English Pronunciation – 30 Day to Master Basic

English Pronunciation – 30 Day to Master Basic

To learn English well, you must know basic English pronunciation. This is an important skill to master if you want to use and communicate in this language. If you feel that learning the correct pronunciation is too difficult, you still do not do well no matter how much time you spend. Please refer to the article below; in just 30 days, you will become a professional that will surprise you.

Why is it important to know basic English pronunciation?

Have you ever felt confused when hearing a foreigner say familiar essential words, but you can't grasp a bit of the content? Have you been in a situation where you speak, but others don't understand?

Through the two questions for the above two cases, we have probably figured out why we need to understand the basic principles of English pronunciation; here are some reasons why.

1. Standard pronunciation for effective communication

When you learn basic English pronunciation, you can convey what you want to the other person. As a result, achieving effective communication is what we always aim for when learning English.

Friends are used to your pronunciation or mispronounce it like you during high school, so when communicating in English, they still know what you want to say. But when speaking to foreigners, if the basic English pronunciation is also wrong, making it impossible for both of us to communicate, this dramatically affects our work and life.

Standard English pronunciation for effective communication

2. Standard English pronunciation improves listening

Sounds strange, right? But this is also the reason why native speakers say essential words. We have learned so many times but do not realize it. When we have a wrong pronunciation, the brain will only remember the wrong syllable. When hearing the correct sound, the brain cannot recognize and detect the word.

Therefore, practicing pronunciation is an effective method to improve listening ability. This factor helps the conversation between you and the other person become better, avoiding the case of “he said chicken, she said duck” because they did not understand each other.

Standard pronunciation improves listening ability

What is the standard method of learning English pronunciation?

To learn standard English pronunciation, in addition to hard work, you need a suitable study method. Here are two effective ways to practice pronunciation that many people apply.

1. Sequential learning of syllables

As we all know, in English, there are 44 basic English syllables. For this method, you will learn how to pronounce vowels and consonants sequentially. In 30 days, you can divide the learning process into two phases.

Table of English vowels and consonants

Phase 1 lasts about 20+ days, learning and approaching syllables. You know 2-3 syllables every day. During the learning process, use the mirror to track the mouth accurately with the instructor. When learning, you should find words containing that syllable to pronounce correctly.

In the following days and studying syllables, you need to review the words you have learned. The learning process goes as follows:

After one day: check the known sounds once.

After seven days: review the learned sounds again.

Thus, this review process has helped the brain to register the syllables at least three times. When reviewing, you should also take examples of words to pronounce correctly, choose as many words as possible. With this method, you also improve your vocabulary.

Phase 2 lasts about ten days. At this stage, you need to combine syllable and pronunciation practice with complete sentences. With these exercises, you'll learn how to put what you've learned into practice. Because when we speak English, we don't use one or two words. We need to use one, two sentences, or even a complete paragraph.

For the first 2-3 days in phase 2, you can only practice with simple sentences. Spend about 15-20 minutes practicing speaking and pronouncing these sentences, combining intonation for perfect sentences. With this method, the brain will remember the deepest syllables, bringing results in learning basic English pronunciation.

2. Learn to pronounce according to the 80/20 principle

The principle is understood as follows: 80% of your authoritative voice will come from you correctly pronouncing 20% โ€‹โ€‹of the basic sounds (including eight core syllables). These syllables are /iห/, /ษœห/, /ษ‘ห/, /eษช/, /dส’/, /j/, /ฮธ/, /l/. Why these are basic sounds because they frequently appear in English words. Given the importance of these eight basic sounds, we will divide the learning process into two stages as follows:

Stage 1. Learn eight basic tones in 8 days; every day, you learn one sound. During the learning process, combine it with oral training to make English pronunciation more accurate. In this process, you will learn more deeply and thoroughly because you practice one syllable every day. So, let's take a lot of examples to practice speaking best.

Basic syllables to master

Stage 2. Learn the remaining 20 syllables in 22 days. After successfully practicing the eight basic sounds, it becomes easier to practice the remaining syllables because of their similarity. Note, you should combine learning new sounds and reviewing the similar sounds of 8 basic syllables for better and deeper memorization.

Depending on the case, you can choose the primary English pronunciation learning method that best suits you. Practice regularly and actively to turn this language into a bridge to success shortly.

Learning English is a process. Every day trying a little bit will help us achieve in the shortest time. However, if you are a busy person and do not have much time for practicing English pronunciation every day, practicing English pronunciation online is also a good choice.

Above is all helpful information about it. I wish you all good study!

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