Ways to Speak & Practice English Every Day by Topics

Ways to Speak & Practice English Every Day by Topics

How can I speak English in an easy way?
Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing are the main skills you need to communicate in any language. Being very good at only one of these skills will not help you to communicate. For example, you need to be able to read well before you can write well. You also need to be able to listen before you can speak.
Therefore, today’s English tivi introduces Ways to Speak & Practice English Every Day by 50 Topics to help you be more speak English in an easy way.


Ways to Speak “Introductions”

1. Introduce yourself formally

I’d like to introduce myself
I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Jack Todd from Dynacore.

Let me introduce myself
Let me introduce myself. Dr. Steve Perkins.

How do you do?
How do you do? My name is Helen Byrne. I run the HR division.

Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you. John Bloor. We spoke on the phone last week.

I'm delighted to meet you
I'm delighted to meet you. My name is Jeffers.

2. Introduce yourself less formally

I’m Jack, Susan’s cousin.

Hi. Nice to meet you. I’m Susan but everyone calls me Sue.

Hello. Sam Patrick from Sales.

Jack, from Geneva.

My name is
My name is Liz, Liz Trevor.

3. Reply to a formal introduction

Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you, Colonel Wrigley.

Pleased to meet you
Pleased to meet you, Angela. I’m Dr. Slithers.

I’m delighted to meet you.
I’m delighted to meet you. Welcome to London.

How do you do?
How do you do? Have you had a good trip?

It’s an honor
It’s an honor, Ambassador.

4. Reply to an informal introduction

Hi. I’m Sam.

Hello. Andrew Damson.

Good to meet you too
Good to meet you too. I’m Sarah.

Lovely to meet you
Lovely to meet you. Would you like a drink?

How are you?
How are you? It’s good to get to know you at last!

5. Introduce yourself before a speech

I am
I am Dr. Jack Smith from Barcelona. I work at our R&D facility.

I’d like to introduce myself
I’d like to introduce myself. I am Steve Platt, Chief of Maintenance.

Let me introduce myself
Let me introduce myself. Tom Salinger.

My name is
My name is John Styles. I run Riversoft’s European operations.

I’m called
I’m called Roberta Woodall. Robbie to my friends.

6. Introduce people to the public

This is
This is Amy Stevens.

May I introduce?
May I introduce Sally Young? Sally’s our PR officer.

Let me introduce
Let me introduce John Oats. He will be joining our sales team.

I’d like you to meet
I’d like you to meet Dr. Li. She‟s the Head Surgeon at BC Hospital.

Have you already met Maria Jones?
Have you already met Maria Jones? She runs the Moscow office.

7. Say hello

Hi, John.

Hello. May I come in?

How are you?
How are you, Betsy?

Good morning
Good morning, Mr. Hendricks.

Nice to see you
Nice to see you again, Paul

Ways to Speak “Starting A Speech Or Meeting”

8. Signal the start of a speech

Right. Shall we start?
Right Ladies and Gentlemen. Shall we start with our presentation?

OK. Let’s get going.
OK, everybody. Let’s get going. We only have twenty minutes.

Right then. We are ready
Right then. We are ready. The first point in the agenda is cost-cutting.

Is everybody already here?
Fine. Is everybody here? Let’s get on then.

Time to begin
Well, time to begin. We’ll set off with an outline.

9. Start a meeting

Let's get started
Let's get the meetings started. John, would you like to begin?

We need to discuss
We need to discuss whether the campaign is aimed at the right target.

We will talk about
We will talk about the hazards involved in our Gulf of Mexico drilling.

What brings us here?
What brings us here today? The hope of finding solutions.

We will study
We will carefully study all the projects that were brought forward.

10. Introduce a summary

To put it briefly
To put it briefly, we have a problem with sales.

In a few words
In a few words, Chandler is leaving the company.

In a nutshell
In a nutshell, the contract will be finished next month.

To summarise
To summarise, we face an imminent strike in our Heathrow facilities.

It all comes down to
It all comes down to Sam's behavior at the warehouse.

11. Explain your purpose formally

The reason
The reason I traveled here is to discuss productivity.

My aim
My aim now is to increase sales in Britain.

What I’d like
What I’d like to do is appoint a new CFO.

My objective
My objective is to reduce advertising costs by at least ten percent.

We intend
We intend to redefine our marketing campaign.

12. Explain your purpose informally

I want to
I want to let you know I’ll stand by you.

I’d just like to
I’d just like to tell you that we’ll do what we can.

I’m here to
I’m here to talk about plant organization.

We’re going to
We’re going to spend all day reviewing our techniques.

I’ll put it simply.
I’ll put it simply. We must decide on what to do about Alex.

Ways to Speak “Presenting”

13. Present the first item

Let’s start by the beginning
Let’s start by the very beginning. France is our top priority.

First things first
First things first. Now we’ll discuss this week’s problem.

Item one
Item one in our agenda will be corporate responsibility.

Point A
Point A is our relationship with the government.

The opening issue
The opening issue today is worker benefits.

14. Present the next item

Let’s move onto
Let's move onto item two.

We can now
We can now discuss the next topic.

We need to go on
We need to go on. Chapter B deals with economics.

The next item
The next item on my list will only take a few minutes.

Shall we continue?
Shall we continue? The second subject concerns our own future.

15. Present evidence formally

I’d like you to see
I’d like you to see this graph.

Let me show you
Let me show you our new product line.

Please observe
Please observe how the new design is more aerodynamic.

If you watch
If you watch this video closely you’ll see it was filmed last year.

Have a look
Have a good look at this chart.

16. Present evidence less formally

Look here
Just look over here. This is the new tractor.

Can you see?
Can you see Joe? He's the third from the left.

Watch this
Watch this scene. Can you spot our product in the background?

We want you to see
We want you to see the difference between the old to the new edition.

Here you have
Here you have the first picture of my wedding.

17. Present data in order

Firstly, secondly and to end
Firstly we'll tackle costs; secondly, we'll view the balance sheet and, to end, we'll discuss this year's sales.

To start with, then and to conclude
Henry will start with a presentation. Then he'll answer questions and, to conclude, we will walk around the grounds so you can see the building.

Initially, next and finally.
We had initially planned to visit France. The next idea was to go to Spain – though we finally traveled nowhere.

In the first place, following on from and to finish
In the first place, we never asked her to represent us – so following on from that we decided to take her to court. Anyhow, we finished it all by reaching an agreement.

Let us begin by, afterward and last but not least
Let us begin by setting the goals. We can talk about the budget afterward and – last but not least – name a project coordinator.

18. Present apparently contrasting data

Although A seems fine, B is better
Although your proposal seems fine, John's is better.

In spite of the evidence, I’d like to say
In spite of the evidence, I'd like to say that you could be wrong.

We could opt for A. On the other hand
We could opt for option A. On the other hand, option B is also interesting.

I like your idea. However, I prefer
I like your new idea. However, I prefer to continue with the same plan.

Instead of praising
Instead of praising Jim, we should be worrying about his future.

Ways to Speak “Asking”

19. Ask for information

Could you please?
Could you please give me all the data you have?

Would you mind?
Would you mind informing me of the consequences?

I wonder if you could
I wonder if you could hand me the fact sheet on Dynacore.

What do you know about?
What do you know about Peter's background?

Do you have?
Do you have any information on the Lambeth Square project?

20. Ask for evidence

Could you provide?
Could you provide us with the hard facts?

Why don’t you?
Why don‟t you give us an example?

Can you illustrate that?
Can you illustrate that with a real-life case?

What evidence?
What evidence do you have?

How will you back that up?
How will you back up your proposal?

21. Ask for additional information

May we have?
May we have further details?

Could you elaborate on this?
Could you elaborate on how you intend to make this work?

Is there any additional?
Is there any additional aspect to consider before we vote?

We need more
We need more data. One projection is just not enough.

Could you provide?
Could you provide some extra information on the touch-screen market?

22. Ask for further details

Could you add?
Could you add more details to the second point, please?

Could we have more particulars?
Could we have more particulars on your experience in mechatronics?

Could you give us further details?
Could you give us further details on this scheme?

What else?
What else can you add to convince us better?

Any more information?
Do you have any more info or have you already shown us everything?

23. Ask about meals

Is it included in the price?
Is breakfast included in the price?

What time?
What time is dinner served?

Do you have a special menu?
Do you have a vegetarian menu at the restaurant?

Jim is intolerant to gluten
Jim is intolerant to gluten. Is there anything for people with celiac disease?

I’m allergic to
I’m allergic to nuts. Do you have any nut-free ice cream?

24. Ask how to contact

Could I contact you?
Could I contact you at the agency later on?

How do I get in touch with you?
How do I get in touch with you if I have a problem with the system?

How can I reach you?
How can I reach you at the weekend? I don’t have your home number.

What’s yours?
What’s your e-mail?

Could I have yours?
Could I have your office address, please?

25. Ask for clarification

What do you mean?
What do you exactly mean when you say taxes will be raised?

Could you clarify?
Could you clarify whether coffee is or isn’t good for you?

I didn’t understand
I didn’t quite understand that last step. Could we go over it again?

Could you explain?
Could you explain to me how that is going to work?

I don't follow you
I just don’t follow you. Why do you insist on discontinuing the line?

26. Ask for instructions

How do you?
How do you operate this machine?

What is the best way?
What would you say is the best way to start this letter?

Can you show me?
Can you please show me how to fill this form?

Do you know?
Do you know anything about taxes? Could you help me fill out my return?

How should I go about it?
How should I go about asking for a raise? Shall I speak to Jack first?

27. Ask for questions

Would you like to ask?
Would you like to ask anything?

Do you have any queries?
Do you have any queries about my presentation?

Is it clear?
Is everything clear?

I’m ready to answer
I’m ready to answer any questions you might have.

Is there anything you’d like?
Is there anything else you’d like me to explain?

28. Ask someone to speak

Would you like to come to the stand?
Lenny, would you like to come over to the stand?

Allow me to give the floor to
Allow me to give the floor to our next speaker.

I would like to invite
I’d like to invite Reverend Reynolds to give us his opinion.

I’d like to call on
I’d like to call on Dr. Richards. Are you here, Doctor?

I believe someone would like to make a point.
I believe James would like to make a point. What is it, James?

29. Ask someone to answer questions

Could you reply to that?
Edith, could you reply to that, please?

Would you care to question?
Would you care to question Mr. Jones? He’s better qualified.

I’d rather she answered to that
I’d rather Lorna answered that. Would you mind, Lorna?

Why don’t we ask?
Why don’t we ask Peter? He is an expert in shipping.

Let’s address this query to
Let’s address this query to Sam. Are you ready, Sam?

30. Ask for opinion

Can we get your input?
Can we get your input, Alex?

How do you feel about it?
How do you feel about lengthening the contract?

What’s your opinion?
What’s your opinion on wearing loafers to the meeting?

What do you think?
What do you think we should do with the Carnegie affair?

Do you have any suggestions?
Do you have any suggestions for this committee?

31. Ask about a company

What does your company do?
What exactly does your company do?

What are your main products?
What are your main products in the detergent category?

Which do you specialize in?
Which sector do you specialize in?

Which services do you provide?
Which services could you provide for us?

Where are you located?
Where are your headquarters located in Europe?

32. Ask about a product

Could you give me some information?
Could you give me some information on your services?

What can you tell me about?
What can you tell me about this dynamo?

What features does it have?
What features does this hydraulic press have?

What are the specifications?
What are the specifications of the switchboard?

Where can I buy it?
Where can I buy the MXC lava lamp?

33. Ask about price

What’s the price?
What’s the price for one thousand units?

How much does it cost?
How much does the whole system cost?

What do you charge?
What do you charge for a hundred grams?

Could you give me your fees?
Could you give me your fees for the high season, please?

What are you asking for this?
What are you asking for this vase? It can’t be very much …

34. Ask about responsibility

Who is in charge?
Who is in charge of operations?

Who is running?
Who is running the Saudi Arabia division now?

Under whose responsibility?
Under whose responsibility was the test conducted?

Who is accountable for this?
Who is accountable for this mistake?

Who will be blamed?
Who will be blamed? I'm sure it will be me!

35. Ask someone to wait

Would you mind waiting?
Would you mind waiting outside, please? There's a couch by the window.

Could you hold on?
Could you hold on? I'll finish this and shall be with you in a minute.

Just a second, please
Just a second, please. Yes, how can I help you?

Could you remain?
Could you remain here for a minute, please? I'll get the manager.

Just hang around
Just hang around for a while. I'll try to sneak you in through the back door.

36. Ask about waiting times

How long will?
How long will it be before you fix the leak?

Is he going to take a long time?
Is the Doctor going to take a long time?

How delayed?
How delayed is the flight?

Do you think we should wait?
Do you think we should wait? It's eleven and nothing has happened yet.

When will?
When will the speech end? I'm tired of sitting here!

37. Ask about delivery times

When could we receive it?
When could we receive the goods?

What are your shortest delivery times?
What are your shortest delivery times for Madagascar?

How long will it take to arrive?
How long will it take to arrive at our factory?

When can we count on having it?
When can we count on having it ready for shipping?

Could we get it by?
Could we get it into port by next Tuesday?

38. Ask about payment terms

What are your payment conditions?
What are your standard payment conditions?

Could we talk about payment terms?
Could we talk about payment terms later? I'm in a hurry now.

How do you normally get paid?
How do you normally get paid? We generally send a cheque.

Would a letter of credit be all right?
Would a letter of credit be all right? It's the best method.

What about paying in installments?
What about paying in installments? We do need some financing.

39. Ask for payment

When is your next payment date?
When is your next payment date? I can't wait forever.

When will my cheque be ready?
When will my cheque be ready? On Monday?

According to our records
According to our records you still owe us € 4,500.

Your installment is past due
Your monthly installment is past due. Do you have any problems?

When shall I pass by to collect?
When shall I pass by to collect? I do need the cash.

40. Ask for a physical description

How much does it weigh?
How much does this container weigh?

What does it look like?
What does the building look like?

How big is it?
How big are the offices?

How high is it?
How high is the whole structure?

What’s it made of?
What are the pens made of? Metal or plastic?

41. Ask about facilities

What does it include?
What does the rental contract include?

Is there?
Is there a crane we could rent? Our machines are very heavy.

Do the facilities have?
Do the facilities have a parking lot?

Is furniture provided?
Is furniture for the stand provided or do we have to bring our own?

What features?
What special features does the venue have?

42. Ask for directions

Where is?
Excuse me, where is the market?

How can I get it?
How can get from Bloor Street to Lambeth Square?

Could you give me directions?
Could you give me directions to the Royal Albert Hall?

What’s the best way to get reach?
What’s the best way to reach London? On the M1 or the M40?

Which route do you recommend?
Which route do you recommend from Burlington to Boston?

43. Ask about abilities

Could he?
Could he lead a team of ten experienced salesmen?

Are you able to?
Are you able to work under pressure?

How well do you?
How well do you know the UNIX system?

What about her?
What about her experience in public relations? Could she handle the press?

Do her skills include?
Do her skills include touch typing?

44. Ask for strengths & weaknesses

What are their strengths?
What are their mains strengths? Marketing? We can beat them there.

What do you do best?
What do you do best? I need to know before I help you write your CV.

Don’t they have any weak points?
Doesn’t this team have any weak points? Are they all great players?

What is she good at?
What is Betsy good at? Selling. She’s a pro at that.

Aren’t they vulnerable at all?
Aren’t they vulnerable at all? What if we reduce all our prices?

45. Ask about what is needed

What do you need?
What do you need a new plotter for?

What are the requisites?
What are the requisites? For instance, can a foreigner buy property here?

What is required?
What documents are required for the whole importation process?

Is this necessary?
Is it necessary to spend so much money on new equipment?

Is it a must?
Is a coffee machine a must? Can't we just all have tea at the office?

46. Ask to borrow

Could you lend me?
Could you lend me $100? I'm broke!

May I borrow it?
May I borrow your ski clothes? I'm going to Aspen this weekend.

Do you mind if I use it?
Do you mind if I use the Jeep this evening?

Will you let me have it?
Will you let me have your boat over the weekend?

I would need to use
I would need to use a Mac for the presentation. Do you have one?

47. Ask for permission

Could I?
Could I have a look at the new designs?

May I?
May I use your washroom?

Do you mind?
Do you mind if we borrow your printer for a couple of hours?

Is it okay?
It is OK to bring Lenny with me the next time?

Would it be all right?
Would it be all right for Dan to use your car tomorrow?

48. Ask for help politely

Could you help me?
Could you help me with this report?

Would you mind helping me out?
Would you mind helping me out? My math skills are not that good.

Could you possibly assist me?
Could you possibly assist me? I can't understand this ATM.

Can you spare a few minutes?
Can you spare a few minutes? I need a bit of support here.

Could I ask you for a favor?
Could I ask you for a favor? How does this program work?

49. Ask for help less politely

I could use your help.
I could use your help. Can't you see I'm carrying heavy boxes?

I need some help
I need some help. I know you understand this better than I do.

Help! Can anyone explain Economics to me?

I need a favor
I need a favor. Do you see those books? Can you bring them down?

Could you lend me a hand?
Could you lend me a hand? I tried to fix this by myself but couldn't.

50. Ask about projects

What are yours?
What are your current projects in the solar energy sector?

What are you developing?
What is the R&D department developing nowadays?

What are your initiatives?
What are your initiatives in the field?

What are you up to?
What exactly are you up to? A new type of windmill?

Have you come up with anything?
Have you come up with any exciting new ideas recently?

51. Ask for the purpose

Why do we need another flavor? We already manufacture forty-one!

What can you use this for?
What can consumers use this product for?

What does it do?
What does this new engine do that makes it more efficient?

What is the purpose?
What's the purpose of hiring new salespeople if demand is slow?

Could you explain the object?
Could you explain the object of calling for yet another meeting?

52. Ask about jobs

What do you do?
What do you do? I’m a teacher.

What business are you in?
What business are you in? Stocks? Bonds? Mutual funds?

What’s your line of work?
What’s your exact line of work? All I know is that you’re an engineer.

What’s your job?
What’s your job? Are you in the advertising world too?

Where do you work?
Where do you work? Also at Dynacore? Well, this is a coincidence!

53. Ask about present activities

What's up?
What’s up? Why have the lines stopped production?

What's happening?
What’s happening in Detroit? Haven’t they finished the assignment yet?

What are you working on?
What are you working on now? Still on the MRT routine?

Anything new?
Anything new in the merchandising world?

What’s the current situation?
What’s the current situation in the metrology field?

54. Ask about the future

What are your plans?
What are your plans for next year?

What’s your projection?
What’s your projection on developments in the field?

What’s your forecast?
What’s your forecast for this coming season?

What do you expect?
What do you expect will happen once Murphy takes office?

What do you anticipate?
What do you anticipate? Will the new model outsell the old one?

55. Ask for a substitute

Could you replace me?
Could you replace me tomorrow? I've got an appointment with the dentist.

Would it be possible for you to take over?
Would it be possible for you to take over from me? I don't feel well.

You might have to stand in for
You might have to stand in for Colum. He has to travel to Ireland.

We need a substitute
We need a substitute teacher for a few days. Could you come in?

Can you take my place?
Can you take my place for an hour? I'm meeting Ian at the station.

56. Ask for an explanation

Could you explain?
Could you explain your reasons for delivering the goods late?

How can you justify it?
How can you justify this price increase?

I don't understand why
I don't understand why we always have problems with quality.

Why is it that?
Why is it that you're charging us a commission?

How come?
How come your cheque always gets lost in the post?

57. Ask for repetition

Sorry, I didn't catch that
Sorry, I didn't catch your last sentence. It's too noisy here.

I missed that. Could you repeat it, please?
I missed your explanation. Could you repeat it, please?

Pardon? I didn't get what you said about Harvey.

Excuse me
Excuse me. Could you read that once again, please?

What did you say?
What did you say? I think I understood you wrongly.

What was that again?
What was that again? I'm afraid I'm a bit deaf.

58. Ask for solutions

What should we do?
What should we do now?

How can we work it out?
How can we work it out? Do you think you have the answer?

What’s the way?
What’s the best way to solve this crisis?

What is the solution?
What is the solution? Shall we reset the system?

How do we?
How do we fix the engine?

59. Ask for confirmation

Do you actually mean that?
Do you actually mean that Dynacore will be taken over?

Is it true that?
Is it true that Jo is leaving?

Are you certain about this?
Are you completely certain that these figures are right?

Is it sure?
Is the takeover sure?

Are you one hundred percent positive?
Are you one hundred percent positive? If so, we'll buy the stock.

60. Ask to comment

Could I make a point here?
Could I make another point here? Apart from being expensive, the car is ugly.

I’d like to add
I’d like to add that Malone has generally been right in his forecasts.

Could I say something?
Could I say something about Hugh’s proposal?

May I interrupt?
May I interrupt you for a minute, Jessica?

I’d like to make a comment.
I’d like to make a quick comment. We need to finish in ten minutes.

61. Ask for contribution from others

What do you think?
What do you think about this proposal?

Would you like to add?
Would you like to add anything, Cynthia?

Has anyone else got anything?
Has anyone else got anything to contribute?

Are there any more?
Are there any more comments?

How do you feel?
How do you all feel about this issue?

62. Ask for pronouncement

Where do you stand?
Where do you stand regarding Liam's attitude? Are you for or against him?

Whose side are you on?
Whose side are you on? Ours or theirs?

Who do you intend to back?
Who do you intend to back? Frank or Russ?

Which one do you agree with?
Which line of thought do you agree with, Malcolm?

Make up your mind, please.
Make up your mind, please. You have to choose between Eric and me.

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Ways to Speak “Correcting”

63. Correct misunderstanding

There’s a misunderstanding
I’m afraid there’s been a misunderstanding. I said Mrs. Figgs, not Mrs. Pigs.

This isn’t what I meant
This isn’t quite what I meant. Sales diminished but didn’t plummet.

I don’t think you’ve understood
I don’t think you’ve actually understood me. I am not against you.

It was not my intention
It was not my intention to offend you. I am sorry.

I’m sorry about the confusion
I’m sorry about the confusion. I thought Taylor was only a woman’s name.

64. Correct what's wrong

That is not right
Sorry, that is not quite right. Toronto is not the capital of Canada.

It’s wrong
It’s all wrong. Can’t you see the formula’s incorrect?

You’ve made a mistake
You’ve made a mistake so it’s your turn to set matters right.

That needs correction
Those figures need correction. We need to add variable costs.

This is different to
This is different from what we had agreed. You must change it.

Ways to Say “Conducting A Meeting”

65. Keep a meeting in order

We can’t all speak at once.
We can’t all speak at once. Heather, you start.

Let’s concentrate on
Let’s concentrate on the agenda for the day.

Shall we take turns?
Shall we take turns? We can vote one by one.

Please lower your voice.
Please lower your voice. You won’t convince anyone by shouting.

Will you let Maria speak?
Jason, will you let Maria speak? She has important things to say.

66. Keep a meeting in track

That’s another subject
Finance is another subject altogether. Now we’ll just talk about sales.

We can’t discuss that issue
We can’t discuss that issue today. It’s not on the agenda.

That's outside the scope
That’s outside the scope of our meeting so we’ll leave it for now.

Let's get back on track
Let’s get back on track. We’re wasting too much time.

We’re digressing
We’re digressing. I want to stick to the main subject.

67. Come back to a topic

Now, where were we?
Now, where were we? Yes, prime time ratings.

What were we saying?
What were you saying when Carol interrupted us?

As I was explaining
As I was explaining before lunch, higher prices don't always deter buyers.

Return to
Let's return to point five: Clay Corporation.

This leads us back to
This leads us back to the subject we were discussing yesterday.

68. Postpone an issue

We’ll defer
We’ll defer the matter till we have all the relevant information.

Let’s leave
Let’s leave this issue aside for the time being.

It’s too late to
It’s too late to discuss advertising today. We’ll have more time tomorrow.

Shall we leave it for?
Shall we leave the final decision for this afternoon’s session?

Let’s postpone
Let’s postpone the discussion till everyone has arrived.

69. Focus on the main issue

The major
The only major problem we need to solve is absenteeism.

Our primary concern is
Our primary concern isn't only increased sales but better quality as well.

What is the real issue?
What's the real issue? Managers are not committed to their jobs.

The most important
The most important hurdle of this negotiation is to convince Mr Lewis.

We really need
We really need to look after our workforce.

70. Emphasise on a point

This is a key issue
Labour relations are a key issue now.

I’d like to emphasize on
I’d like to emphasize point three of my presentation.

This is highly significant
Norah’s attitude is highly significant. She’s certainly against us.

This is vital
Turning a profit this year is vital if we wish to survive.

It’s imperative
It’s imperative to solve this problem now.

71. Play down a point

This is a minor issue
This is a minor issue. Price is the main concern.

This is of secondary importance
This is of secondary importance if we compare it with our real problem.

Who cares?
Who cares about PR when the whole business is in danger?

It’s irrelevant
His view is irrelevant, completely worthless.

It’s not significant
This matter is not significant at all. Let’s move onto what is crucial.

72. Slow down a meeting

Before we move on
Before we move on I believe we should hear Jackie’s point of view.

Wait a minute
Wait a minute. We haven’t discussed the forecast yet.

Shouldn’t we postpone?
Shouldn’t we postpone the decision till Lindsay is back from her office?

Not so fast
Not so fast. We haven’t finished our coffee yet!

Take it easy
Take it easy. What’s the hurry? We have the whole weekend ahead of us.

73. Move the meeting forward

Shall we proceed to the next point?
Shall we proceed to the next point? There are ten items on the agenda.

We need to solve it today
We do need to solve it today. Tomorrow’s Sabbath in Israel.

Let’s move on
Let’s move one. Time is money.

I don’t have all morning
I don’t have all morning. Make up your minds now!

Hurry up
Hurry up, please. We can’t waste more time on this.

Ways to Speak “Changing Topics”

74. Change topics formally

Incidentally, may I mention that?
Incidentally, may I mention that Hutchinson called today?

An alternative to consider
An alternative point to consider is the effect of this decision on our image.

While we are on the subject
While we are on the subject, I'd like to inform you that Jo is ill today.

On quite another matter
On quite another matter, battery life is still a major concern.

Could we now deal with it?
Could we now deal with our plans for the Geneva summit?

75. Change topics less formally

By the way
By the way, it rained quite a bit yesterday.

Can we move on?
Can we move on to our plans for dinner?

To bring up something else
To bring up something else, Max came to the office yesterday.

Now is time to
Now is the right time to talk about the new site. Tomorrow will be too late.

There’s another issue we have to deal with
There’s another issue we have to deal with – losses in the chemistry area.

76. Change topics informally

I don’t want to
I don’t want to talk about football anymore. What are the plans for tonight?

It has just crossed my mind
It has just crossed my mind that Billy won’t be able to come.

Changing subject
Changing the subject, did you see Dudley yesterday?

Before I forget
Before I forget, how did Jack and Edith get on?

We’ve had enough
We’ve had enough of you talking about golf. What’s the next point?

Ways to Speak “Interrupting”

77. Interrupt very politely

Er, I think Joan is already here.

Sorry, I never meant that.

Actually, it was Geraldine who arrived late.

Excuse me
Excuse me, that seems taking matters too far.

May I have a word?
May I have a word? Nothing will stop the Mirror from running the story.

78. Interrupt politely

Can I make a comment?
Can I make a comment? Mike was never involved in this.

May I come in here?
May I come in here? In fact, new laptops tend to be lighter, not heavier.

May I interrupt?
May I interrupt? I do have something relevant to disclose.

Could I say something?
Could I say something? If we want lower costs we need other suppliers.

Sorry to interrupt
Sorry to interrupt, but someone's phone is ringing.

79. Interrupt strongly

Please listen to me
Please listen to me. It is important.

Do you mind if I jump in here?
Do you mind if I jump in here? I have to leave in five minutes.

I don't mean to intrude, but
I don't mean to intrude, but Stephen is not exactly reliable.

Can I add something?
Can I add something? WTR Ltd should be able to supply us.

What are you trying to say?
What are you trying to say? I never accepted a gift from a client.

80. Interrupt very strongly

What are you getting at?
What are you getting at? Can’t you see you’ll only cause trouble?

Will you let me speak?
Will you let me speak? You are not the only person here.

Won’t you let me give an opinion?
Won’t you let me give my own opinion? I demand the right to speak.

Will, you shut up for a minute, please?
Will you shut up for a minute, please? Don’t you see everyone’s fed up?

Can’t you be quiet?
Can’t you be quiet for a moment, for goodness sake?

81. Avoid interruption

Perhaps we could leave that for later on?
Perhaps we could leave that for some other moment.

Will you let me finish?
Will you let me finish? You can object when your turn comes up.

I’d rather go on with
I’d rather go on with the current subject as we’re a bit pressed for time.

Would you so be so kind as to let me finish?
Would you be so kind as to let me finish? I never interrupted your speech.

Would you mind not interrupting?
Would you mind not interrupting all the time?

82. Allow interruption

Let’s hear
Let’s hear what Virginia has to say.

You may speak
Of course, you may speak, Sylvie.

Please go ahead.
Please go ahead, Diana. What is so urgent?

We’d be delighted
We’d be delighted to hear your doubts, Paul. Please go ahead.

You’re not interrupting
You’re not interrupting at all. Everyone is free to share their opinions.

Ways to Speak “Agreeing & Disagreeing”

83. Check for consensus

Do we agree?
Do we agree that suing Dynacore is the only solution?

Do we all share?
Do we all share the same belief?

Are you all with me?
Are you all with me? We need unanimity to approve this rule.

Is there anyone who?
Is there anyone who has a different point of view?

Shall we pass?
Shall we pass the motion? Good.

84. Agree with opinions

Exactly! You couldn’t have used better words.

That's how I feel
That’s exactly how I feel as well.

I have to agree
I have to agree with you. There seems to be no other possibility.

I never thought about it that way before
I never thought about it that way before. It’s an excellent idea.

You’ve found
I think you’ve found the right solution.

85. Disagree partially

I see your point of view, but
I can see your point of view, but winter is very cold in Montreal.

You might be right. However
You might be right. However, how can we tell for sure?

You have a good point, though
You have a good point, though Anthony is also right.

You could say that, but
You could say that, but who buys ice cream in winter?

Up to a point I agree. Nevertheless
Up to a point I agree. Nevertheless, I feel James has a sounder approach.

86. Disagree strongly

I don’t agree
I don’t agree with you at all.

You’re not right.
You’re not right. Everything you said is wrong.

It’s not what I believe
It’s not what I believe and I will not back you.

I don’t think so
I don’t think so. Why don’t you change strategy?

That’s not such a good idea
That’s not such a good idea. Fiona tried it and it never worked.

87. Disagree less strongly

I’ve got another
I’ve got another point of view.

I wouldn’t do that
I wouldn’t do that. I would never sell a car to buy a motorcycle.

I’m afraid I can’t see it
I’m afraid I can’t see it that way.

Don’t get me wrong
Don’t get me wrong but no one here shares your views.

I’m not so keen
I’m not so keen on your strategy. It seems too complicated.

88. Disagree politely

I don't mean to be rude
I don’t mean to be rude but Bahia is north of Rio, not south.

This may sound
This may sound offensive but it is not my intention to hurt anyone.

Correct me if I'm wrong
Correct me if I’m wrong but I think cell phone sales have remained flat.

I hate to bring this up
I hate to bring this up, but Brigitte never studied Marketing.

There’s another way
There’s another way round this. Why not try the Beta system?

89. Soften disagreement

I’m afraid
I’m afraid your models are a bit dated.

I’m sorry
I’m sorry but I can‟t agree with you.

Even though I respect your
Even though I respect your position I must dissent.

I know you’ve tried your best
I know you’ve tried your best, but your assumptions are wrong.

It’s a great idea
It’s a great idea but we there’s another way to do it.

Ways to Speak “Reservation”

90. Express reservation

I have some reservations
I have some reservations. How much is all this going to cost?

Maybe we should reflect
Maybe we should reflect on this a bit more.

I’m worried
I’m rather worried about the rate of return.

I can’t help
I can’t help feeling that we’ve forgotten something.

I’d like to express my doubts
I’d like to express my doubts. You don’t even have a business plan!

Ways to Speak “Explaining”

91. Reassure

There’s no cause for concern
There’s no cause for concern. The pilot is very experienced.

Let me assure you
Let me assure you that your money is safe.

We have no fears
We have no fears. Our team will win.

There will be no problem
There will be no problem. I’ve made bookings for every night.

Nothing can go wrong
Nothing can go wrong, Mr Murphy. Everything’s under control.

Ways to Speak “Compromise”

92. Offer compromise

Only if
We're ready to go along only if Wren leads the project.

On condition that
We'll keep the factory open on condition there are no more strikes.

They won't let us import the machine unless we can prove we need it.

The product is guaranteed, provided you make regular use of it.

As long as
We will accept as long as you sign all the papers today.

Ways to Speak “Repeatition & Understanding”

93. Repeat in other words

In other words
In other words, he is not fit enough to run the business.

What I mean is
What I mean is that production can't increase without overtime.

What I'm trying to say
What I'm trying to say is that, unfortunately, we'll have to pay a fine.

What I wanted to explain
What I wanted to explain was that the auditors were misinformed.

Let me put this another way
Let me put this another way: you are not welcome in this club.

94. Check understanding formally

Do you understand?
Do you understand what I mean?

Do you know?
Do you know what I'm saying?

Can you see?
Can you see what I'm trying to get at?

Have I made that clear?
Have I made that clear enough?

Are you following?
Are you following me?

95. Check understanding informally

Do you get the picture?
Do you now get the picture? It's not so difficult after all.

Are you with me?
Are you with me? I thought you were not listening.

Is it crystal clear?
Is it crystal clear? You don't have any doubt, do you?

Got it?
Got it? It's very easy once you've heard the explanation.

Have you figured it out?
Have you figured it out? I can re-read the formula if you wish.

96. Show that you understand formally

I see
I see. First you lift the lever and then you turn the knob.

I understand
I understand. Assets and liabilities must all add up.

That’s clear
That’s clear, Susanne. No need to repeat it.

I get it
I get it. Algebra’s so logical.

I’ve grasped
I’ve grasped the explanation from beginning to end.

97. Show that you understand informally

I follow you
I follow you. It isn't very hard.

I get the picture
I get the picture. You walk in first and I'll go in afterward.

Understood. What's next?

I catch it
I catch it. It isn't difficult at all.

Clear as water. Let's go on.

98. Show that you don‟t understand formally

I don't understand
Sorry, I don't understand anything you say.

What do you mean?
What do you mean when you say time is just another dimension?

I can’t follow you
I can't follow you. Could you speak more slowly, please?

I'm not sure I get what you mean
I'm not sure I get what you mean. Is branding part of a promotion?

Let me check if I heard you correctly
Let me check if I heard you correctly. Jack is selling his company?

99. Show that you don't understand informally

I don’t get it.
I don’t get the advantage. What makes it different to ours?

I’m not following you
I’m just not following you. I always get lost when you speak about rugby.

What was that?
Sorry, what was that? I wasn’t paying attention.

I can’t get the hang of
I can’t get the hang of this game. The bridge is so complicated!

It’s double Dutch to me
It’s double Dutch to me. You’d better explain it to Pauline.

Ways to Speak “Instructions”

100. Give instructions – start

Before beginning
Before beginning make sure the mains are turned off.

The first step
The first step is to find out where the to short-circuit happened.

I would start by
I would start by analyzing the charts.

We’ll set off
We’ll set off by working at the far end of the garden.

To begin with
To begin with, write a business plan.

101. Give instructions – continue

After that
Immediately after that you should ask for an appointment with Dr Thayne.

The following stage
The following stage is to make sure you have enough cash.

The next thing
The next thing will be to ask Horace to help you.

Once you've
Once you've gone through the first step you must tackle the second one.

When that is over
When the introduction is over you'll be ready to continue with the rest.

102. Give instructions – finish

The last stage
The last stage is the easiest.

At the end
At the end, you should check that the cables are well connected.

To finish
To finish you just need to turn the switch on.

The closing step
The closing step is the easiest. Just lock the latch.

We’ll wrap up
We’ll wrap up the whole process by resetting the system.

Ways to Speak “Good & Bad News”

103. Introduce good news

I am delighted
I am delighted to inform you that you’ve won the first prize.

It’s a pleasure
It’s a pleasure to announce that ClaraVision will be our new ad agency.

You’ll be thrilled
You’ll be trilled to hear that Gretel is returning next week.

I’m very pleased
I’m pleased to let you know that our company has grown substantially.

I have good news
I have good news. Hopper has accepted our proposal!

104. Introduce bad news formally

We regret to
We regret to inform you that your program has been discontinued.

I'm sorry
I'm sorry but I have to let you know that we will not participate.

I'm afraid it
I'm afraid it won‟t be possible for us to finance your venture.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take on such a high risk.

After careful consideration
After careful consideration, we have decided not to publish your novel.

105. Introduce bad news informally

I have some bad news
I have some bad news for you. Hans is leaving.

I hate to tell you
I hate to tell you this, but they’ve given your project to Enid.

I don’t know how to say
I don’t know how to say this, but Heather insisted I should.

I feel sorry
I feel sorry but there’s little we can do.

It’s a shame
It’s a shame but nobody will be there to receive you.

106. Express condolence

I was sorry to hear
I was sorry to hear about Mr. Sloan. He will be missed by all of us.

I’d like to extend my sympathy
I’d like to extend my sympathy to you and to your family.

We were sad to learn
We were sad to learn that Mrs. Finn passed away.

I’d like to express my bereavement
I’d like to express my bereavement for the loss of such a valued person.

My condolence
Our condolence over the death of such an esteemed member of your team.

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Ways to Speak “Complaints”

107. Complain strongly

I’d like to file a complaint
I’d like to file a complaint with your manager.

I’m not satisfied
I’m not at all satisfied with your attitude.

We deserve better
We deserve a better service.

I’m not used to
I’m not used to such impolite behavior.

I’m sorry to have to
I’m sorry to have to say this, but the food today wasn’t good at all.

108. Complain less strongly

I don’t want to sound critical but
I don’t want to sound critical but your employees should be better trained.

I’m sorry to bother you
I’m sorry to bother you but I must tell you something you won‟t like.

Excuse me if I seem out of line
Excuse me if I seem out of line but I think you should change your attitude.

There may be a misunderstanding
There may have been a misunderstanding. I said ham, not jam!

Don’t get me wrong
Don’t get me wrong but I do believe you should improve the packaging.

109. Reply to complaint

We are sorry
I’d like to say we are sorry for the inconvenience. Here’s your refund.

I’d like to apologize
I’d like to apologize for Jim’s behavior. We will take disciplinary action.

I regret
I regret to inform you that we cannot return your money.

We’ll do our best to settle the matter
We’ll do our best to settle the matter to your satisfaction, sir.

We’ll solve this affair
We’ll solve this affair once and for all. Please come with me.

110. Express something sure

This will surely happen.

Daphne will definitely replace Ethel next month.

Without any question
There is no question that Dynacore will be taken over by Riversoft.

The building will doubtlessly be finished this November.

We will certainly increase our turnover within the next quarter.

111. Express something probable

It will probably take place next summer.

The festival is not likely to happen.

It seems
It seems that Sean will be joining us after all.

Apparently the prototype will be ready by Monday.

On the face of it
On the face of it, everything seems to be running smoothly.

112. Express something possible

It is, of course, possible to give you a discount if you increase volume.

Can we conceivably believe that you will not make another mistake, Tom?

The project is perfectly feasible. We only need financing.

We do agree that it is viable. Now, is it possible with only three men?

The plan is doable. Ask Mr Danton, who has all the figures.

113. Express something improbable

It is improbable that she will finish before the deadline.

Success seems doubtful. Who would back this adventure anyway?

A deal looks unlikely. Neither party wants to give in.

I have my doubts
I have my doubts about this business ever happening.

I’m unsure
I’m unsure. There are less than thirty percent chances of winning.

114. Express something impossible

It's impossible for Greg to arrive on time. His plane is delayed in Paris.

This project is just undoable. Who drew the plans?

Out of the question
Buying a new car is out of the question. Why don't we lease one?

The goals Rachel set are unreachable.

Total quality will be unattainable without a well-trained workforce.

Ways to Speak “Providing Details”

115. Add further information

In addition
In addition, I'd like to mention that Sara's generally right.

We might also
We might also deduce that bonuses will be affected too.

As well
Corn, as well as wheat, is produced in Brazil.

Furthermore, they insisted we should join them.

Moreover, the fine must be paid within seven days.

116. Provide more detail

To elaborate
To elaborate on what Ms Finch exposed we will use a chart.

Here I have further information
Here I have further information. As you see, the weather has changed.

Let me expand
Let me expand on Robbie's plan. It will entail a drastic change.

Let me tell you a little more
Let me tell you a bit more about Dynacore. They're not so reliable.

What's more
What's more, ClaraVision will also promote our merchandise.

Ways to Speak “Generalising”

117. Generalise

On the whole
On the whole, we can't really say A is better than B.

In general
In general, people prefer longer, less expensive holidays.

By and large
By and large, the process was successful.

All things considered
All things considered, the match didn't turn out so badly.

Broadly speaking
Broadly speaking, women follow fashion more closely than men do.

Ways to Speak “Describing”

118. Describe projects

We are working on
We're now working on the new model.

We have started the process of
We have started the process of designing another prototype.

The projects under development
The projects under development are secret so we will not discuss them.

We are involved in
We are already fully involved in phase B.

We remain occupied with
We remain occupied with the installation of the wiring system.

119. Describe fluctuation

Stock prices fluctuated throughout the session.

The system is unstable and it might crash any minute.

Growth patterns are irregular in Europe.

His behavior is erratic. He's happy one day and sad the next.

Figures vary all the time. It's impossible to draw a working model.

120. Describe stability

Prices will be stable for the whole season.

Remain unchanged
Nothing remains unchanged for very long.

If we are lucky, sales will move steadily for the next couple of months.

If the number of unemployed people remains constant we will face trouble.

The same
Things are the same as one year ago. Does nothing ever change here?

121. Describe increase

Salaries should increase according to productivity.

Sales have improved and reached almost a million.

The government needs to raise taxes to lower the deficit.

If inflation rises we will need to raise our prices.

Go up
The rates will not go up until the Central Bank decides they should.

122. Describe gradual increase

We have accumulated around ten percent.

Costs have escalated by a very small factor.

Interest has accrued in my savings account.

The economy will grow this year.

Sales have developed more slowly than we had expected.

123. Describe sudden increase

The advertising campaign boosted donations by twenty percent.

Shoot up
The cost of raw materials has shot up because of the increased demand.

Spring up
Absenteeism always springs up when there's an epidemic of flu.

Interest rates surged to twenty-five percent because of inflation fears.

We need to multiply output by two within the next semester.

124. Describe fall

The accident rate fell substantially the last decade.

No one can stop the decline of newspaper advertising.

When will the cost of steel descend?

Climb down
Profits will continue to climb down if we don't control expenses.

The decrease in productivity is due to mismanagement.

125. Describe gradual fall

If we diminish the amount of this component we might get a better mixture.

Demand will surely weaken once everyone's heard the news.

Advertising income will continue to shrink in the near future.

Robert's influence in the company will wane once people get to know him.

Why did revenue slip in the third quarter?

126. Describe sudden fall

If the price of copper dives further we'll be out of business.

Look at the curve. Deliveries plunged in May but recovered in December.

Our reputation will plummet if the press find out that we made a mistake.

Can fees sink any deeper? I don't think so.

The market has collapsed and it won't improve for a while.

127. Describe hypothetical scenarios

If we choose
If we choose option A we could face problems with the workforce.

If you select
If you select the second alternative I'll leave the company.

By picking
By picking Model H instead of X we'll assure a supply of spare parts.

If we go with
If we go forward with Joel's proposal we might face trouble later on.

Opting for any of the alternatives would be much better than doing nothing.

Ways to Speak “Cause & Consequence”

128. Talk about causes

Caused by
The decrease in productivity was caused by lack of innovation.

Result from
The fall in passengers resulted from a misguided marketing policy.

Due to
Our failure was due to disorganization.

Her success was the logical conclusion of hard work.

Bring about
The change was brought about by our mistakes last year.

129. Talk about consequences

Lead to
The rise in sales led to more R&D.

Result in
Our failure resulted in the loss of the contract.

Mean that
Rachel's decision to fire David means that I have to work harder.

Imply that
If she arrives late every day it implies that she's not happy with her job.

Entail that
Lengthening the lunch hour will entail hiring at least one more worker.

130. Warn about consequences

Unless we
The company won’t survive unless we stop the problem now.

If we don’t
If we don’t audit our accounts we will face problems with the shareholders.

Only if
I’ll give you both my support only if you promise to solve your differences.

Watch your cash flow and be careful with bank clearing dates.

She needs to be there today. Otherwise, we’ll lose the contract.

Ways to Speak “Convincing”

131. Convince

I’m convinced
I’m convinced this is the best way to do it.

I assure you
I assure you our machine will work in every type of weather.

There is no doubt
There are no doubts Sandra is the best candidate.

You have my personal guarantee
You have my personal guarantee this will not happen.

I’d like to reassure you
I’d like to reassure you. Every aspect of the operation has been revised.

132. Describe advantages

It will help you
This programme will help you keep your accounts more easily.

It will improve
The stationary bicycle will improve your health.

The benefits are
The benefits to the company are twofold: lower cost and better yield.

It will allow you
Our cleaning service will allow you to have every morning to yourself.

It stands out
The GRS stands out among its competitors because it's less noisy.

133. Get people to act

Now’s the time to apply
Now’s the time to apply what we have learnt.

We’d better move before
We’d better move before the competition does.

Let’s get going
Let’s get going. Time is golden.

We must act now
We must act now if we want immediate results.

Tomorrow will be too late
Tomorrow will be too late. Today is the beginning of a new life.

Ways to Speak “Proposals & Suggestions”

134. Propose solutions

Maybe we should
Maybe we should call Gerald

How about
How about setting up a meeting with their purchasing department?

Why don’t you
Why don’t you call the help line?

The best way is to
The best way to find a job is to look for one!

I would
I would change your old computer for a newer one.

135. Explore options

Let’s look at
Let’s look at option A.

Why don’t we consider?
Why don’t we consider Nina’s suggestion?

What about?
What about this last alternative? Shall we review it?

We have several choices
We have several choices. Managua, Shanghai or Hanoi.

We could either
We could either invest in gold or silver.

136. Propose what is needed

It would be a good idea
It would be a good idea to take a couple of spare ropes.

You might need
You might need an architect to sign the blueprints.

It might be better
It might be better to include a colour photograph along with the letter.

You would better
You’d better add another person to the team.

You shouldn’t forget
You shouldn’t forget to carry your passport.

137. Request what is needed

We need
We need at least $10,000 for the next round of financing.

We can’t do without
We can’t do without Edith. She’s our leader!

It is essential
Working all night is essential. We won’t meet targets otherwise.

It is compulsory
Wearing a tie is compulsory at this office.

We require
We require a deposit of at least twenty percent of the final price.

138. Suggest strongly

You should
You should just sell the whole division!

You must
You must act now if you don’t want to regret it later.

You ought to
You ought to take disciplinary measures.

You’d better
You’d better listen to my advice.

I suggest
I suggest you deposit our money immediately.

139. Suggest gently

I guess you might
I guess you might be better off without her.

Why don’t we try?
Why don’t we try to find another supplier?

Maybe we should
Maybe we should cut R&D spending.

We could
We could attempt to call her. She might be available now.

How about
How about only translating the introduction?

140. Suggest preference

I’d rather
I’d rather buy a Harley Davison than a Kawasaki.

I prefer
I prefer to invest in gold.

I would favour
I would favour Owens’s proposal over Richard’s.

As opposed to
I’d open a branch in Vietnam as opposed to one in Cambodia.

I’m keener on
I’m keener on reducing bonuses than on firing people.

141. Suggest an alternative

Not everything has been said
Not everything has been said. We also need to consider wind power.

There’s another alternative
There’s another alternative: not doing anything.

The third possibility
The third possibility implies a more drastic change.

Other options
Other options include sowing wheat, corn or barley.

No one thought of
No one thought of relocating the office to Monterrey. Why?

142. Accept suggestions

We accept
We accept your conditions, Mr McCoy.

We have chosen
We have chosen Betty’s specifications because they suit the product.

We have selected
We have selected the second paragraph only.

We will adopt
We will adopt the necessary measures, as proposed in the last meeting.

We’ll go along with
We’ll go along with your plan, Lucca. I hope it works out!

143. Discard suggestions

We eliminate
We've decided to eliminate the fifth clause. It's too problematic.

We have rejected
We have rejected all solutions put forward. What shall we do now?

We must rule out
We must rule out the expansion plan for the moment.

We refuse
We'll refuse any idea that implies non-compliance with the law.

We discard
We discard buying another truck. One is more than enough.

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Ways to Speak “Opinions & Ideas”

144. Express an opinion formally

We consider
We consider Tonga to be a safe destination for our cruisers.

It is our view
It is our view that only research can bring success to this laboratory.

My opinion is
My opinion is clear. It's either her or me.

I am convinced
I am convinced of Dynacore's trustworthiness.

We are certain that
We are certain that the new variety of maize will yield higher crops.

145. Express an opinion less formally

The way I see it
The way I see it, Wayne should have never confronted his boss.

I think
I think you're all wrong in your forecasts.

I believe
I believe computers will never replace handheld calculators.

I would say
I would say Champagne has a wider market than Cava.

It seems that
It seems that we'll have to reprimand Mr Banks. He's late again!

146. Comment on an opinion

Regarding what
Regarding what you say, I want to add we will never allow discrimination.

On hearing your words
On hearing your words I recalled what our Chairman used to repeat.

Your point of view
Your point of view is only shared by a few.

Her ideas
Her ideas lack accuracy. Approximate figures? We need exact figures!

I’d like to make a comment
I’d like to make a comment on your opinion.

Ways to Speak “Support & Lack Of Support”

147. Support your ideas with examples

Let me illustrate
Let me illustrate this with a picture of the product.

For example
For example, John couldn’t start the engine last Friday.

For instance
Any liquid – water for instance – can be used to dilute this powder.

Let me show you a real
Let me show you a real situation. Here you’ll see Will using the product.

Here’s a case in point
Here’s a case in point. AST needed a designer and we found one for them.

148. Support an opinion or someone

I agree
I agree with Damian. Let's close the deal.

I recommend
I recommend we follow Stuart's option.

See eye to eye
We all see eye to eye with each other. Good.

Have the same opinion
I have the same opinion as McAllister.

Share point of view
I do share your point of view, Mr Page.

149. Support on condition

My initial reaction is favourable
My initial reaction is favourable. However, we need to know Al’s opinion.

Putting aside some reservations, I’d
Putting aside some reservation related with terms of payment, I’d agree.

I’ll support it on condition
I’ll support your plan on condition you get at least two more investors.

I would share
I would have shared your idea if you had already checked it out.

Only when
I’ll recommend your program only when we see the details.

150. Challenge an opinion

I wonder if that is justified
I wonder if that is justified in light of the latest events.

I don’t think you’ve taken it into account
I don’t think you’ve taken VAT into account.

Have you considered?
Have you considered the implications of all this?

What if?
What if the government changes?

I’d like to question
I’d like to question your estimate. Is it one-hundred percent reliable?

151. Deny support politely

Initially it seemed a good idea but
Initially it seemed a good idea but I think we need to think more about it.

I’m not sure
I’m not so sure about the feasibility of the project.

I’m not totally convinced
I’m not totally convinced we can do it with today’s technology.

It’s not certain
It’s not certain that it will work immediately, is it?

I’m not absolutely confident
I’m not absolutely confident. Have you done any more research?

152. Deny support less politely

I would eliminate
I would eliminate options nine and ten. They’re a waste of time.

We should reject
We should reject Wanda‟s scheme to gain market share. It’s dishonest.

We must rule out
We must rule out Vanessa’s idea. We just don’t have the money.

We ought to discard
We ought to discard buying Dynacore. The board won’t approve it.

Let’s refuse
Let’s refuse any option that implies breaching the law.

Ways to Speak “Recommending”

153. Recommend a person or firm

I can surely recommend ClaraVison. They're a reliable agency.

Put in a good word
Of course I can put in a good word for Kate. She is a brilliant teacher.

Say good things
I can only say good things about DT. It's an excellent detergent.

Vouch for
Yes, I'll vouch for Jacqueline. Why do you want to know about her?

Yes, I'm ready to endorse Miss Low. She's an exemplary worker.

154. Recommend an action

We urge you to
We urge you to continue with the programme.

We recommend you
We recommend you prepare your managers for a shakeout.

We think you should
We think you should confront gossip with facts.

You ought to
You ought to conduct quality audits every year.

If I were you
If I were you I'd keep my mouth shut.

Ways to Speak “Describing a Product”

155. Describe a product

Let me describe
Let me describe our latest engine.

Can I tell you?
Can I tell you about our school's services? We teach English.

Here you can see
Here you see why we call the TXR our star drier.

This model
This particular model was designed by our people in Geneva.

It is priced
It is priced at $ 3,499 and we pay for shipping!

156. Describe features of a product

It is made of
It is made of wood and aluminium.

It features
The team features two Nobel Prize winners.

It comes with
It comes with a calculator and a pocket translator.

It measures
It measures ten feet in width, two in height and one in depth.

It weighs
It weighs close to a ton.

Ways to Speak “Finish A Speech Or Meeting”

157. Refer to what has been said

If we go back
If we go back to the chart we'll see how fabric design has changed.

As I said before
As I said before, it's never too late to start exercising.

Returning to point one
Returning to point one, fixed assets are undervalued in you accounts.

As has already been mentioned
As has already been mentioned, we cannot guarantee supply.

As you no doubt remember
As you now doubt remember, we started this chat with a quote by Drucker.

158. Summarise

To sum up
To sum up, we are in deep trouble.

To recapitulate
To recapitulate, this has been our best year ever.

The conclusion is
The conclusion is that all our efforts have finally proven successful.

In a few words
In a few words, Karen would like to congratulate you all.

It all boils down
It all boils down to a simple truth: money brings money.

159. Finish a speech

I’d like to conclude
I’d like to conclude by thanking everyone.

Let me end
Let me end by reminding you that we are at the top because of your work.

I’ll finish
I’ll finish with the words of Julius Caesar: “Veni, vidi, vici”.

Finally, I want to say I’m delighted to have had the chance to meet you.

To conclude
Before concluding, I’d like to invite Alice to say a few words.

160. Close a meeting

That’s all
Well, that’s all for today. Any comments?

Could we make a decision right away?
Could we make a decision right away? I’m hungry!

We’ll have to leave it for now
We’ll have to leave it for now. I have another appointment.

Time to finish!
Time to finish! Does anyone need a ride back to the hotel?

Shall we call it a day?
Shall we call it a day? We can adjourn the meeting till tomorrow.

161. Close a conversation

It’s been nice to talk
It’s been nice to talk to you, Alexandra.

I enjoyed meeting you
I really enjoyed meeting you, Mr Brown.

I have to leave
I’m afraid I have to leave now. I’m double-parked!

We have to move on
We have to move on, sorry!

It’s getting late
It’s getting late. We should be going home now.

Ways to Speak “Thanking”

162. Say thanks

Thanks for everything.

Thank you
Thank you for your kind cooperation.

I’m thankful for
I’m thankful for all your efforts.

I appreciate
I appreciate your interest in my situation.

I’m grateful for
I’m grateful for your support in securing the bank loan.

163. Thank people for coming

Thank you
Thank you for coming.

It’s been a pleasure
It’s been a pleasure to meet you.

I’ve been delighted to
I’ve been delighted to be able to speak to you.

I’d like to show my thanks
I’d like to show my thanks by inviting you to my house for drinks.

I have enjoyed
I have enjoyed your company today.

164. Thank for letting you speak

Thank you, John.
Thank you, John. I want to stress on the fact Jo is irreplaceable.

Thanks for allowing me
Thanks for allowing me to speak at this forum.

Thanks for calling on
Thanks for calling on me. It’s a great chance to share my ideas.

I appreciate the opportunity to address
I appreciate the opportunity to address such a distinguished group.

It’s a pleasure to
It’s a pleasure to be able to talk about the MX project.

Ways to Speak “Time to Think?”

165. Use these words when you need time to think

Really, well & clearly
Really, I don't know what to say about, well, Lee is clearly wrong.

Of course, undoubtedly & OK
Of course, I undoubtedly believe that, OK, we need to change.

Surely, certainly & luckily
Surelycertainly, education needs to improve though, luckily, not at this school.

166. Use these phrases when you need time to think

That’s an interesting question
Well, that’s an interesting question. Tom, would you care to answer it?

I’m glad you asked that
I’m certainly glad you asked that. What do you think?

You’ve raised an important point
Undoubtedly, you have raised a very important point.

That is a complex issue
That is a complex issue. Luckily we have an expert here. Linda?

Let me tell you that
Let me tell you that you are clearly on the right way.

Ways to Speak “Help”

167. Offer help formally

Is there anything I can do?
Is there anything I can do for you?

Would you like some help?
Would you like some help with the setup?

May I offer my assistance?
May I offer my assistance? I do have experience with foreign trade.

If we can aid you
If we can aid you in any way we will.

I’m at your disposal
I’m at your disposal. Just tell me what you need.

168. Offer help less formally

Shall I help you?
Shall I help you? Here, give me those boxes.

Do you need any assistance?
Do you need any assistance with the wiring?

Just ask if you
Just ask if you want anything.

Can I lend you a hand?
Can I lend you a hand with the wheelbarrow?

We would be happy to
We would be happy to help you anytime.

169. Reply yes to an offer of help

That would be great
Thanks, that would be great.

Much obliged
Thank you, much obliged.

It is so kind
Thanks, it’s so kind of you to offer.

I’m grateful
Thanks, I’m grateful for your help.

I appreciate it
Thank you, I appreciate your collaboration.

170. Reply no to an offer of help

I’m OK
Thanks but I’m OK.

I’ll call you if I need
Thanks. I’ll call you if I need anything.

Not for the moment
Thanks, not for the moment.

I think I’ll manage
Thank you. I think I’ll manage by myself.

There’s no need
There’s no need. Thank you anyway.

171. Reply yes to a request for help

Of course
Of course. What do you need?

No problem.
No problem. Where shall I push?

Sure. It's always a pleasure to help you.

I'd be glad to
I'd be glad to be of assistance. What is the problem?

My pleasure
My pleasure, Madam. Are these the boxes you need to lift?

172. Reject a request for help politely

I’m busy now
Sorry, I’m busy right now.

I’m afraid I can’t
Sorry, I’m afraid I just can’t.

I wouldn’t be of much assistance
Sorry, I wouldn’t be of much assistance. I can’t understand computers.

It’s out of my reach
Sorry, this is out of my reach. You need someone who’s taller.

I’d like to but I can’t see how I can
I’d like to but I can’t see how I can be of any help. Sorry!

173. Reject a request for help less politely

No. I'm not your servant!

No way
No way. You never help me.

Forget it
Forget it. I won't do it.

Why should I?
Why should I? It's none of my business.

Not in a hundred years
Not in a hundred years. You got into it alone; you get out of it alone!

Ways to Speak “Borrowing”

174. Reply yes to a request to borrow

My pleasure
My pleasure. How much do you need?

Sure, go ahead
Sure, go ahead. Here are the keys for the Jeep.

Help yourself
Help yourself. Which tools will you need?

Of course
Of course. Just make sure you return everything in order.

No problem
No problem. Ask Sam to give you one.

175. Reply no to request to borrow

I need it myself
Sorry, I need the van myself.

I am not allowed to
Sorry, I am not allowed by IT to lend my computer to anyone.

We don’t have
I’m sorry but we don’t have what you need.

It’s against regulations
Sorry, it’s against regulations for tools to leave the workshop.

I’m afraid I can’t afford
I’m afraid I can’t afford to lend you any money. I’m also broke!

Ways to Speak “Replying Evasively”

176. Reply evasively

It’s rather hard
It’s rather hard to decide on that right now.

I’m afraid
I’m afraid we do not have enough information yet.

I’m in no position to
Unfortunately I am in no position to comment on that issue.

It’s a secondary matter
I believe this is a secondary matter. The actual problem lies in Mumbai.

We don’t have enough time
I don’t think we have enough time to deal with that today.

177. Reply you don't know

I don’t know
I’m sorry but I just don’t know what you are talking about.

I can’t tell
I’m afraid I can’t tell the difference between a lion and a lioness.

I can’t answer
Unfortunately I can’t answer that question. I do not have authorization.

It’s not within the scope
Your question is not within the scope of this meeting so I can’t reply.

I am not allowed
I am not allowed to discuss salaries in public.

178. Reply you'll answer later

Can I get back to you?
Can I get back to you on that? I have to check some facts.

We'll come to that later
We’ll come to that later, when Hank makes his presentation.

Can we save that until?
Can we save that till this afternoon? I’ll have more time then.

We’ll tackle it
We’ll tackle the advertising budget in our next meeting.

Let’s leave that
Let’s leave that for the time being. We have more urgent matters today.

Ways to Speak “Invitation”

179. Invite someone formally

Would you like to?
Would you like to visit the factory workshop?

Are you free on?
Are you free on Monday? I know a fantastic restaurant.

I’d like to invite you to
If you have time, I’d like to invite you to our presentation.

Would you care to join?
Would you care to join us for drinks tonight?

We’d be delighted
We’d be delighted to have you as a guest at our weekend cottage.

180. Invite someone less formally

Do you want?
Do you want to go for a coffee?

How about?
How about a glass of wine down at the bistro?

What do you say to?
What do you say to dinner and a movie tonight?

Would you come along?
Would you come along if we organised a skiing trip?

Why don’t we?
Why don’t we quit work now and take a stroll in the park?

181. Accept an invitation formally

That would be wonderful
That would be wonderful, thank you very much.

It sounds perfect
It sounds perfect. Will casual clothes be fine?

How kind
How kind of you. Of course we’ll be there.

I’d be delighted
I’d be delighted to accompany you.

It’s so nice
It’s so nice of you to ask. Of course I’m coming.

182. Accept an invitation less formally

Sounds good
Sounds good. Shall I bring the wine?

I'd love to
Sure, I'd love to come to the concert.

Good idea
OK, good idea. Can I also ask Sam?

All right
All right. Is half-past eight fine?

Great. I'll wear my new dress.

183. Decline an invitation formally

I don’t think
I don’t think I’ll be able to come. Sorry!

Thanks for asking but
Thanks for asking but I just can’t handle Thursday evening.

I’m already committed
Sorry but I’m already committed. There’s a trade fair I have to attend.

I have a previous engagement
Unfortunately I have a previous engagement. Would Friday be fine?

It doesn’t suit me
Sorry but next week doesn’t suit me right. Could we leave it for later?

184. Decline an invitation less formally

Can’t make it
Can’t make it, sorry!

I’d rather not
I’d rather not. I can’t stand ballet.

No can do
No can do; I have a wedding on Saturday.

It’s impossible
It’s impossible. I’m fully booked.

It’s out of the question
It’s out of the question. I’m not at all interested in dating Hubert.

185. Thank after an invitation

Thanks for your hospitality
Thanks for your hospitality. You made us feel at home.

I enjoyed
I enjoyed the party. Thanks a lot!

It was wonderful
It was wonderful to be here. Thank you.

What a pleasure
What a pleasure it was to have dinner at your club. Thank you so much!

I loved
I loved seeing you all. Thank you for a delightful night.

Ways to Speak “Permission”

186. Grant permission

Sure. You're free to do as you wish.

Fine. Just be careful with the machinery when you walk by.

Go ahead
Go ahead. Smoking is permitted here.

No problem
No problem. Just tell the warehouse manager I gave you permission.

Help yourself
Help yourself. How many nails do you need?

187. Deny permission

Sorry but no
Sorry but we won’t let you wear a bathing suit in the dining room.

I can’t let you
I just can’t let you through.

The answer is no
The answer is definitely no.

We can’t give you permission
Regrettably, we can’t give you permission to fly out on Monday.

We’ll have to deny
I’m afraid we’ll have to deny authorisation to work at night.

Ways to Speak “Apology”

188. Apologise

I'm sorry
I'm sorry. It won‟t happen again.

Please accept my apologies
Please accept my apologies. I wasn't paying attention.

I didn't mean to
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to call you a fool, Ms García.

I regret
I regret having you sent to Moldavia, Steven. Will you ever forgive me?

I would like to apologise
I would like to apologise for our company's lack of transparency.

Ways to Speak “Prohibition”

189. Prohibit

Smoking is prohibited in the whole building.

Guns should be banned in this county.

It is forbidden for the staff to discuss company matters outside the office.

Not allow
I'm afraid we are not allowed to wear jeans at work.

Not permit
Regulations state that dogs are not permitted at the hospital premises.

Ways to Speak “Congratulations”

190. Congratulate

Well done!
Well done! I’m sure you’ll be a brilliant ambassador.

Congratulations on your promotion to division manager.

I’m happy to
I was happy to hear that the deal went through.

You’re the best!
You’re the best! No one could have done it better than you.

I’d like to compliment
I’d like to compliment you on this year’s results. They’re excellent.

Ways to Speak “Reprimands”

191. Reprimand

Unfortunately I have to tell you off
Unfortunately I have to tell you off. Your work is substandard.

We are not satisfied
We are not satisfied with your performance, Samuel.

Reprimands for unauthorised strikes will involve suspensions.

I am disappointed
I am disappointed at your behaviour. We'll take disciplinary measures.

No one is pleased
No one is pleased with the results and you are all to blame.

Ways to Speak “Giving Orders”

192. Give a verbal order

Would you please?
Would you please call Cynthia?

Could you?
Could you replace Lola until Wednesday?

Would you mind?
Would you mind coming to my office now?

Please start the project as soon as possible.

Do it
Do as I've told you.

193. Transmit a verbal order

She has instructed us
The boss has instructed us to finish our shift at six today.

He has directed you
Mr Carpenter has directed us to paint the wall blue.

They’ve ordered you
They’ve ordered you to prepare the presentation. I’m leaving now!

He has commanded we should
The captain has commanded we should wait here till he comes back.

Say you should
Belinda says you should bring her a cup or hot coffee and a muffin.

194. Accept a verbal order

Of course
Of course. When do you need it for?

Will do
Will do, madam. I'll start right now.

No problem
No problem. Where do you keep the tools?

Certainly. I'd be delighted to head the team.

Sure. Is there anything else I can do for you?

195. Reject a verbal order

No way
No way. Look for someone else.

Why should I?
Why should I? It's not my job.

Of course not
Of course not. You're not my boss.

I refuse to
I refuse to work overtime. I'll contact the trade union.

I will not do that
I will not do that. It's dangerous.

Ways to Speak “Booking”

196. Book

Would you have that free?
Would you have a meeting room free for tonight please?

I’d like to book
I’d like to book the hall for our Annual General Meeting.

I’d like to reserve
I’d like to reserve some booth space, if there’s still any vacant.

Could you set aside?
Could you set aside stand eleven for us? I’ll send you the deposit today.

We would need
We would need at least three thousand feet of floor space.

Ways to Speak “Setting Dates For The Future”

197. Set a date for next meeting

We'll meet you again
We'll meet you again on Friday.

See you next week
See you next week. Same time, same place.

I'll have my secretary schedule
I'll have my secretary schedule another appointment for October.

Sunday morning, then
Sunday morning, then. We'll come by right after breakfast.

It's all set
It's all set then. Ten at night near the pier.

198. Refer to future relationship

We look forward to
We look forward to a successful relationship when you settle in China.

It would be a pleasure
It would be a pleasure to enter into a joint-venture with your company.

I would be happy for
I would be happy for any opportunity to supply your corporation.

Our boss would be delighted
Our boss would be delighted to do business with you.

We are open
We are fully open to any type of collaboration with your partnership.

199. Express your wish to follow up

I'll give you a call
I'll give you a call sometime after the convention.

Why don't I send you an e-mail?
Why don't I send you send you an e-mail once a decision has been made?

I look forward to
I look forward to seeing you again. Maybe in Taipei next year?

Let me give you my
Let me give you my business cards. You can get hold of me at any time.

We'll keep in touch
We'll keep in touch on Facebook.

200. Make an appointment

I'd like to make an appointment
I'd like to make an appointment with Captain Terrence.

I'd like to schedule a meeting
I'd like to schedule a meeting with the boss. Is he in tomorrow?

Is she available?
Is the lawyer available next Wednesday?

Does he have any opening?
Does O'Sullivan have an opening this week? I only need five minutes.

Does she have any time?
Does the engineer have any time today? I can handle most of the morning.

201. Talk about the future

Our plans
Our plans include buying another Airbus to start serving Yokohama.

I anticipate
I do anticipate problems if the Minister continues with her policies.

We forecast
We forecast two-digit inflation.

I expect
I expect our department to be downsized after the merger.

I anticipate
I anticipate a satisfactory Christmas campaign this winter.

Ways to Speak “Good Luck!”

202. Wish good luck

Good luck
Good luck and have lots of fun.

Hopes of the best
Hopes of the best in your mission.

Our best wishes
Our best wishes for success in your new career.

May it run well
May the course run well.

Break a leg
Break a leg! I'm sure you'll be superb at the performance tonight.

Ways to Speak “Bringing Up A Topic”

203. Bring up a serious topic

Can I talk to you for a second?
Can I talk to you for a second? Something needs our immediate attention.

Do you have a minute?
Do you have a minute for me?

Got some time?
Got some time? Sandra and I would like to thank you for what you did.

There’s something I need to tell you
There’s something I need to tell you privately.

I’d like to have a word with you
I’d like to have a word with you. There’s a problem in Tower Seven.

Ways to Speak “Offering”

204. Offer something

Would you like some pie?
Would you like some more apple pie? It's home made.

How about?
How about a glass of wine?

What will you have?
What will you have today, sir?

Can I get you anything?
Can I get you anything else?

Would you care for?
Would you care for some tea?

Ways to Speak “Confirming”

205. Confirm

I would like to confirm
I would like to confirm your appointment with Dr McCall.

Could you please verify?
Could you please verify if this source is reliable?

Can this be corroborated?
Can this information be corroborated?

Can you assure?
Can you assure me that this rumour is absolutely false?

Is it firm?
Is your order firm? We will need a deposit then.

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Ways to Speak “Notifying”

206. Notify

I would like you to know
I would like you to know that we’ve decided to change suppliers.

We want to notify you
We want to notify you that Celina Smith is no longer our representative.

I have to inform you that
I have to inform you that your project has been rejected.

I have to give you notice
I’ll have to give my tenant notice to leave the flat by the end of May.

It’s my duty to tell you that
It’s my duty to tell you that we follow strict non-discrimination policies.

Ways to Speak “Explaining”

207. Explain

I’d like to explain
I’d like to explain what happened. The duct exploded and the oil escaped.

Let me tell you why
Let me tell you why I arrived late to the appointment.

It happened because
It happened because quality control is in the wrong hands.

The reason is
The reason for all the turmoil is that taxes have increased.

It was caused by
The mistake was caused by a faulty transmission line.

208. Explain they must wait

He will be late
The Doctor will be late today, unfortunately.

It’s delayed
The plane is delayed in Boston because of a snowstorm.

You’ll have to wait
You’ll have to wait for at least an hour. There’s a long queue.

It’ll only be a minute
It’ll only be a minute. He’s just about to arrive.

Can’t say how long
I’m afraid I can’t really say how long this will take.

209. Explain that somebody's not available

He’s not in
Sam is not in today.

He’s not available
Rebecca is not available now, I’m afraid.

I can’t see her at her desk
I can’t see Elizabeth at her desk. Do you wish to wait for her?

He’s busy
He’s busy at the moment.

He will be out
Don will be out the whole afternoon.

210. Explain your job

I work at
I work at General Motors.

I work in
I work in the aviation business.

I work for
I work for the government. I collect taxes.

My line of work includes
My line of work includes selling houses and offices too.

I’m a
I’m an Economist. I’ve just joined the World Bank.

Ways to Speak “Placing An Order”

211. Place an order

I’d like to place an order
I’d like to place an order for twenty condensers.

I’d like to purchase
I’d like to purchase three tons of each metal.

Do you have any in stock?
Do you have any linseed oil in stock?

Could we buy?
Could we buy another tractor?

Can you sell us?
Can you sell us twenty dynamos and three rotors?

212. Accept an order

We are delighted
We are delighted with your order. How much sugar do you need?

Of course
Of course. The delivery will be at your factory on Wednesday.

Perfect. The total is €35,500 FOB.

Fine. I'll pass your order to our production department.

Certainly. It's always a pleasure to work with you.

213. Reject an order

We can’t take it
Unfortunately we can’t take your order. These articles are out of stock.

We’ll have to reject
We’ll have to reject that. Our CFO says your credit has run out.

We can’t fill it
Sorry but we can’t fill it today. Maybe tomorrow we’ll have enough.

We are no able to accept
It’s a pity but we are not able to accept requests from your company. Sorry!

It’s not possible
It’s not possible to sell you these bolts because they are not made anymore.

214. Cancel an order

I’d like to cancel
I’d like to cancel order No 277/34.

Can we stop?
Can we stop our most recent order? We made a mistake with the colour.

I’ll withdraw
If you do not give us the customary discount I’ll withdraw our order.

I want to revoke
I want to revoke all our outstanding orders.

Are we in time to call off?
Are we in time to call off our last request? I would like to change the size.

Ways to Speak “Goodbye”

215. Say bye formally

Good night
Good night, everyone.

Goodbye. Please send my regards to Miss Burkes.

It was nice to
It was nice to talk to you.

It’s been a pleasure to
It’s been a pleasure to get to play golf with you.

Hope we meet
Hope we meet again before next summer.

216. Say bye informally

See you
See you later.

Take care
Take care. Till tomorrow.

Cheers. Give my love to Jeannette.

Bye Charlie.

So long
So long. Lovely to see you again.

Ways to Speak “Telephoning”

217. Answer the phone formally

Sydney Rubber Co.

Young speaking.

Paul Lewis.

Good morning. Can I help you?

Extension 107.

218. Answer the phone informally




Sally, is that you?


219. Ask for someone on the phone

May I speak to Chris?

I'd like to talk to Andy.

Could you put me through to Sid?

Is that you, Karen?

Is Maria May in?

220. Ask for caller's information

Who's calling, please?

Who's speaking?

What‟s your name, please?

Where are you calling from?

Who gave you our number?

221. Ask for the purpose of a call

What is it about, sir?

Can you please tell me why you need to speak to him?

What shall I say is the purpose of your call?

Why are you phoning our factory, madam?

You'll have to explain the reason of your call before I put you through.

222. Say someone is not available

He's not in today.

He's not available now.

Tim's outside the office.

He's busy at the moment.

I can't see where he is.

223. Explain why someone's not in

I'm afraid he's in a meeting at the moment.

Unfortunately, Mr Samuelson will be out of the office all day.

I can't see Amber at her desk. Do you want me to look for her?

I don't know where Rebecca is right now.

Linda is not in today. She took the day off.

224. Explain that a line is busy

I'm afraid the line's engaged.

The line is busy.

She's now talking to someone else.

Sorry but I can't get through to her extension.

Her voice mail message keeps on coming through. She must be talking.

225. Connect somebody

I'll connect you.

I'll put you through. Hold on please.

I'll put your call through to Mr Hynes immediately.

Hold on please. You can speak now.

I'll pass your call onto his extension.

226. Ask somebody to hold on

Hold on, please.

Can you wait, please?

Hold the line, please.

Could you wait a moment?

Just a minute, please

227. Wrong number or name!

I'm afraid we don't have a Mrs Campanella at this company.

There's nobody here by that name.

I think you're trying to reach someone else.

You've dialled the wrong number.

Are you sure you have the right number?

228. Leave a message

Could you ask her to call me back, please?

Would you take a message, please? Have you got a pen?

Could you leave Charles a note on his desk?

Could you tell him I called?

Would you mind letting Mr Jones know that I will be late for the meeting?

229. Offer to take a message

Can I take a message?

Would you like to leave a message?

Would you like me to write a note for him?

Shall I ask her to return your call?

Should I tell Mrs Lamb that you phoned?

230. Ask for spelling

Would you mind spelling that for me, please?

Could you spell it, please?

Sorry, how do you spell the name of your company?

Is that double double s?

Is that for Bravo or for Victor?

231. Ask for repetition

Could you repeat that please?

Sorry, I didn't catch your last name.

Could you explain the end of the story again, please?

I missed the last figures. What were they?

Pardon, what was that about Karen?

232. Rectify what was said

There's a misunderstanding.

That isn't what I meant.

I don't think you've understood.

I didn't say blue. I said green.

I think you heard me wrong.

233. Explain a problem with sound

The line is bad. Could you speak up please?

There's background noise.

The signal is weak. I'm almost out of range.

I'm afraid I can't hear you.

Coverage is not very good here.

234. Describe other problems

My battery's almost flat.

I need to charge the phone.

I'm running out of credit. I'm on a pay-as-you-go plan.

It's too noisy here. I'll go outside.

Can't speak now. I'm driving.

235. Ask where someone is

Do you know where I can find Simon?

Is he still abroad?

Can you tell me where I could reach Lou?

Is she going to belong?

Do you know when they're due back?

236. Change to another subject

Incidentally, Rosemary called today.

On quite another matter, Mark does seem to be interested.

By the way, who won the match yesterday?

I'd rather not talk about that.

It has just crossed my mind that I won't be able to phone you next week.

Before I forget, how did you arrive back home?

237. Interrupt

Sorry, I have to leave you right now.

Actually, it was Dan, not Sam.

Could I say something?

Sorry to interrupt, but the other phone is ringing.

Please listen.

238. Avert interruption

Will you let me finish?

Let me go on.

Why do you keep on interrupting me?

Can't you wait till I'm done?

Stop butting into my conversation, please.

239. Make an appointment

I'm calling to make an appointment.

I'm phoning to schedule a meeting.

Will Sandrine be available for an interview on Monday?

I'm calling to ask if Mr. Gardiner has any openings next week.

Does she have any time free this afternoon?

240. Place an order

I'm calling to place an order.

I'm contacting you because we'd like to purchase ten units.

Mr. Jenkins has told me to ask you if you have any pins in stock.

I'm phoning to ask if we can buy another set of pliers.

I wonder if you could sell us twenty copies of your new book.

241. Accept an order

We are delighted with your order. I'll just make a note.

Of course. Can you confirm that by e-mail, please?

Perfect. We'll deliver it by truck.

Fine. I'll pass your request to our production department.

Certainly. It's always a pleasure to work with you.

242. Reject an order

Unfortunately we can't take orders by phone. Could you e-mail us?

We'll have to reject that. We don't work tomorrow!

Sorry, but we can't fill it in today. Monday should be OK.

It's a pity but I am not allowed to take orders. Why don't you speak to Ed?

It's not possible to sell you these glasses. We have new models now.

243. Cancel an order

I'm phoning to cancel all outstanding orders.

Who do I have to speak to if I want to stop an order?

My boss says we will withdraw the order if we don't get a discount.

I'm calling because Rob wants to stop our order.

Are we in time to call off our last order?

244. Thank someone for calling

Thanks for calling.

It's been very nice to talk to you.

It has been a pleasure to speak with you.

You're welcome to call back anytime.

It's been lovely to chat with you.

245. Postpone a call

I'll call you back.

Will you be there in an hour? Why don't you ring me then?

It's a bit late now. I'll give you a buzz tomorrow morning.

Shall we leave it for now? I have many things to do.

I'll get back to you later on.

246. Set a date for the next call

We'll talk to each other again tomorrow.

Call you next week same time.

I'll have my secretary schedule our next call.

Friday morning, then.

I'll phone you at nine.

247. Explain you have to cut off

Sorry but I have another call coming in.

Sorry but I have to leave you. The boss has just walked in.

Sorry but there's a funny noise in the line. Bye.

I'm afraid I have to cut off. Talk to you.

I can't speak now. I'll return your call later.

248. Close a phone conversation

It's been nice talking to you, Alexandra.

I really enjoyed our chat.

It's a pity we have to cut off!

I have to keep on working. Sorry!

I think I've said everything there is to say.

249. Say goodbye

Talk to you.



See you.

So long.

250. Say that someone phoned

Mr. Goodman phoned this morning.

Gus from Letterman wants to talk to you.

Cynthia said she'll be expecting your call.

I have a message for Mr. Freeman from Jules.

Would you mind returning Hubert's call? He said it was urgent


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