What is a Paragraph? Writing a Paragraph Examples

What is a Paragraph? Writing a Paragraph Examples

What is a paragraph?


A paragraph is a group of related sentences about a single topic. The topic of a paragraph is one, and only one, idea.

A paragraph has three main parts:

  1. Topic sentence
  2. Supporting sentence
  3. Concluding sentence

1.Topic sentence

The first sentence of a paragraph is a sentence that names the topics and tells what the paragraph will be explained about the topic . This sentence is called the topic sentence .

2. Supporting sentence

The middle sentences in a paragraph are called supporting. Supporting sentences give examples or other details about the topic.

3. Concluding sentences

The last sentence in a paragraph is called the concluding sentence. A concluding sentence often repeats the topic sentence in different words or summarizes the main points.

A paragraph is like a cheeseburger sandwich: two pieces of bread ( the topic and concluding sentences ) enclosing the filling ( the supporting sentences )

A paragraph is like a cheeseburger sandwich

What makes your paragraph look good?

1. Unity: A paragraph is unified around this main idea, with the supporting sentences providing detail and discussion. In order to write a good topic sentence, think about your theme and all the points you want to make.

2. Order: Order refers to the way you organize your supporting sentences. Whether you choose chronological order, order of importance, or another logical presentation of detail, a solid always has a definite organization. In a well-ordered paragraph, the reader follows along easily, aided by the pattern you've established. Order helps the reader grasp your meaning and avoid confusion.

3. Coherence: is the quality that makes your writing understand. One of the best ways to achieve coherency is to use transition words. You can use transition words that show order ( first, second, third ); spatial relationships ( above, below ), or logical ( furthermore, in fact ).

4. Completeness: means a paragraph is well-developed. If all sentences clearly and adequately support the main idea, then your paragraph is complete.

Writing a Paragraph Examples

My best friend, Freddie, has three important qualities. First of all, Freddie is always ready for her fun. Sometimes we play Frisbee in the park. Sometimes we just sit around in my room, listening to music, and talking. Second, he is completely trustworthy. I can tell Freddie my deepest secrets, and he doesn't share them with anyone else. Third, Freddie understands my moods. When I am angry, he tries to make me feel better. I am sad, he tries to comfort me. When I am happy, he is happy too. To sum up, my best friend is fun to be with, trustworthy, and understanding even if he is just a dog.


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