What Words Start with B – New English Words with Meaning

What Words Start with B – New English Words with Meaning

Welcome to your English words lesson: What words start with B? In this section, we will know which form of vocabulary such as verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs … along with its meaning. In addition, you can also learn more examples from those words. Come with English tivi to help you improve your vocabulary now!

List Words English Start with Meaning – Update 2021

” It can be said that learning English is like building a building. You want to be good at communication, first of all, you must master basic English words. Here, English tivi will guide you in lessons to improve your basic English words and apply them in practical communication.”

List Words start with “B”

Words Starting With Letter B – Part 1

BabbleverbTalk rapidly in a foolish or confused way
BacklognounA build-up of work, an accumulation or reserve
BadgerverbTo nag, annoy, pester
BalefuladjectiveMenacing, deadly, harmful
BanaladjectivePredictable and unoriginal, trite, commonplace
BanternounPlayful teasing, friendly teasing
BaritonenounA man's singing voice between tenor and bass
BarragenounA large number of questions or complaints, heavy attack
BashfuladjectiveShy, easily embarrassed
BaulkverbHesitate to accept, thwart or hinder
BawdyadjectiveIndecent, obscene,
BeaconnounA fire lit on a hill as a signal, a light acting as a signal for ships or aircraft.
BedlamnounA noisy confused place, any place or situation of noise and confusion
BefuddledadjectiveConfused, perplexed, muddled
BegrudgeverbTo resent another's a success, feel envious that someone possesses something
BeguileverbCharm, trick, to mislead or deprive of, to delight
BehestnounAt the request or order of, a command or earnest request
BeleaguerverbTo harass, under siege, in difficulties, annoy persistently
BenevolentadjectiveKindness, well-meaning, and kindly
BenignadjectiveKindly, good-natured
BequeathverbTo leave to another by one's will, leave property to someone by will
BerateverbTo scold severely, to scold angrily
BereaveverbTo leave in a sad or lonely state, as by death
BereftadjectiveWithout, lonely and abandoned
BerserkadjectiveIn or into a violent rage or frenzy
BesiegeverbTo overwhelm, surround a place with armed forces
BesmirchTo soil, to damage one's reputation
BibliographynounA list of books referred to in a written work, list of books in a particular subject
BibliophilenounA person who loves to collect books,
BigotnounA prejudiced and intolerant person, one who holds blindly and intolerantly to a particular opinion

Words Starting With Letter B – Part 2

English Vocabulary List – Sentence Examples of Words Used

The English Vocabulary List includes the most commonly used word with over 2,000 of the most frequently used words in spoken English and provides example sentences using that word.
BionicadjectiveVery strong, skillful, electronically powerful
BizarreadjectiveVery strange, unusual, odd, grotesque
BlandishnounFlattery intended to persuade or coax, to cajole, to flatter
BlaseadjectiveUnimpressed with something through over familiarity, satiated, bored
BlasphemyverbProfound abuse of god or sacred things, speak irreverently
BlatantadjectiveBoldly conspicuous or obtrusive
BlearyadjectiveDull and unfocused, dim or blurred
BlemishnounA small mark or flaw, to mar or spoil (verb), a defect
BlendverbTo mix smoothly, merge well
BogusadjectiveFalse, fake
BoisterousadjectiveNoisy, lively and high spirited
BolsterverbSupport or strengthen
BraggartnounA boastful person
BrainchildnounA particular persons idea or invention
BrandishverbWave something as a threat or on anger or excitement
BravoexclamationWell done
BravuranounGreat skill and enthusiasm
BreachverbBreak a rule or agreement, a violation, gap
BrevitynounConcise and exact use of words, shortness of time, briefness
BroachverbRaise a subject for discussion , to start a discussion of
BrowbeatverbTo intimidate
BrusqueAdjectiveRough and abrupt in manner of speech, offhand
BucolicadjectiveRural, rustic, of country life
BugbearnounSomething causing irritation or anxiety source of annoyance or fear
BuoyantadjectiveAble to float cheerful
BureaucratnounA government official , one who follows guidelines rigidly
BurlyadjectiveLarge and strong (of a man)
BustleverbMove energetically or noisily, excited activity,
BygoneadjectiveBelonging to the past
BywordnounA notable example of something, a saying

What Words Start with C – New English Words with Meaning


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