What Words Start with G – New English Words with Meaning

What Words Start with G – New English Words with Meaning

Welcome to your English words lesson: what words start with G? In this section, we will know which form of vocabulary, such as verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs … along with its meaning. In addition, you can also learn more examples from those words. Come with English tivi to help you improve your vocabulary now!

List Words English Start with Meaning – Update 2021


List Words start with “G”

Words Starting With Letter G – Part 1

1GabbleverbTalk quickly and indistinctly, to talk or utter rapidly or incoherently
2GaietynounLight hearted and cheerful mood or behavior
3GaffenounAn embarrassing blunder
4GainsayverbDeny or contradict,
5GaloreadjectiveIn abundance, aplenty
6GalvanizeverbTo stimulate shock or excite into action
7GambitnounAn action or remark intended to gain an advantage
8GamutnounThe whole range or scope, the entire range or extent
9GarbleverbConfuse or distort a message
10GarishadjectiveGaudy, unpleasantly bright and showy
11GargantuanadjectiveEnormous, giant in size
12GarnerverbGather or collect, to gather up and store
13GarrulousadjectiveExtremely talkative, talking too much especially about unimportant things
14GaucheadjectiveSocially awkward, lacking social grace
15GawkverbTo stare stupidly
16GawkyadjectiveAwkward, ungainly, clumsy
17GazebonounA summer house with a wide view, an open structure with an enjoyable view
18GenericadjectiveOf a whole class, kind or group, having no brand name
19GenesisnounThe origin of something
20GenteeladjectivePolite, well bred, refined
21GenrenounA style of art, literature
22GesticulateverbGesture dramatically in place of or to emphasize speech, to make lively gestures
23GibberverbTo speak rapidly and incoherently, speak fast and unintelligently
24Gibeverbvariant of Jibe; to taunt; deride.
25GimmicknounA trick or device intended to attract attention

Words Starting With Letter G – Part 2

English Words List – Sentence Examples of Words Used

The English Words List includes the most commonly used word with over 2,000 of the most frequently used words in spoken English and provides example sentences using that word.
26GleanverbCollect from various sources, to collect facts gradually
27GlibadjectiveArticulate but insincere and shallow
28GlitchnounInformal- a sudden problem or fault, a malfunction or error
29GnawVerbBite at persistently, cause persistent anxiety or pain
30GoadverbProvoke to action, (noun)-a stimulus to action
31GospelnounSomething absolutely true
32GraffitinounWritings or drawings on a surface in a public place
33GratisadjectiveFree of charge
34GrandioseadjectiveImpressive, showy, ambitious in scale
35GravitateverbBe drawn towards,
36GregariousadjectiveFond of the company of others
37GridnounNetwork of crossed lines forming a series of squares
38GrievousadjectiveVery severe or serious, causing grief
39GrimacenounMake a distorted face, a twisted facial expression showing disgust, pain or amusement, make a grimace
40GrislyadjectiveCausing horror or revulsion, terrifying
41GroundworknounPreliminary or basic work
42GroundingnounBasic training or instruction
43GrotesqueadjectiveComically or repulsively ugly or distorted, distorted in appearance, shape etc
44GrovelverbAct humbly to obtain forgiveness or favor, to lie or crawl to please another
45GruelingadjectiveVery tiring, exhausting
46GrumpyadjectiveBad tempered, peevish, sulky
47GullibleadjectiveEasily deceived, easily duped
48GumptionnounInformal-resourcefulness, initiative and courage
49GustonounZest, enjoyment, vigor
50GushverbExpress approval in an unrestrained way

What Words Start with H – New English Words with Meaning


Above is all helpful information about words start with G. I wish you all good study!

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