What Words Start with F – New English Words with Meaning

What Words Start with F – New English Words with Meaning

Learning vocabulary takes up a lot of your time, but sometimes the results are not as expected. Lack of vocabulary makes you unable to communicate; listening also becomes difficult and encounters too many barriers?
English words starting with the letter F have all 50 common words commonly used in communication. Let's learn about this topic in English tivi through the article below.

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English Words starting with F

STT Word TypeMeaning
1FabricateverbInvent untrue facts, construct, to make up (a story)
2FacetnounOne side of something with many sides, an aspect
3FacetiousadjectiveJoking especially at an inappropriate time, sarcastic, treating serious issues with inappropriate humor
4FacsimilenounAn exact copy of a document, a fax
5FactitiousadjectiveNot genuine
6Fait accomplinounA thing that has been done and cannot now be altered; something already done or in effect, making opposition or argument useless
7FallacynounA mistaken belief, unsound reasoning, misleading
8FastidiousadjectiveAttention to detail, very concerned about cleanliness
9FatuousadjectiveSilly and pointless, stupid
10Faux pasnounAn embarrassing social blunder, French origin-false step;
11FawnnounTry to gain favor by using flattery, to act slavishly submissive
13FeasibleadjectivePossible, able to be done
14FeatnounAn act requiring great courage, skill or strength
15FeebleadjectiveWeak, unconvincing
17FerociousadjectiveVery fierce or violent
18FerventadjectiveVery passionate
19FiasconounA ridiculous or humiliating failure, total disaster
20FibnounA trivial lie
21FickleadjectiveChangeable in one's loyalties, unstable
22FigmentnounA thing that exists only in the imagination
23FillipnounA stimulus or boost
24FinessenounElegant or delicate skill, tact, the ability to handle delicate situations diplomatically
25FinickyadjectiveFussy, detailed and fiddly
26FitfuladjectiveOccurring irregularly
27FixationnounAn obsession
28FlabbergastedadjectiveInformal-very surprised
29FlamboyantadjectiveVery confident and lively, garish
30FlairnounNatural ability or talent, stylishness
31FlauntverbDisplay ostentatiously
32FlawnounMark or spot that spoils something, a weakness, a mistake
33FlummoxverbBewilder, confuse, baffle, amaze, mystery
34Flexi-timenounA system of allowing flexible working hours
35FlinchverbMake a quick nervous movement from fear or pain
36ForfeitverbLose property or a right as a penalty for wrongdoing, , something lost as a penalty for crime, fault or neglect
37FortenounA thing for which someone has a particular talent, that which one does very well
38ForumnounA meeting or opportunity for an exchange of views
39FranticadjectiveWildly agitated, hurried and confused
40FraughtadjectiveFilled with, causing or feeling anxiety
41FrazzlenounInformal-an exhausted state
42FracasnounA noisy disturbance or quarrel
43FreneticadjectiveFast, energetic and disorganized
44FrivolousadjectiveOf little value, trivial, silly, not having any serious purpose or value, carefree and not serious
45FruitionnounThe fulfillment of a project or plan
46FulminateverbTo explode, express strong protest, to issue or pronounce with vehement denunciation
47FulsomeadjectiveExcessively flattering, of large size or quantity, disgusting especially because excessive
48FumbleverbUse the hands clumsily, deal with clumsily, an act of fumbling
49FurornounAn outbreak of public anger or excitement, a widespread commotion or uproar
50FurtiveadjectiveSecretively trying to avoid being noticed


The above is a synthesis of the most common English words starting with the letter F. Hopefully. This article will partly help you learn English in general and the application in communication in particular, becoming more accessible and more enjoyable. We wish you good study and success soon!

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