60 Sentences Example in Past Simple Tense

60 Sentences Example in Past Simple Tense

Sentences in Past Simple Tense is a section that provides sentences with the past simple tense. In this section, you will find 60 sentences examples of affirmative sentencesnegative sentences, and interrogative sentences in the Past Simple Tense.

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Past Simple Affirmative Sentences

  1. I drew this picture yesterday.
  2. She went to the market near the sea.
  3. He walked to the party.
  4. My uncle used all of the toothpaste last night.
  5. The kid flew to England in 2004.
  6. The researchers discovered the hidden tomb in 1990.
  7. We drank at the bar until 10 p.m.
  8. They drove their dad's car around the town and crashed it.
  9. My favorite actor died last year.
  10. The red team crossed the finish line first.
  11. Kyle broke his phone yesterday.
  12. The class visited the town museum last week.
  13. I told Mary about the situation last night.
  14. Last week, someone threw rocks at our window.
  15. The bird landed in my yard last year.
  16. Tyler visited the Effiel Tower when he was 9.
  17. You did something really bad.
  18. The town celebrated the victory of their team.
  19. They ran over the bag.
  20. Someone broke my glass.


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Past Simple Negative Sentence

  1. You just need to know that I didn't do it.
  2. Mary didn't write the letter, I did.
  3. They didn't finish what they started.
  4. We didn't know our teachers were there.
  5. The police didn't find anything important in this area.
  6. Someone didn't do their task today.
  7. I didn't make this cake.
  8. John didn't meet his date yesterday.
  9. Paula didn't drive the old truck.
  10. They didn't see the thief's face.
  11. Mrs. Rose didn't teach us about this.
  12. Your assistant didn't have your suitcase.
  13. My son didn't put the chicken out of the fridge.
  14. She didn't remember the detail.
  15. Ubi didn't use my console last night.
  16. The judge didn't make his decision.
  17. The house didn't collapse.
  18. We didn't launch the rocket yesterday.
  19. They didn't tell anyone about it.
  20. I didn't kill the fish.


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Past Simple Interrogative Sentence

  1. What did you do last night?
  2. Where did you put my purse?
  3. Why did you let the chicken burn?
  4. When did you find the car?
  5. How did you manage to make it in time?
  6. Did they enter through the fence?
  7. Did Mary tell you about the birthday?
  8. Did we close the door?
  9. What did Gus lie about?
  10. When did Tommy walk to his friend's house?
  11. Where did the patient go?
  12. Why did they hide it from us?
  13. Did Ron ask you to do this?
  14. Did the cat eat all of the food?
  15. How did Mr.Dorse find out about us?
  16. What did you bring to the class yesterday?
  17. Why did Linda put my bag on the balcony?
  18. How did Josh write this thing so quickly?
  19. Did you call your sister?
  20. Where did the dog go?


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