5 Tips on How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills?

5 Tips on How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills?

Improving your English speaking skills can be tough or daunting sometimes. With this introduction, I would like 5 Tips on how to improve their English speaking skills?

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5 Tips on How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills

Pay Attention to Grammar

Grammar is important in the English language. One of the most common challenges for learners of English is they make mistakes when it comes to grammar. Some students aren’t aware they make mistakes.

Students should be taught how to identify mistakes in English grammar and helped with correcting their written errors. Failing to fix these errors will cause problems for learners later down the road, both inside and outside of English class.

Practice Speaking in English

You’ve found that your fluency in English has improved tremendously after you started practicing speaking with native-speaking speakers.

You invest the time to talk to people all over the world using services like Skype or, even more convenient, Facebook Messenger. I also share things on social media with many people who don't know I am English.

There are several ways to improve your fluency in English. Using Duolingo or Babbel is a time-consuming task because you have to translate the word from your mother tongue into English. It's better to take lessons with an instructor where you can listen, speak and imitate by repeating what was said by the teacher – just like in role-playing games.

One good way to improve one’s vocabulary is by listening to podcasts or TED talks. Where you come up with different words which cannot be translated by definition.

Practice Speaking in English by going on a short course, some colloquial language exchange, attending some English classes at the weekend, joining some English-speaking social groups on Facebook, and also asking any family members who are fluent for assistance with their accent.

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Listen to Audio Books

What might be the best way to improve your English comprehension skills? If you take time to listen to English audiobooks, you can easily improve your listening and speaking skills.

There is a wide range of audiobooks in English that will suit your needs and reading level. Audiobooks require no visual cues and no visuals can break your immersion in the book.

The advantages of listening to the English audiobook:

  • Improve English comprehension
  • Gain near-perfect pronunciation
  • High-quality voice actors
  • There is something for everyone such as fiction, fiction, nonfiction.

Record Yourself Speaking and Analyze Your Habits

With recorded speech, you will be audibly demonstrating how you speak, not just the written word. This will help improve your overall speaking skills.

The best recorder app for android or iPhone will enable you to record vocals and voice-overs on your phone. There is some great voice recording apps on the market right now that may be worth considering. One popular piece of software is Speech Therapist this app can be used to improve your accent and dialects, articulate better by training word emphasis more smoothly, eliminate undesirable sounds like “th”, “f” or vocal fry, learn how to breathe while speaking or singing which is necessary for effective delivery of speeches or presentations with any type of power or energy desired with results comparable to years of coaching.

Join an English Speaking Community Online or Offline

People who want to practice and promote one's English skills can take advantage of various methods.
You might want to join an English-speaking community online (a discussion forum, social network group) or offline (at a cafe or walking with friends). Find English-speaking people and communicate with them. Do not overthink what they say. Analyze their accents and how they speak and react to build your English skills.

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