What Words Start with L – New English Words with Meaning

What Words Start with L – New English Words with Meaning

Welcome to your English words lesson: what words start with L? In this section, we will know which form of vocabulary, such as verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs … along with its meaning. In addition, you can also learn more examples from those words. Come with English tivi to help you improve your vocabulary now!

List Words English Start with Meaning – Update 2021

” It can be said that learning English is like building a building. You want to be good at communication, first of all, you must master basic English words. Here, English tivi will guide you in lessons to improve your basic English words and apply them in practical communication.”

List Words start with “L”

1LaboriousadjectiveRequiring or showing much effort
2LabyrinthnounA complicated network of passages
3LacerateverbTear the flesh or skin, It can be used to refer to someone's feeling of being hurt or wounded
4LackadaisicaladjectiveLacking enthusiasm and thoroughness
5LacklusteradjectiveLacking energy or inspiration, dull (not shining)
6LaconicadjectiveUsing few words
7LacunanounA gap or a missing portion
9LagverbFall behind, a period of time between two events
10LambastverbCriticize harshly, censure severely or angrily
11LampoonverbPublicly mock or ridicule,
12LanguidadjectiveLacking energy or vigor
13LanguishverbBecome weak or feeble, be forced to remain in an unpleasant place
14LapelnounA flap folded back on each side of a coat
15LassitudenounWeariness or lack of energy, state of being tired or listless; exhaustion; laziness; weariness
17LatentadjectiveExisting but not yet developed, apparent or active
18LateraladjectiveOf, at, to or from the side or sides
19LavishadjectiveVery rich, elaborate, luxurious, generous
20LaudableadjectiveDeserving praise
21LaurelnounHonor or praise, To honor, especially with an award or a prize.
22LaxadjectiveNot strict severe or careful
23LegacynounHanded down by a predecessor
24LeisurenounTime spent not working, not busy-free, in an unhurried way
25LegendaryadjectiveDescribed in legends, famous

Words Starting With L

26LegibleadjectiveClear enough to read
27LegislateverbMake laws
28LeaguenounA class of quality or excellence
29LenientadjectiveNot strict, merciful
30LeonineadjectiveOf or like a lion
31LestconjunctionFor fear that
32LethaladjectiveAble to cause death
33LethargynounLack of energy or enthusiasm
34LeveragenounThe power to influence
35LeviathannounA very large or powerful thing, anything of immense size and power, as a huge,
36LevitynounHumorous treatment of a serious matter, lack of seriousness, lightness of body and spirit
37LexicaladjectiveOf words
38LiabilitynounA person or thing likely to cause embarrassment or trouble, a debt, the state of being liable
39LiaisonnounCommunication and cooperation
40LibelnounThe crime of publishing a false statement that harms a person's reputation
41LiberalizeverbMake less strict
42LimericknounA humorous five-line poem
43LingerverbBe slow or reluctant to leave, spend a long time
44Lingua francanounA common language used among speakers whose native languages are different
45LinguistnounA person skilled in foreign languages, a person who studies linguistics
46LiquidateverbConverts assets into cash
47LividadjectiveVery angry, appearing dark and inflamed
48LoatheverbFeel hatred and disgust for
49LucrenounMoney or profits
50LuminarynounAn inspiring or influential person


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