Five Fingers Name in English with Pictures

Five Fingers Name in English with Pictures

Every human and most animals have Five fingers name on each hand. In humans, each finger has a unique name depending on its function and history, much like how they are named.

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Fingers Name

The finger's name is a nickname for the five digits of the human hand. We use our fingers to point, grasp and manipulate objects. But we also use them to count, communicate and identify ourselves.

List of Five Fingers Name

Sr No.Five Fingers Image
Five Fingers Name
1Five Fingers Name in EnglishThumb
2Five Fingers Name in English
Index Finger / Pointer Finger
3Five Fingers NameMiddle Finger
4Five Fingers NameRing Finger
5Five Fingers Name
Little Finger / Pinky Finger

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Five Fingers Name with Pictures

Thumb: The thumb is used for grasping and manipulating objects, and is opposable to all the other fingers. It has a nail on its tip and it can be moved in a wide arc. The thumb's opposability is important to an individual's manual dexterity.

Index Finger / Pointer Finger: The index finger is the longest and strongest of the fingers. It is used for pointing, grasping, and manipulating objects. It provides stability when using a pen or pencil to write on paper or to draw pictures.

Middle Finger: The middle finger is the second digit of the human hand. It is usually used as an insult to another person, but can also be used as a greeting.

Ring Finger: The ring finger is the fourth digit of the human hand. It is also called the fourth digit, pinkie, or annular finger. The name comes from its position at the end of the hand and its shape like a ring.

Little Finger / Pinky Finger: Little Finger is a small, thin finger located on the outer side of the hand between the little and ring fingers. The little finger is often called “pinky” because it is usually the smallest finger on a person's hand. The little finger can be used to perform various tasks such as pointing, but it cannot be used for grasping objects like other fingers can.

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