400 Crazy English Sentences – Sentences Used in Daily Life

400 Crazy English Sentences – Sentences Used in Daily Life

Crazy English has helped hundreds of millions of people around the world conquer English easily. English tivi shares with you meaningful, quality, and interesting lessons that crush the fear of speaking English. With your friends to love more English, to burn hard after each lesson is the top motto of English tivi. Let's explore Crazy English's “top” English learning principles.

Lessons now: 400 Crazy English sentences

1. How’s it going?
2. How are you doing?
3. How’s life?
4. How are things?
5. What are you up to?
6. What have you been up to?
7. Working a lot.
8. Studying a lot.
9. I’ve been very busy.
10. Same as usual.
11. Do you have any plans for the summer?
12. Do you smoke?
13. I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.
14. Do you know each other?
15. How do you know each other?
16. We work together.
17. We used to work together.
18. We went to university together.
19. Through friends.
20. I was born in Australia but grew up in England.
21. What brings you to England?

22. I’m on holiday
23. I’m on business.
24. Why did you come to the UK?
25. I came here to work.
26. I came here to study.
27. I wanted to live abroad.
28. How long have you lived here?
29. I’ve only just arrived.
30. A few months.
31. Just over two years.
32. How long are you planning to stay here.
33. Another year.
34. Do you like it here?
35. I like it a lot.
36. What do you like about it?
37. I like the food.
38. I like the weather.
39. I like the people.
40. When’s your birthday?
41. Who do you live with?

42. Do you live with anybody?
43. I live with a friend.
44. Do you live on your own?
45. I share with one other person.
46. What’s your email address?
47. Could I take your phone number?
48. Are you on Facebook?
49. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
50. Yes, I’ve got a brother.
51. No, I’m an only child.
52. Do you have any children?
53. I don’t have any children.
54. Do you have any grandchildren?
55. Are your parents still alive?
56. Where do your parents alive?
57. What does your father do?
58. Do you have a boyfriend?
59. Are you seeing anyone?
60. I’m seeing someone.
61. What are their names?
62. They’re called Neil and Anna.
63. What’s his name?

64. What do you like doing in your spare time?
65. I like listening to music.
66. I love going out.
67. I enjoy travelling.
68. I don’t like nightclubs.
69. I’m interested in languages.
70. Have you seen any good films recently.
71. Do you play any sports?
72. Yes, I play football.
73. Which team do you support?
74. I support Manchester United.
75. Do you play any instruments?
76. I’m in a band.
77. I sing in a choir.
78. What sort of music do you like?
79. Lost of different stuff.
80. Have you got any favourite bands?
81. What sort of work do you do?
82. I work as a programmer.
83. What line of work are you in?
84. I work in sales.

85. I stay at home and look after the children.
86. I’m a housewife.
87. I’ve got a part – time job.
88. I’m unemployed.
89. I’m looking for work.
90. I’ve been made redundant.
91. I’m retired.
92. Who do you work for?
93. I work for an investment bank.
94. I work for myself.
95. I have my own business.
96. I’ve just started at IBM.
97. Where do you work?
98. I work in a bank.
99. I’m training to be an engineer.
100. I’m a trainee accountant.
101. I’m on a course at the moment.
102. I’m on work experience.
103. Are you a student?
104. What do you study?

105. I’m studying economics.
106. Where do you study?
107. Which university are you at?
108. I’m at Liverpool university.
109. Which year are you in?
110. I’m in my final year.
111. Do you have any exams coming up?
112. I’ve just graduated.
113. Did you go to university?
114. Where did you go to university?
115. I went to Cambridge.
116. I went to Cambridge.
117. How many more years do you have to go?
118. What do you want to do when you’ve finished?
119. Get a job.
120. I don’t know what in want to do after university.
121. What religion are you?
122. I’m a Christian.
123. Do you believe in God?
124. I believe in God.


125. Is there a church near hear?
126. Can I buy you a drink?
127. Are you on your own?
128. Would you like to join us?
129. Do you come here often?
130. Is this your first time here?
131. Have you been here before?
132. Have you been here before?
133. Do you want to go for a drink sometime?
134. If you’d like to meet up sometime, let me know!
135. Would you like to join me for a coffee?
136. Do you fancy going to see a film sometime?
137. That sounds good.
138. Sorry, you’re not my type!
139. Here’s my number.
140. You look great.
141. You look very nice tonight.
142. I like your outfit.
143. You’re really good-looking.
144. You’ve got beautiful eyes.

145. You’ve got a great smile.
146. Thanks for the compliment!
147. What do you think of this place?
148. Shall we go somewhere else?
149. I know a good place.
150. Can I kiss you?
151. Can I walk you home?
152. Can I drive you home?
153. Would you like to come in for a coffee?
154. Thanks, I had a great evening.
155. When can I see you again?
156. I’ll call you.
157. I enjoy spending time with you.
158. I find you very attractive.
159. Will you marry me?
160. Are you up to anything this evening?
161. Have you got any plans for this evening?
162. What would you like to do this evening?
163. Do you want to go somewhere at the weekend?
164. Would you like to join me for something to eat?

165. What time shall we meet?
166. Let’s meet at 8 o’clock.
167. Where would you like to meet?
168. I’ll see you at the cinema at 10 o’clock.
169. See you there!
170. Let me know if you can make it.
171. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.
172. Have you been here long?
173. Have you been waiting long?
174. The day before yesterday.
175. The day after tomorrow.
176. Could you tell me the time, please?
177. Do you know what time it is?
178. 15 October
179. What’s the date today?
180. It’s sunny.
181. What miserable weather!
182. It’s starting to rain.
183. What’s the temperature?
184. It’s 22°C.

185. It’s below freezing.
186. What’s the forecast?
187. It’s forecast to rain.
188. It looks like rain.
189. Would anyone like a tea or coffee?
190. The kettle’s boiled.
191. Can you put the light on?
192. Is there anything good on TV?
193. Do you want to watch a film?
194. Do you want me to put the TV on?
195. What time’s the match on?
196. What’s the score?
197. Who’s playing?
198. Who won?
199. What would you like for breakfast?
200. Could you pass the sugar, please?
201. Would you like some more?
202. Have you had enough to eat?
203. Would anyone like dessert?
204. I’m full.

205. That was delicious.
206. Good to see you!
207. You’re looking well.
208. Please take your shoes off.
209. Did you have a good journey?
210. Did you find us alright?
211. I’ll show you your room.
212. How do you take it?
213. Do you take sugar?
214. Have a seat!
215. Could I use your phone?
216. Thanks for coming.
217. Have a safe journey home.
218. Where’s the ticket office?
219. What time’s the next bus to Portsmouth?
220. This Bus has been cancelled.
221. Have you ever been to Italy?
222. I’ve never been, but I’d love to go someday.
223. How long does the journey take?
224. What time do we arrive?


225. Do you get travel sick?
226. Enjoy your trip!
227. I’d like to travel to Spain.
228. How much are the flights?
229. Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the bus station?
230. I’m looking for this address.
231. It’s this way.
232. You’re going the wrong way.
233. Take this road.
234. Go down there.
235. How far is it to the airport?
236. Is it a long way?
237. It’s not far.
238. It’s quite a long way.
239. Can I park here?
240. Where’s the nearest petrol station?
241. Are we nearly there?
242. How much would you like?
243. I’d like to hire a car.
244. How do you open the…?

245. How long will I have to wait?
246. How long will it be?
247. Where would you like to go?
248. Could you take me to the city centre?
249. Could you pick me up here at 6 o’clock.
250. Could you wait for me here?
251. What time’s the next bus to Camden?
252. When will you be coming back?
253. Do you mind if I open the window?
254. I feel seasick.
255. Can you recommend any good hotel?
256. How many stars does it have?
257. How much do you want to pay?
258. Do you have any vacancies?
259. What sort of room would you like?
260. I’d like a double room.
261. Can you offer me any discount?
262. Could I see the room?
263. Where are the lifts?
264. I’d like to check out.

265. I’d like to pay my bill, please.
266. How would you like to pay?
267. I’ll pay in cash.
268. Shall we go for a drink?
269. Let’s eat out tonight.
270. What can I get you?
271. Could we see a menu, please?
272. Do you have any hot food?
273. Eat in or take-away?
274. Do you have internet access here?
275. Was everything alright?
276. Could I try this on?
277. Do you want to try it on?
278. What size are you?
279. What size do you take?
280. I take a size 10.
281. Where’s the fitting room?
282. Is that a good fit?
283. It’s a little too small.
284. It’s just right.

285. What do you think of these?
286. Can I have a look at it?
287. Keep off the grass.
288. We need somewhere to stay.
289. I want to make a withdrawal.
290. How would you like the money?
291. I’d like to pay this in, please.
292. I’d like to open an account.
293. Could you tell me my balance, please?
294. I’d like to change some money.
295. What colour would you like?
296. What floor is it on?
297. What’s on at the cinema?
298. Shall we go for a walk?
299. How much are the tickets?
300. Is there a discount for ..?
301. Where would you like to sit?
302. What’s this film about?
303. Have you seen it?
304. Did you enjoy it?


305. What time do you close?
306. Can I take photographs?
307. I’ve got flu.
308. I’m going to be sick.
309. My feet are hurting.
310. How are you feeling?
311. Are you feeling any better?
312. I hope you feel better soon.
313. I need to see a doctor.
314. I think you should go and see a doctor.
315. How long have you worked here?
316. I’m going out for lunch.
317. I’ll be back at 1.30.
318. How do you get to work?
319. What time does the meeting start?
320. What time does the meeting finish?
321. Can I see the report?
322. I saw your advert in the paper.
323. What are the hours of work?
324. Will I have to work shifts?


325. How much does the job pay?
326. How many weeks’ holiday a year are there?
327. I’d like to take the job.
328. When do you want me to start?
329. We’d like to invite you for an interview.
330. This is the job description.
331. Have you got any experience?
332. Have you got any qualifications?
333. We need someone with experience.
334. What qualifications have you got?
335. This is your employment contract.
336. Could I speak to Bill , please?
337. Speaking!
338. Who’s calling?
339. I’ll put him on.
340. Would you like to leave a message?
341. Could you ask him to call me?
342. Is it convenient to talk at the moment?
343. My battery’s about to run out.
344. I’m about to run out of credit.

345. I’ll send you a text.
346. Could I borrow your phone, please?
347. I’d like a phonecard, please.
348. Look forward to seeing you soon!
349. Where did you learn your English?
350. I taught myself.
351. How do you pronounce this word?
352. I don’t mind.
353. Anything else?
354. Are you afraid?
355. Are you waiting for someone?
356. Are you working Tomorrow?
357. At what time did it happen?
358. What are you thinking about?
359. What did you do last night?
360. What does he do for work?
361. What time did you get up?
362. What time does it start?
363. When will he be back?
364. Why did you do that?

365. Have they met her yet?
366. Have you arrived?
367. Have you done this before?
368. Have you eaten yet?
369. How do I use this?
370. How does it taste?
371. How is she?
372. How many people do you have in your family?
373. How’s business?
374. Take a chance.
375. Take it outside.
376. Do you have an appointment?
377. Do you have any money?
378. Do you hear that?
379. Do you know her?
380. Do you know what this means?
381. Do you need anything else?
382. Do you think it’s going to rain tomorrow?
383. Do you think it’s possible?
384. Don’t do that.


385. Isolated rural locations.
386. I’m leaving. I’ve had enough of all this nonsense!
387. Is your translation correct?
388. It comes to nothing.
389. I’m going out of my mind!
390. It’s raining cats and dogs.
391. It never rains but it pours.
392. I’m going to bed now – I’m beat.
393. I’m pretty hot at tennis.
394. If your job really sucks, leave it.
395. I’ve told you umpteen times.
396. If you don’t work hard, you’ll end up a zero.
397. I’m dying for a cup of coffee.
398. I’m not sure if you remember me.
399. I never miss a chance.
400. It’s all the same to me.

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