What Words Start with M – New English Words with Meaning

What Words Start with M – New English Words with Meaning

Welcome to your English words lesson: what words start with M? In this section, we will know which form of vocabulary, such as verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs … along with its meaning. In addition, you can also learn more examples from those words. Come with English tivi to help you improve your vocabulary now!

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List Words start with “M”

STT Word TypeMeaning
1MachinationsnounPlots and scheming
2MacrocosmnounThe whole of a complex
3MagnanimousadjectiveGenerous or forgiving
4MagnatenounA wealthy and influential
5MagnetismnounThe ability to attract and charm people
6MagnitudenounGreat size or importance, size
8MandarinnounA powerful official
10MartinetnounA person who enforces strict discipline
11MalapropismnounThe mistaken use of a word in place of a similar-sounding word-mostly due to the slip of the tongue
12MalefactornounA wrongdoer
13MalevolentadjectiveWishing harm to others
14MalfunctionverbFail to function naturally
15MaladroitadjectiveClumsy, lacking skill, cleverness, or resourcefulness in handling situations
16MalicenounThe desire to harm someone
17ManifoldadjectiveMany and various
18ManipulateverbHandle or control skillfully
19ManeuververbA skillful movement, carefully planned scheme
20MarginaladjectiveOf or in a margin, slight, unimportant
21MasqueradenounA pretense
22MatrixnounA grid-like array of elements
23MaudlinadjectiveSentimental and full of self-pity
24MavericknounAn unconventional and independent-minded person
25MaximnounA sentence expressing a general truth or rule of behavior
26MayhemnounViolent disorder
27MeageradjectiveSmall in quantity
29MediocreadjectiveAverage or fairly low quality
30MeekadjectiveQuiet, gentle, and obedient
31MegaadjectiveInformal-huge, excellent
32MeleenounConfused fight, a disorderly crowd
33MellowadjectivePleasantly smooth or soft in sound, color, or taste
34MementonounAn object kept as a reminder
35MemoirnounA written account of events
36MenacenounA dangerous or troublesome person or thing
38MentornounAn experienced person acting as an advisor
39MerchandisenounGoods for sale
40MercurialadjectiveTending to change mood suddenly
41MergernounA merging of two organizations into one
42MeritoriousadjectiveDeserving reward and praise
43MesmerizeverbCompletely capture the attention of
44MetaphornounThe figure of speech in which a word or phrase is used to represent or stand for something else (eg. food for thought)
45MeticulousadjectiveCareful and precise
46MettlenounSpirit and strength of character
47MilieunounA persons social environment
48MundaneadjectiveDull or routine
49MyriadnounA very great number
50MythnounAn imaginary person or thing


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