What Words Start with C – New English Words with Meaning

What Words Start with C – New English Words with Meaning

The collection of English words beginning with Words start with C shared with you by English tivi is definitely a solid foundation to reinforce a diverse, rich, and advanced new source of English words. Your proficiency in listening – speaking – reading – writing.

Accumulating a certain amount of vocabulary for yourself is important and essential. Join us to learn new English words and their meanings starting with the letter C through the article below right now!

List Words English Start with Meaning – Update 2021

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What Words Start with C

English Words starting with C

Words Starting With Letter C – Part 1

CaboodlenounA whole group
CacophonynounHarsh mixture of sounds, jarring sound, discord
CageyadjectiveInformal- cautiously reluctant to speak
CajoleverbPersuade by using flattery
CalamitynounA sudden disastrous event
CalibrateverbCheck the accuracy of an instrument by comparing the readings with those of a standard
CalibernounQuality or ability
CallousadjectiveInsensitive and cruel, unyielding, hardened
CallowadjectiveImmature inexperienced
CamaraderienounTrust and friendship
CamouflagenounA disguise to conceal, hide by means of camouflage
CandidadjectiveTruthful and straightforward
CantankerousadjectiveBad tempered and uncooperative
CapitalizeverbTake advantage of convert into or provide with financial capital
CapitulateverbTo give in, yield, surrender
CapriciousadjectiveProne to sudden changes of behavior, erratic, subject to caprices (eccentricities)
CaptiousadjectiveProne to petty fault finding, quick to find fault, hard to please
CaptivateverbAttract and hold the interest
CareeristnounA person intent in progressing in their career
CardinalnounPrincipal, chief, most important
CarpverbComplain continuously
CastigateverbReprimand severely, to rebuke severely especially by public criticism
CataclysmnounA violent upheaval or disaster; any sudden, violent change
CatapultverbThrow forcefully
CatastrophenounA sudden great disaster
CatchyadjectiveAppealing, easy to remember
CategoricaladjectiveCompletely clear and direct

Words Starting With Letter C – Part 2

English Vocabulary List – Sentence Examples of Words Used

The English Vocabulary List includes the most commonly used word with over 2,000 of the most frequently used words in spoken English and provides example sentences using that word.
CautiousadjectiveCareful to avoid danger or mistakes
CaveatnounA warning, proviso
CensureverbCriticize strongly, strong disapproval, to condemn as wrong
CerebrateverbTo think
CertitudenounA feeling of certainty, sureness
ChagrinnounAnnoyance or shame at having failed
CharismaticadjectivePossessing spiritual grace, inspiring
ChequeredadjectiveMarked by periods of varied fortune, marked by vicissitudes
ChicanerynounTrickery in legal matters, deception
ChideverbScold or rebuke
ChinosnounCasual trousers made from a smooth cotton fabric
ChivalrousadjectiveOf or as of the ideal knight, courteous, polite and gallant towards women
CholericadjectiveEasily angered, irritable
ChoreographverbCompose the sequence of steps and movements for a dance
ChronicadjectiveLasting a long time, very bad (informal)
ChroniclenounA record of historical events, of a series of events
ChronologicaladjectiveFollowing the order in which things occurred
ChumnounInformal-a close friend
ChumpnounInformal- a foolish person
ChunknounA large amount a thick solid piece
ChurlishadjectiveRude or bad tempered
CiaoexclamationHello or goodbye
CinchnounInformal-a very easy task, a certainty
CiphernounA code, an unimportant person or thing
Circuitousadjective(of a route) Long and indirect, roundabout
CircumlocutionnounThe use of many words where fewer would do, the roundabout way of saying something
CircumscribeverbRestrict, limit
CircumspectadjectiveCautious, sensible

Words Starting With Letter C – Part 3

Circumstantialadjective(Of evidence)suggesting but not proving something
CircumventverbEvade a difficulty, to get the better of or prevent from happening by craft or ingenuity
Clam upverbInformal-refuse to talk or respond, Be quiet
ClamournounA loud confused noise, a strong protest or demand
Clamp downverbClampdown(noun)
ClandestineadjectiveDone secretly
ClangernounInformal-a mistake or blunder
ClaptrapnounNonsense, empty talk intended to get applause
ClausenounA distinct part of a sentence with its own verb, a single part of a treaty, law or contract
ClaustrophobianounExtreme fear of being in an enclosed space
ClericaladjectiveOf office work, of the clergy
ClichenounAn overused phrase or idea, a trite, stereotyped expression
ClientelenounClients collectively
ClinchverbSettle conclusively, a tight hold in boxing, an embrace
ClinicaladjectiveEfficient and unemotional
CliquenounA small exclusive group of people
CoalesceverbTo unite to merge, to fuse, form into a mass or whole
CoalitionnounTemporary alliance, esp. political parties
CocksureadjectiveArrogantly confident, absolutely sure or certain
CoerceverbTo persuade by using force or threats, to compel, force
CogentadjectiveLogical and convincing
CogitateverbTo think deeply about, to ponder
CognizancenounPerception, knowledge or awareness
CoherentadjectiveSticking together, logically connected, logical and consistent, articulate
CollateralnounSomething promised if one cannot repay the loan, parallel or corresponding
CommiserateverbExpress sympathy or pity
CompatibleadjectiveAble to exist or be used together, consistent
ComplacencynounSelf satisfaction, smugness , uncritically self satisfied
ComplementnounThe amount needed to fill or complete, a thing that completes or improves something

Words Starting With Letter C – Part 4

ComplicitynounInvolvement in wrongdoing
ComprehensiveadjectiveIncluding all or nearly all
ConcedeverbTo admit as true, accept, give up an advantage or right, admit defeat in a contest
ConciseadjectiveBrief and to the point, giving information clearly and to the point
ConcordantadjectiveIn agreement
ConcurverbAgree, happen at the same time
CondescendverbBehave as if one is better than others, do something that one believes to be beneath
CondoneverbAccept or forgive an offence or wrong, to overlook an offence
ConformistnounA person who behaves in n expected or conventional way
ConfoundverbSurprise or bewilder, prove wrong, defeat
CongenialadjectiveAgreeable to oneself, compatible, kindred
ConjecturenounMake a guess, inferring or predicting from incomplete evidence
ConniveverbSecretly allow, assist
ConnoisseurnounAn expert judge in matters of taste, one who has expert knowledge and keen discrimination especially in fine arts
ConscientiousadjectiveGoverned by one's conscience, diligent in one's work or duty
ConstrueverbTo interpret, To analyze
ContemptibleadjectiveDeserving contempt, scorn
ContriteadjectiveRemorseful, showing regret
ConvivialadjectiveFriendly and lively, cheerful, pleasant situation
CoterienounA small exclusive group, a close circle of friends or colleagues
CovertadjectiveHidden, secretive, done secretly
CovetverbTo want ardently, long to possess something belonging to someone else
CredulousadjectiveToo ready to believe things
CumbersomeadjectiveHard to handle, heavy and awkward to carry or use
CulpableadjectiveDeserving blame
CupiditynounGreed for money, etc.
CurtadjectiveRude, brief
CynicnounA person who believes that peoples motives are always selfish

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The above is a synthesis of the most common English words starting with the letter C. Hopefully, this article will partly help you learn English in general, as well as the application in communication in particular, becomes easier and more enjoyable. We wish you good study and success soon!

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