to visit
  7. will stay
  8. is going to
  9. will
  10. will like
  11. am going to study
  12. will probably rain
  13. am going to buy
  14. will not buy
  15. will wait

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So English tivi has synthesized to help you all knowledge about simple future tense. Hope this article will help you to consolidate your knowledge in learning English.

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