What Words Start with A – New English Words with Meaning

What Words Start with A – New English Words with Meaning

Welcome to your English words lesson: what words start with A? In this section, we will know which form of vocabulary, such as verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs ā€¦ along with its meaning. In addition, you can also learn more examples from those words. Come with English tivi to help you improve your vocabulary now!

List Words English Start with Meaning ā€“ Update 2021

ā€ It can be said that learning English is like building a building. You want to be good at communication, first of all, you must master basic English words. Here, English tivi will guide you in lessons to improve your basic English words and apply them in practical communication.ā€

List Words start with “A”

Words Starting With Letter A ā€“ Part 1

1AbandonverbTo give up completely, leave permanently, lack of inhibition.
2AbaseverbTo humiliate or degrade
3AbashedadjectiveEmbarrassed or ashamed
4AbateverbBecome less severe or widespread
5AbbreviateverbShorten a word or phrase
6AbdicateverbTo give up the throne, fail to carry on a duty
7AberrationnounDeviation from what is normal or acceptable
8AbetverbEncourage or help in wrong doing
9AbeyancenounIn temporary disuse or suspension
10AbhorverbDetest, hate
11AbjectadjectiveWretched, completely without pride, miserable
12AbjureverbRenounce a belief, claim, to give up ones right.
13AbideverbAccept or Obey a rule or decision
14AbominateverbTo detest, dislike strongly
15AbridgeverbShorten a text or film
16AbsolveverbClear of guilt or blame
17AbstruseadjectiveHard to understand
18AbysmaladjectiveVery bad, wretched
19AbyssnounA very deep hole, a bottomless pit
20AccedeverbAgree to a request or demand
21AccentuateverbMake more, emphasize
22AcclimatizeverbMake or become used to a new condition, to adapt or get used to
23AccoladenounThing given as a special honor or reward, award
24AccomplicenounA person who helps another commit a crime, a partner in crime
25AccostverbApproach and speak to,
26AccoutrementnounAn extra item or dress or equipment
27AccreditedadjectiveApproved, certified, officially authorized
28AcerbicadjectiveSharp and direct
29AcquaintverbMake aware of, to inform, to make familiar with
30AcquitverbDeclare to be not guilty, behave in a particular way

Words Starting With Letter A ā€“ Part 2

31AcridadjectiveUnpleasant, bitter, sharp (as in speech)
32AcrimonynounAngry and bitter, harshness of
33AcronymnounA word formed from the first letters of other words.
34AcumennounKeenness of mind, insight, shrewdness
35AdagenounA proverb, an old saying
36AdamantadjectiveRefusing to change one's mind, unyielding, inflexible
37AddendumNounA section added to a book, something added as a supplement
38AddledadjectiveConfused, muddled
39Ad hocadjective and adverbCreated or done for a particular purpose only, specially arranged for a purpose
40Ad infinitumadverbEndlessly, for ever
41AdjureverbTo command, urge, to ask earnestly to appeal vehemently
42AdventnounAn arrival, coming,
43Ad-libverbSpeak without preparing first, improvise
44AdmonishverbReprimand, to warn, reprove firmly
45AdonounTrouble, fuss
46AdroitadjectiveClever, skillful
47AdulationnounExcessive admiration, servile flattery
48AdversitynounDifficulty, misfortune, troubled state
49AegisnounProtection, support, shield
50AffableadjectiveGood natured and friendly, pleasant
51AffectationnounArtificial or pretentious behavior
52AffirmverbState firmly or publicly, to state positively, to confirm
53AffrontnounInsult, offend
54AfootadverbGoing on
55AgileadjectiveAble to move quickly and easily, agility
56AlacritynounEager enthusiasm, willingness
57AlbeitconjunctionThough, although
58AlgorithmnounA step by step procedure for calculations, a special way of solving mathematical problem.
59AlienateverbCause to make unfriendly. to distance oneself
60AllayverbLessen fears, to calm, quieten

Words Starting With Letter A ā€“ Part 3

61AllegiancenounLoyal support, loyalty, devotion (to duty, country)
62AlleviateverbLessen pain or distress, to lessen or relieve
63AllocateverbAllot or assign, to set apart for a specific purpose
64AlludeverbTo refer to briefly or indirectly
65AltercationnounAn angry or heated argument
66AmbidextrousadjectiveAble to use either hand equally well, or with equal ease
67AmbiguousadjectiveUnclear, having more than one meaning
68AmbivalencenounSimultaneous conflicting feelings, mixed feelings
69AmiableadjectiveFriendly, likeable, good natured
70AmicableadjectiveFriendly, peaceful
71AnagramnounA word or a phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another.
72AnalogynounComparison, a partial similarity
73AnathemanounSomething that one hates, anything greatly detested
74AnecdotenounA short, entertaining true story
75AnimositynounFeeling of hatred or dislike
76AnomalynounSomething differing from what is standard or normal, departure from the usual
77AntagonismnounOpen hostility, opposition
78AntecedentnounThat which goes before something else, previous
79AntipathynounStrong dislike
80ApathynounLack of interest or enthusiasm, lack of emotion
81AplombnounCalm, self confidence, poise
82AppendagenounA thing attached to something larger or more important
83AppositeadjectiveVery appropriate, fitting
84AppraiseverbAssess the quality or value of, evaluate
85AppriseverbInform, notify
86AproposprepositionWith reference to, in connection with
87ArchetypenounA typical example, an original model
88ArchivesnounA collection of historical documents or records
89ArdentadjectiveEnthusiastic, passionate
90ArticulateadjectiveFluent and clear in speech, speak or express distinctly or clearly

Words Starting With Letter A ā€“ Part 4

English Vocabulary List ā€“ Sentence Examples of Words Used

The English Vocabulary ListĀ includes the most commonly used word with over 2,000 of the most frequently used words in spoken English and provides example sentences using that word.
91ArtificenounClever devices or tricks, especially used to deceive
92AskanceadverbTo look with suspicion, disapproving look
93AspersionnounDamaging or disparaging remarks, critical remarks
94AssiduousadjectiveDiligent, showing great care and thoroughness
95AssuageverbTo calm, make less severe, soothe, satisfy a desire
96AstuteAdjectiveShrewd, crafty
97AsunderadverbLiterally apart, into pieces
98AtoneverbMake amends for
99AttenuateverbMake thin or weaker, to lessen
100AttritionnounGradual wearing down, wearing away by or as by friction
101AtypicaladjectiveNot typical
102AudaciousadjectiveBold, daring
103AugmentverbTo increase, to make large in number
104AvaricenounGreed for wealth, greed for money
105AververbTo declare to be true, to assert, to declare to be the case
106AxiomnounA statement universally accepted as true
107ApprehendverbGrasp the meaning of, arrest
108ApostrophenounUsed to indicate either possession or the omission of letters or numbers
109AvuncularadjectiveKind and friendly towards an younger person
110AwryadjectiveAway from the expected course or position

What Words Start with B ā€“ New English Words with Meaning


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