The Unexpected Effect of Learning English Through Stories

The Unexpected Effect of Learning English Through Stories

You want to learn English well. Do you want to improve your foreign language skills? But you feel highly depressed every time you have to study with those thick and tasteless books. Are you wondering if there is a way to make learning more fun? Why not try learning English through Stories?

Benefits of using it in English

We all understand that if your English learning becomes too tiring, you won't get good results no matter how much time and effort you put in. To learn effectively, we need to feel comfortable knowing and need to create a particular interest in it. Therefore, It becomes a great choice.
With exposure to sound, exciting and funny stories, you will have more energy for the process of acquiring knowledge. Moreover, even though they are only short stories, they contain all the necessary foreign language learners' needs.

Benefits of using short stories

By reading short stories in English, you can practice your reading comprehension skills. You can also learn vocabulary and, of course, grammar structure. As you read, write down words you don't understand, then read the translation to guess the meaning. With this way of learning, the amount of knowledge will be memorized in your head in a very natural way without any compulsion from the brain.

You read a story, and you try to understand it. When you know it, you find it interesting. The more you want to learn about how their use of words can create such an exciting story. You can even tell others about that story; by doing so, you can also practice your speaking skills.

How to choose short stories in English

First, of course, the short stories. Choose stories that are only about 10 to 20 sentences long. This will help beginners not feel “overwhelmed”. When reading – combined with the selection of simple topics familiar to life so that you can fully understand the content.

How to choose short stories in English

Please choose stories with straightforward content, such as study, travel, sports, weather, etc… The closer things, the easier it is for you to absorb and feel.

When starting, you can choose bilingual stories to make it easier to understand the story. One genre of short stories that many people are choosing is jokes. This type of story is both fast and fun; you can relax by the laughter that the story brings.

Where to read bilingual English short stories?

With the development of today's technology, it is effortless for you to find short stories from many different sources. Below we suggest a collection of good short stories for your reference.

1. Read it on websites

We introduce exciting and exciting bilingual English story websites such as,….

With beautiful design, many good stories, deep, meaningful content. These are all reputable websites that many people choose to use for it.

2. Read bilingual it through newspapers

In this way, you can read through online or paper newspapers, which are very convenient. Some reputable addresses like …

Read bilingual English stories through newspapers

With stories written in newspapers, there can be even exciting illustrations, making it more interesting to read.

3. Read bilingual it through mobile apps

By downloading story reading applications to your phone, you can use it anytime, anywhere, and it's entirely free to install. Very convenient, right?

Read bilingual English stories through mobile apps

Above is all helpful information about it. Hopefully, the article can help you choose learning methods and good English stories for you to improve your foreign language skills. I wish you all good study!

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