What Words Start with E – New English Words with Meaning

What Words Start with E – New English Words with Meaning

The collection of English words beginning with the most common letter E shared with you by English tivi is definitely a solid foundation to reinforce a diverse, rich, and advanced new source of English words. Your proficiency in listening – speaking – reading – writing.

Accumulating a certain amount of vocabulary for yourself is important and essential. Join us to learn new English words and their meanings starting with the letter E through the article below right now!

English Words starting with E

STT Word TypeMeaning
1EarnestadjectiveVery serious, sincere intent
2EavesdropverbSecretly listening to a conversation
3EbbverbGradually lessen, at a low ebb- in a poor or unhappy state of mind
4EbullientadjectiveCheerful and full of energy, enthusiastic, vivacious
5EccentricadjectiveUnconventional and strange
6EclecticadjectiveDeriving ideas or style from a wide range of sources
7EdgyadjectiveTense, irritable
8EffaceverbMake oneself appear inconspicuous, to wipe out
9EffronterynounInsolence or impertinence
10EffusiveadjectiveExpressing pleasure or approval in an unrestrained way
11EgocentricadjectiveSelf centered, selfish
12ElannounEnergy and flair, spirited self assurance
13ElatedadjectiveVery happy and excited
14EllipsisnounThe omission of words in speech or writing, a set of dots indicating this
15EloquencenounFluent or persuasive speaking or writing
16ElucidateverbTo make something clear; explain,
17EludeverbCleverly escape from or avoid, fail to be understood by, be unattainable by
18EmanateverbIssue from a source, to come forth
19EmbattledadjectiveBeset by problems or difficulties
20EmbitteredadjectiveBitter or resentful
21EminencenounThe quality of being distinguished and respected, an important person
22EmolumentnounSalary or fee
23EmpiricaladjectiveBased on observation or experience rather than theory
24EmulateverbTry to equal or better than, surpass
25EncapsulateverbEnclose in or as if in a capsule, summarize
26EndeavourverbTry hard to achieve something, an attempt to achieve something, hard work
27EndorseverbDeclare approval of sign a cheque on the back
28EnervateverbCause to feel drained of energy
29EnigmanounA riddle, a mysterious person or thing
30EnnuinounBoredom, a feeling of weariness
31EnraptureverbDelight greatly
32EnsemblenounA group of performers a group of items viewed as a whole
33Enumerateverbmention item one by one
34EnunciateverbPronounce clearly, state fluently
35EnvisageverbSee as a possibility, imagine
36EpitomenounA perfect example,
37EquivocaladjectiveAmbiguous, uncertain, doubtful
38ErgonomicsnounThe study of people's efficiency in their working environment
39ErrantadjectiveDoing something wrong
40ErraticadjectiveUneven, irregular
42EruditeadjectiveVery learned, scholarly
43EspouseverbSupport or adopt a cause or way of life
44EstimableadjectiveWorthy of great respect
45EstrangedadjectiveNo longer close to or friendly with someone
46Et-alabbreviationAnd others
47EthicaladjectiveOf moral principles, morally correct,
48EtiquettenounThe code of polite behavior in a society
49EuphemismnounA less direct word used instead of an offensive or unpleasant one
50EuphorianounExcited happiness, a feeling of well being
51EvasiveadjectiveSeeking to evade or avoid something
52EvinceverbShow or indicate
53ExaggerateverbMake something seem greater than in reality
54ExasperateverbGreatly irritate
55ExcerptnounA short extract from a film, book or a piece of music
56ExemplaryadjectiveRepresenting the best of its kind, serving as a warning, serving as a model or example
57ExhortverbStrongly urge to do something, to urge earnestly
58ExigencynounA situation calling for immediate action, a pressing need or demand
59ExonerateverbDeclare free from blame, to prove guiltless
60ExorbitantadjectiveGoing beyond what is reasonable or just, unreasonably high,
61ExpediteverbHelp or hasten the progress of
62ExpendverbSpend or use up of resources
63ExpletivenounA swear word, a rude word expressing anger
64ExtolverbPraise enthusiastically, laud
65ExtrinsicadjectiveComing from outside
66ExuberantadjectiveLively and cheerful
67ExcisionnounCut out, pruning
68ExcoriateverbTo criticize severely, to denounce harshly
69EsotericadjectiveIntended for or understood by only a few people with specialized knowledge, hard to understand
70EschewverbDeliberately avoid doing


The above is a synthesis of the most common English words starting with the letter E. Hopefully, this article will partly help you learn English in general, as well as the application in communication in particular, becomes easier and more enjoyable. We wish you good study and success soon!

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