What Words Start with J – New English Words with Meaning

What Words Start with J – New English Words with Meaning

Welcome to your English words lesson: what words start with J? In this section, we will know which form of vocabulary, such as verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs … along with its meaning. In addition, you can also learn more examples from those words. Come with English tivi to help you improve your vocabulary now!

List Words English Start with Meaning – Update 2021

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List Words start with “J”

Words Start with J
STT Word TypeMeaning
1JabberverbTo talk quickly and incoherently but unintelligibly
2JackassnounStupid person, a male ass
3JadedadjectiveTired and bored, worn out, worthless, exhausted, especially through overwork
4JamboreenounA lavish or noisy party
5JargonnounWords used by a particular group and hard for others to understand
6JauntyadjectiveLively and self-confident
7JeerverbMake rude mocking remarks at
8JeopardynounGreat danger or risk
9JestnounJoke, verb-speak in a joking way
10JibenounInsulting remark
11JiffynounInformal-a moment
12JinxnounA person or thing that brings bad luck
13JittersnounInformal-extreme nervousness, an uneasy state
14JocularadjectiveHumorous, meant as a joke, given to joking
15JostleverbTo vie for an advantage or position, Push roughly, To make one's way by pushing or elbowing
16JubilantadjectiveHappy and triumphant
17JudiciousadjectiveHaving or done with good judgment
18JumblenounAn untidy collection
19JuncturenounAt a particular point in time, a join
20JunknounInformal-useless or worthless
21JunketnounAn extravagant trip or party
22JurisdictionnounThe official power to make legal decisions, the extent of this
23JurisprudencenounThe theory of law
24JustifiableadjectiveAble to be shown to be right or reasonable
25JutverbProtrude, project, poke out
26JuvenileadjectiveOf young people, childish, immature
27JuxtaposeverbPlace close together
28JudgmentaladjectiveExcessively critical of others
29JuggleverbDo several things at the same time
30JumpyadjectiveInformal-anxious and uneasy


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