Huobi Referral Code: 2yn8a (Claim Sign Up Bonus 2023)

Huobi Referral Code: 2yn8a (Claim Sign Up Bonus 2023)

You are looking for an Huobi referral code to sign up bonus account? Join Huobi Global and use the Huobi referral code to avail yourself of the new user bonus.

Trade with the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange. Get up to a 50% fee discount + $5672 on with the Huobi promo code.

Huobi Referral Code 2023

Huobi Global Referral Code is “2yn8a″ to get up to 100% discount and cashback on trading fees.

It is taking 5672 USDT on signup to every new user who makes an account using the invitation code 2yn8a.

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Huobi Invitation Code November 2023

Huobi Referral CodeSign Up / Register!
Sign Up for Bonus$5672
✅ ValidNOW
➡️ Referral Code2yn8a
Huobi Referral Code Bonus

Huobi Global Referral Code

2yn8a is Huobi global referral code. You will receive an unlimited discount on trading fees by applying the code. If you want to get your friends and family to join Huobi, you can use this referral code to give them 50% off their trading fees as well and take $5672 to new people who register for an account.

It’s easy to sign up and get started with Huobi. You can earn up to 60% trading commissions on each successful referral by inviting your friends to sign up with a Huobi referral code. So why not use an invitation code before registering to Huobi global website or app now.

Huobi Sign Up Bonus Code

Huobi is a digital asset trading platform with over 30 million users. Huobi has been around since 2013 and has grown to be one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

The Huobi sign-up bonus code is a bonus for users who sign up with Huobi. You can get a bonus worth up to get 5672 USDT, that's worth it!

Sign up today and use this code to receive your bonus.

Sign up now to get 5672 USDT Welcome Bonus

How to Apply Huobi Referral Code?

To claim the Huobi referral code, follow the steps below.

  1. Open visit Huobi with this link: Huobi Referral Code
  2. Enter your email password
  3. Enter “Huobi Invitation code“- 2yn8a must enter a referral code to get a discount, sign-up bonus, and take 5672 USDT.
  4. Click: Sign Up
  5. You can also verify your identity to unlock advanced features.
  6. Set up referral code and link to get additional rewards.

Huobi Affiliate Program

Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to trade with a wide range of digital currencies. The Huobi affiliate program gives you the opportunity to advertise their platform and earn a commission on your trading volume.

If you’re not an affiliate, our referral program lets you earn when others sign up. Refer & earn up to 60% of the trading fee paid by your friends as a reward.

Get your Huobi referral code to become an affiliate today and start earning commissions by clicking on getting started below. Get started now!

How to Get Huobi Referral Code Program?

You can get a Huobi referral code by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Huobi website
  2. Log in to your account and go to the “My Account” section Click on “Referral Dashboard” under the “Account” tab
  3. You can see the referral code and referral link. And then you can share it with friends or use it as a promotional tool.

What is Huobi Global?

Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides services to the global market. It is one of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms.

The Huobi exchange offers a wide range of digital assets for trading, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The exchange offers low trading fees and high liquidity for users to trade with.

Huobi is particularly generous in this area, offering 700 dollars + 90,000 SHIB to every new user who signs up on their platform regardless of the presence of a referral code. So, You can signup for Huobi using my invitation or referral code and enjoy lifetime benefits.

Huobi Review Pros, Cons


  • Sophisticated yet user-friendly dashboard and platform.
  • The Main exchange supports over 300 cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • Employs high-level cyber security mechanisms.
  • Strong customer support in multiple languages.
  • Comprehensive mobile app.
  • Comprehensive, innovative, and secure wallet
  • Transaction fees are quite low.


  • Low withdrawal limits
  • Low leverage for margin
  • The verification process is a bit lengthy.

How to Huobi Sign Up for Bonus Account?

To open a Huobi account, click here and click Sign up as shown below to start creating an account.

sign up huobi

Then enter the new account registration information as follows:

How To Create Huobi Account

– Email: Please enter your Email address.
– Password: You enter any password but must satisfy the conditions.
+ At least 8 characters.
+ Cannot be all numbers.
→ For example, the secure password “Bestcoinshare@88” for example.
– Referral ID: Please enter 2yn8a to receive a 10% discount on transaction fees.
– Check that I have read and agree to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
-> And click “Sign Up

Click to verify to register a Huobi account.

verify sign up huobi

Confirm the captcha is not a robot, you just need to drag the picture to match it to pass this captcha.

slide to complete the puzzle sign up huobi

Huobi system will send you an account activation code via Email, go to your email to get the code as below:

Huobi system will send you an account activation code via Email

Please enter the 6-digit verification code and click Confirm.

verification code to your email register account huobi

So you have successfully registered to create a Huobi account.

Click: Huobi SignUp Bonus Now

How to KYC Verification Huobi Account?

KYC Verification will help your Huobi account be more protected and can increase the Deposit/withdrawal, you should verify the account’s identity.

Step 1: Go to your account → Click Identification

Identification account huobi

Click Verify Now as shown below

Verify Now account huobi

Click Verify

Click Verify kyc account huobi

You choose ID card (if verified with ID card), Passport (if verified with Passport), and Driver's license (if verified with Driver'slLicense) here I will guide you to verify with Passport.
You click on the Passport and click Verify.

ID Verification Huobi Account

Identity Documents include:
+ Select the country that issued your document
+ Choose your document type
+ Upload the document.
Then you click “NEXT”

Identity Documents include huobi account

There will be a notification from Huobi saying that the verification is complete. The review will be completed within 5 minutes at the soonest, and it is expected o take 6 hours at the peak.

kyc Pending approval huobi account

After about 10 minutes, our Huobi account was successfully verified.

Huobi account was successfully verified

How to set up 2FA on Huobi Account?

Using two-factor authentication (2FA) is highly recommended. By enabling 2FA, you are adding an extra layer of security to your account, giving you the confidence that your funds are safe. Huobi offers several methods of 2FA. Using both methods of 2FA at the same time will make your account significantly more secure.
+ Google Authenticator.
+ SMS.

Activate 2FA Huobi account using Google Authenticator

+ On your Huobi account, you also go to Account & security.

On your Huobi account, you also go to Account & security 

+ Scroll down and select Google Authenticator -> and click Link

Activate 2FA Huobi account using Google Authenticator

+ Download Google Authenticator (GA) onto the phone by clicking on the respective download button links (iOS Users: Apple App Store /Android Users: Google Play)

+ Open the GA app on your mobile device, click the “+” icon and choose “Scan a barcode” or “Enter a provided key” to manually input the keywords

+ Input the new 6-digit GA Code generated into the text field (GA code changes every 30 seconds)

+ Click the “Submit” button to complete the verification.

Google Authenticator huobi account

Activate 2FA Huobi account using SMS

+ On your Huobi account, you also go to Account & security.

On your Huobi account, you also go to Account & security 

+ Scroll down and select Phone -> and click Link

Huobi account using SMS

+ Input the phone number you’d like to link to your account and click “Get Verification Code” to have the SMS verification code sent to that number.

+ Input the code you received and click “Confirm” to complete the initial setup.

Activate 2FA Huobi account using SMS

So we have successfully installed phone number authentication on the Huobi account.


Above is the entire article Huobi Referral Code | Huobi Sign Up FREE Bonus. Hope this article helps you in the process of signing up for an account with the Huobi exchange. All users need to do is enter the Huobi Global referral code 2yn8a when creating their account. The one important thing to remember is that this Huobi referral code can only be used when creating an account.

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