The 360 Best List of Irregular Verbs in English

The 360 Best List of Irregular Verbs in English

What is an Irregular Verb?

Irregular verbs, as the name implies, a verb that does not follow the regular rules when changing into the past or past participle form is called an irregular verb. You can see the full table of irregular verbs below and download it for free.

For example: See has a past form of Saw and a participle form of Seen.

More than 70% of the time we use verbs in English, we are using irregular verbs. Be, have, do, go, say, come, take, get, make, see,…

Do you feel familiar? These are all the most common verbs in the English language, and they are all irregular verbs. So is there a general rule of change for irregular verbs? The answer is no, if you want to remember, the only way is to memorize it. However, we do have some tips to make learning more effective.

List of Irregular Verbs
Best List of Irregular Verbs in English

Some irregular verbs in English are often used. In the process of learning English, practicing for IELTS when learning about past participles or perfect tenses, you will have to remember a lot of irregular verbs (irregular verbs) to be able to conjugate the verb correctly. In this lesson, English tivi would like to give a table of common irregular verbs:

A list of all more than The 360 Best List Common Irregular Verbs table PDF in English is divided into groups to make it easier for you to learn and look up below.

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List of Irregular Verbs Table

STT Infinitive Simple Past Past Participle
1 abide abode/abided abode/abided
2 arise arose arisen
3 awake awoke awoken
4 backslide backslid backslidden/backslid
5 be was/were been
6 bear bore borne
7 beat beat beaten/beat
8 become became become
9 befall befell befallen
10 begin began begun
11 behold beheld beheld
12 bend bent bent
13 beset beset beset
14 bespeak bespoke bespoken
15 bet bet/betted bet/betted
16 bid bid bid
17 bind bound bound
18 bite bit bitten
19 bleed bled bled
20 blow blew blown
21 break broke broken
22 breed bred bred
23 bring brought brought
24 broadcast broadcast broadcast
25 browbeat browbeat browbeaten/browbeat
26 build built built
27 burn burnt/burned burnt/burned
28 burst burst burst
29 bust busted/bust busted/bust
30 buy bought bought
31 cast cast cast
32 catch caught caught
33 chide chid/chided chid/chidden/chided
34 choose chose chosen
35 cleave clove/cleft/cleaved cloven/cleft/cleaved
36 cleave clave cleaved
37 cling clung clung
38 clothe clothed/clad clothed/clad
39 come came come
40 cost cost cost
41 creep crept crept
42 crossbreed crossbred crossbred
43 crow crew/crewed crowed
44 cut cut cut
45 daydream daydreamed
46 deal dealt dealt
47 dig dug dug
48 disprove disproved disproved/disproven
49 dive dove/dived dived
50 do did done
51 draw drew drawn
52 dream dreamt/dreamed dreamt/dreamed
53 drink drank drunk
54 drive drove driven
55 dwell dwelt dwelt
56 eat ate eaten
57 fall fell fallen
58 feed fed fed
59 feel felt felt
60 fight fought fought
61 find found found
62 fit fitted/fit fitted/fit
63 flee fled fled
64 fling flung flung
65 fly flew flown
66 forbear forbore forborne
67 forbid forbade/forbad forbidden
68 forecast forecast/forecasted forecast/forecasted
69 forego (also forgo) forewent foregone
70 foresee foresaw foreseen
71 foretell foretold foretold
72 forget forgot forgotten
73 forgive forgave forgiven
74 forsake forsook forsaken
75 freeze froze frozen
76 frostbite frostbit frostbitten
77 get got got/gotten
78 gild gilt/gilded gilt/gilded
79 gird girt/girded girt/girded
80 give gave given
81 go went gone
82 grind ground ground
83 grow grew grown
84 hand-feed hand-fed hand-fed
85 handwrite handwrote handwritten
86 hang hung hung
87 have had had
88 hear heard heard
89 heave hove/heaved hove/heaved
90 hew hewed hewn/hewed
91 hide hid hidden
92 hit hit hit
93 hurt hurt hurt
94 inbreed inbred inbred
95 inlay inlaid inlaid
96 input input input
97 inset inset inset
98 interbreed interbred interbred
99 interweave interwove
100 interwind interwound interwound
101 jerry-build jerry-built jerry-built
102 keep kept kept
103 kneel knelt/kneeled knelt/kneeled
104 knit knit/knitted knit/knitted
105 know knew known
106 lay laid laid
107 lead led led
108 lean leaned/leant leaned/leant
109 leap leapt /leaped leapt /leaped
110 learn learnt/learned learnt/learned
111 leave left left
112 lend lent lent
113 let let let
114 lie lay lain
115 light lit/lighted lit/lighted
116 lip-read lip-read lip-read
117 lose lost lost
118 make made made
119 mean meant meant
120 meet met met
121 miscast miscast miscast
122 misdeal misdealt misdealt
123 misdo misdid misdone
124 mishear misheard misheard
125 mislay mislaid mislaid
126 mislead misled misled
127 mislearn mislearned
128 misread misread misread
129 misset misset misset
130 misspeak misspoke misspoken
131 misspell misspelt misspelt
132 misspend misspent misspent
133 mistake mistook mistaken
134 misteach mistaught mistaught
135 misunderstand misunderstood misunderstood
136 miswrite miswrote miswritten
137 mow mowed mown/mowed
138 offset offset offset
139 outbid outbid outbid
140 outbreed outbred outbred
141 outdo outdid outdone
142 outdraw outdrew outdrawn
143 outdrink outdrank outdrunk
144 outdrive outdrove outdriven
145 outfight outfought outfought
146 outfly outflew outflown
147 outgrow outgrew outgrown
148 outleap outleaped/outleapt outleaped/outleapt
149 outlie outlied outlied
150 output output output
151 outride outrode outridden
152 outrun outran outrun
153 outsell outsold outsold
154 outshine outshined/outshone outshined/outshone
155 outshoot outshot outshot
156 outsing outsang outsung
157 outsit outsat outsat
158 outsleep outslept outslept
159 outsmell outsmelled/outsmelt outsmelled/outsmelt
160 outspeak outspoke outspoken
161 outspeed outsped outsped
162 outspend outspent outspent
163 outswear outswore outsworn
164 outswim outswam outswum
165 outthink outthought outthought
166 outthrow outthrew outthrown
167 outwrite outwrote outwritten
168 overbid overbid overbid
169 overbreed overbred overbred
170 overbuild overbuilt overbuilt
171 overbuy overbought overbought
172 overcome overcame overcome
173 overdo overdid overdone
174 overdraw overdrew overdrawn
175 overdrink overdrank overdrunk
176 overeat overate overeaten
177 overfeed overfed overfed
178 overfly overflew overflown
179 overhang overhung overhung
180 overhear overheard overheard

Download Table of Irregular Verbs Pdf

181 overlay overlaid overlaid
182 overpay overpaid overpaid
183 override overrode overridden
184 overrun overran overrun
185 oversee oversaw overseen
186 oversell oversold oversold
187 oversew oversewed oversewn/oversewed
188 overshoot overshot overshot
189 oversleep overslept overslept
190 overspeak overspoke overspoken
191 overspend overspent overspent
192 overspill overspilled/overspilt overspilled/overspilt
193 overtake overtook overtaken
194 overthink overthought overthought
195 overthrow overthrew overthrown
196 overwind overwound overwound
197 overwrite overwrote overwritten
198 partake partook partaken
199 pay paid paid
200 plead pleaded/pled pleaded/pled
201 prebuild prebuilt prebuilt
202 predo predid predone
203 premake premade premade
204 prepay prepaid prepaid
205 presell presold presold
206 preset preset preset
207 preshrink preshrank preshrunk
208 proofread proofread proofread
209 prove proved proven/proved
210 put put put
211 quick-freeze quick-froze quick-frozen
212 quit quit/quitted quit/quitted
213 read read read
214 reawake reawoke reawaken
215 rebid rebid rebid
216 rebind rebound rebound
217 rebroadcast rebroadcast
218 rebuild rebuilt rebuilt
219 recast recast recast
220 recut recut recut
221 redeal redealt redealt
222 redo redid redone
223 redraw redrew redrawn
224 refit refitted/refit refitted/refit
225 regrind reground reground
226 regrow regrew regrown
227 rehang rehung rehung
228 rehear reheard reheard
229 reknit reknitted/reknit reknitted/reknit
230 relay relaid relaid
231 relay relayed relayed
232 relearn relearned/relearnt relearned/relearnt
233 relight relit/relighted relit/relighted
234 remake remade remade
235 rend rent rent
236 repay repaid repaid
237 reread reread reread
238 rerun reran rerun
239 resell resold resold
240 resend resent resent
241 reset reset reset
242 resew resewed resewn/resewed
243 retake retook retaken
244 reteach retaught retaught
245 retear retore retorn
246 retell retold retold
247 rethink rethought rethought
248 retread retread retread
249 retrofit retrofitted/retrofit retrofitted/retrofit
250 rewake rewoke/rewaked rewaken/rewaked
251 rewear rewore reworn
252 reweave rewove/reweaved rewoven/reweaved
253 rewed rewed/rewedded rewed/rewedded
254 rewet rewet/rewetted rewet/rewetted
255 rewin rewon rewon
256 rewind rewound rewound
257 rewrite rewrote rewritten
258 rid rid rid
259 ride rode ridden
260 ring rang rung
261 rise rose risen
262 roughcast roughcast roughcast
263 run ran run
264 sand-cast sand-cast sand-cast
265 saw sawed sawn
266 say said said
267 see saw seen
268 seek sought sought
269 sell sold sold
270 send sent sent
271 set set set
272 sew sewed sewn/sewed
273 shake shook shaken
274 shave shaved shaved/shaven
275 shear sheared shorn
276 shed shed shed
277 shine shone shone
278 shit shit/shat/shitted shit/shat/shitted
279 shoot shot shot
280 show showed shown/showed
281 shrink shrank shrunk
282 shut shut shut
283 sight-read sight-read sight-read
284 sing sang sung
285 sink sank sunk
286 sit sat sat
287 slay slew slain
288 sleep slept slept
289 slide slid slid
290 sling slung slung
291 slink slunk slunk
292 slit slit slit
293 smell smelt smelt
294 smite smote smitten
295 sneak sneaked/snuck sneaked/snuck
296 speak spoke spoken
298 speed sped/speeded sped/speeded
299 spell spelt/spelled spelt/spelled
300 spend spent spent
301 spill spilt/spilled spilt/spilled
302 spin spun/span spun
303 spoil spoilt/spoiled spoilt/spoiled
304 spread spread spread
305 stand stood stood
305 steal stole stolen
306 stick stuck stuck
307 sting stung stung
308 stink stunk/stank stunk
309 stride strode stridden
310 strike struck struck
311 string strung strung
312 sunburn sunburned/sunburnt sunburned/sunburnt
313 swear swore sworn
314 sweat sweat/sweated sweat/sweated
315 sweep swept swept
316 swell swelled swollen/swelled
317 swim swam swum
318 swing swung swung
319 take took taken
320 teach taught taught
321 tear tore torn
322 telecast telecast telecast
323 tell told told
324 think thought thought
325 throw threw thrown
326 thrust thrust thrust
327 tread trod trodden/trod
328 typewrite typewrote typewritten
329 unbend unbent unbent
330 unbind unbound unbound
331 unclothe unclothed/unclad unclothed/unclad
332 undercut undercut undercut
333 underfeed underfed underfed
334 undergo underwent undergone
335 underlie underlay underlain
336 understand understood understood
337 undertake undertook undertaken
338 underwrite underwrote underwritten
339 undo undid undone
340 unfreeze unfroze unfrozen
341 unhang unhung unhung
342 unhide unhid unhidden
343 unlearn unlearned/unlearnt unlearned/unlearnt
344 unspin unspun unspun
345 unwind unwound unwound
346 uphold upheld upheld
347 upset upset upset
348 wake woke/waked woken/waked
349 wear wore worn
350 wed wed/wedded wed/wedded
351 weep wept wept
352 wet wet/wetted wet/wetted
353 win won won
354 wind wound wound
355 withdraw withdrew withdrawn
356 withhold withheld withheld
357 withstand withstood withstood
358 work worked worked
359 wring wrung wrung
360 write wrote written

The best Way to learn Irregular Verbs

Learn Irregular Verbs in Groups

Instead of memorizing the whole table of irregular verbs to make them easier to remember, you can also divide them into different groups.

+The group of verbs remains unchanged in all 3 forms: bet, burst, cast, cost, cut, fit, hit, hurt, let, put, quit, set, shut, split, spread.

+ Group of verbs with the same infinitive and past participle: become, come, run.

+ Groups of verbs with the same past and past participle forms: built, lend, send, spend.

Practice Regularly with Irregular Verbs Table

Of course, this is the most effective way to learn anything. Practicing communication helps you transfer the knowledge you learn from “slow memory” to “fast memory,” forming the need for communication reflexes. This is the step where you put some of what you’ve learned into practice. Use some irregular verbs as much as possible, and you’ll remember the word in the most natural way.

Learn Irregular Verbs with Flashcards

This is an effective way to learn vocabulary that many people apply. You can bring it to school anytime, anywhere.

Write the infinitive form for the word on one side, the past and past perfect forms on the other side, and study it yourself using flashcards. You should also write down the pronunciation of words. Each time you learn a word, make a sentence and read it out loud! Repeating over and over again is the best way to remember words.

With this way of learning, setting yourself a goal of learning 5-10 words every day, mastering the table of irregular verbs is not too far away.

Learn Irregular Verbs Through Songs

Learning English through songs is not a strange thing. And there are also a lot of songs to help memorize the table of the irregular verbs in English naturally and remember longer.

Compared to single words, our brains absorb the melody of a song much faster and easier. Songs will help associate memorable tunes with words and content to learn. You will be surprised at your own learning ability when learning with music!

English Irregular Verbs is the application I used to learn irregular verbs in English. The application provides the reading and usage of some irregular English verbs and tests to increase reflexes.


Hopefully, the article 360 Irregular verbs in English grammar has brought you useful knowledge about the 360 Best List of Irregular Verbs in English. You can refer to other important English grammar knowledge with English tivi right here!

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