Types of Vehicles Names in English with Pictures

Types of Vehicles Names in English with Pictures

Different types of media appear in conversation as well as commonly used in human activities and environments. So they are very important that you understand and know effectively the names of vehicles.

In this section, you will have the opportunity to learn the names of various types of vehicles with englishtivi.com

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Types of Vehicles Names

Typical vehicles name include wagons, bicycles, motor vehicles, cars, railed vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, and spacecraft.

List of Vehicles Names

Sr No. Vehicles Image
Vehicles Name
1 Vehicles Names Aerial Tramway
2 Vehicles Names Aircraft
3 Vehicles Names Ambulance
4 Vehicles Names Auto Rickshaw
5 Vehicles Names
Baby Carriage
6 Vehicles Names Balloon
7 Vehicles Names Bicycle
8 Vehicles Names
Blackhole Ladder
9 Vehicles Names Boat
10 Vehicles Names Bull Dozer
11 Vehicles Names Bullock Cart
12 Vehicles Names Bus
13 Vehicles-Names Car
14 Vehicles-Names Caravan
15 Vehicles-Names Carriage
16 Vehicles-Names Cement Mixer
17 Vehicles-Names Coach
18 Convertible Car
19 Crane
20 Cruiser
Double-decker Bus
22 Dump Truck
23 Excavator
24 Fire Engine
25 Forklift
26 Formula Car
27 Glider
28 Helicopter
29 Hot Air Baloon
30 Hovercraft
31 Jeep
32 Jetplane
33 Limousine
34 Locomotive
35 Manlift
36 Motorbike
37 Vehicles Names in English Mountain Bike
38 Vehicles Names in English Offroad Bike
39 Vehicles Names in English Pedicab
40 Vehicles Names in English Pick-up Truck
41 Vehicles Names in English Police Car
42 Vehicles Names in English Quad
43 Vehicles Names in English Recycling Truck
44 Vehicles Names in English Road Roller
45 Vehicles Names in English
Rope-tram Vehicle
46 Vehicles Names in English Rowboat
47 Vehicles Names in English Scooter
48 Vehicles Names in English Shipraft
49 Vehicles Names in English Skateboard
50 Vehicles Names in English Spacecraft
51 Submarine Ship
52 Vehicles Names in English Subway
53 Vehicles Names in English Taxi
54 Vehicles Names in English Tractor
55 Vehicles Names in English Train
56 Vehicles-Names Tram
57 Vehicles-Names Tricycle
58 Vehicles-Names Truck
59 Vehicles-Names Van
60 Vehicles-Names Wagon Vehicle

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Vehicles Names with Pictures

  • Aerial Tramway: An aerial tramway is a type of aerial lift which uses one or two stationary ropes for support while a third moving rope provides propulsion. Aerial tramways are aerial transportation systems that use a cable or rope to transport people, goods, or both.

  • Ambulance: An ambulance is a vehicle that provides medical care and transportation to sick or injured people. Ambulances are equipped with many emergency medical devices and are staffed by at least one medically trained attendant. Ambulances can be either ground-based or air-based.

  • Baby Carriage: A baby carriage can be used to refer to any type of wheeled device for transporting babies, but it is most often used to refer specifically to an infant-sized carriage that is pushed by hand or drawn by a person.

  • Bull Dozer: Bulldozers are used in many ways, but they are most often used to create a flat surface or to create a foundation for something that is being built. They can also be used to move snow or other materials. Bulldozers can also be used as weapons in combat.

  • Car: The car is a wheeled vehicle with an internally-combustion engine, used for transporting people or cargo. The term car is also applied to similar vehicles, such as motor cars, electric cars and steam-powered cars.

  • Caravan: Caravans were used for trade in ancient times, and they are still used today by nomadic people to transport goods across large distances.

  • Crane: A crane is an industrial machine used to lift heavy objects and move them horizontally. It consists of a horizontal rotating arm that can be extended over the load by means of wire ropes or chains passing over a sheave.

  • Double-decker Bus: A double-decker bus is a bus that has two storeys or decks. Usually, the lower deck is used for passengers and the upper deck is used for luggage, although this arrangement can be reversed. The upper deck is usually an open-air deck while the lower deck is fully enclosed and used for passenger seating.

  • Fire Engine: A fire engine is a vehicle that carries the equipment and personnel needed to extinguish fires. Fire engines are emergency vehicles that are used to respond to fires and other emergencies. They are also used by fire departments for other purposes, such as fighting brush fires or putting out car accidents.

  • Glider: Glider is a type of aircraft that uses one or more unpowered airfoils to generate lift. This type of aircraft is typically used for research and education purposes. Gliders are used for long-distance flights due to their ability to stay in the air for extended periods of time.

  • Hovercraft: A hovercraft is a type of vehicle that can be used on land or water. It is supported by a cushion of air and does not touch the ground. A hovercraft is a vehicle that can travel over land, water, ice and snow. It uses air to create lift and thrust by moving it over a surface.

  • Motorbike: A motorbike is a vehicle with two wheels and a engine. The rider sits on the seat, or saddle, and controls the speed and direction by pressing the pedals. Motorbikes are also called cycles or motorcycles. Motorcycles use gasoline as fuel. They have an engine that produces power to turn the wheels of the bike.

  • Police Car: A police car is an unmarked car driven by a law enforcement officer who wears a uniform to indicate that he or she is on duty. The police car’s job is to patrol neighborhoods and maintain order, as well as to enforce traffic laws and catch speeding drivers.

  • Taxi: A taxi is a vehicle that transports people by a pre-arranged route, often for a fare. Taxis are licensed to carry passengers, and can be hailed on the street or called by telephone.

  • Tricycle: A tricycle is a three-wheeled vehicle. It can be either human-powered or motorized. Tricycles are usually used by children, but they can also be used by adults for exercise or recreation.

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A to Z List of Vehicles Names

  • Aerial Tramway
  • Aircraft
  • Ambulance
  • Auto Rickshaw
  • Baby Carriage
  • Balloon
  • Bicycle
  • Blackhole Ladder
  • Boat
  • Bull Dozer
  • Bullock Cart
  • Bus
  • Car
  • Caravan
  • Carriage
  • Cement Mixer
  • Coach
  • Convertible Car
  • Cranes
  • Cruiser
  • Double-decker Bus
  • Dump Truck
  • Excavator
  • Fire Engine
  • Forklift
  • Formula Car
  • Glider
  • Helicopter
  • Hot Air Baloon
  • Hovercraft
  • Jeep
  • Jetplane
  • Limousine
  • Locomotive
  • Manlift
  • Motorbike
  • Mountain Bike
  • Offroad Bike
  • Pedicab
  • Pick-up Truck
  • Police Car
  • Quad
  • Recycling Truck
  • Road Roller
  • Rope-tram Vehicle
  • Rowboat
  • Scooter
  • Shipraft
  • Skateboard
  • Spacecraft
  • Submarine Ship
  • Subway
  • Taxi
  • Tractor
  • Train
  • Tram
  • Tricycle
  • Trucks
  • Van
  • Wagon Vehicle

Vehicles Names Video

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In summary, the article list of types of vehicles names in English brought you useful knowledge about it. It is very important that you are able to understand and effectively communicate the names of the various types of vehicles.

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