60 Sentences Example in Past Continuous Tense

60 Sentences Example in Past Continuous Tense

Sentences in Past Continuous Tense is a section that provides sentences with the Past Continuous tense. In this section, you will find 60 sentences examples of affirmative sentencesnegative sentences, and interrogative sentences in the Past Continuous Tense.

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Past Continuous Affirmative Sentences

  1. I was doing the dishes when she came back home.
  2. When we returned, John was punching the sandbag.
  3. Mr. Tunner was always telling about his past.
  4. We were wondering if our boss could bring his cat to the office.
  5. While the gang was practicing the dance, the sky started to rain.
  6. She wasn't listening when you talked about the problem.
  7. While Mike was painting, his parents brought the dog into the house.
  8. Will was playing the violin while Fiora was playing the piano.
  9. I was changing the music when the bird crashed into our car.
  10. The other while I was going to the store, a giant eagle flew through me.
  11. My family was having dinner when the news came.
  12. Bill was going to finish his job after lunch but then he changed his mind.
  13. While Emily was calling her friend, her cat jumped out of the window.
  14. The workers were doing their work when the explosion happened.
  15. They were learning math when the police came.
  16. We were standing outside when the meteor flew by.
  17. The kid was running around the playground while their moms were talking.
  18. You were listening to music when I broke the case.
  19. My husband was always telling me about his car collection.
  20. I was writing a letter when my mom walked into my room.

Past Continuous Tense Affirmative Sentences

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Past Continuous Negative Sentence

  1. The teacher wasn't telling the kid to stay calm.
  2. I wasn't standing there when the accident happened.
  3. We weren't talking about the subject when the teacher checked on us.
  4. My friends weren't telling me the truth.
  5. I wasn't preparing the doll, I was checking the storage.
  6. That person wasn't doing the manual check-up when he came in here.
  7. My favorite football team wasn't playing this week.
  8. My class wasn't talking about it.
  9. I knew you weren't sleeping.
  10. They weren't going to the museum.
  11. My dad and uncle weren't talking to each other.
  12. Tim wasn't drinking when the doctor came back.
  13. My sister wasn't planning for her trip.
  14. Pam wasn't doing her homework.
  15. My grandpa wasn't repairing the lawnmower.
  16. The Boss wasn't asking us about the missing files.
  17. You weren't cleaning the floor.
  18. Linda wasn't watching our stuff when we left.
  19. We weren't playing his game.
  20. I wasn't yelling at anyone.

Past Continuous Tense Negative Sentence

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Past Continuous Interrogative Sentence

  1. What were they doing when you came?
  2. Who was she talking to?
  3. Where was the kid going to when Kim returned?
  4. Why was Tim making the food again?
  5. Were you texting our teacher about what happened?
  6. Were we playing a board game when Ron left?
  7. How was everyone getting along?
  8. How was the new coffee machine doing?
  9. Where was she practicing?
  10. Where was the cat hiding?
  11. What was Olive writing about?
  12. What were they breaking in the backroom?
  13. Who was the one bringing the chair?
  14. Who were you hiding in your house?
  15. Was Dick telling the kid this story?
  16. Was I doing wrong?
  17. Were we making too much noise?
  18. Were they meeting with the other team?
  19. What was Luke making when you came?
  20. What was the bird doing when you checked on him?

Past Continuous Tense Interrogative Sentence

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